New Beginnings

So, after consideration, I’ve decided to keep the posts on this blog. However, I’ve decided to move from this blog to a new one. Reason being is that the blogging I’ve done here, is in a different head Space than I am now. I go into this in more depth on my welcome post on the new blog.

You can find here.

Don’t get me wrong, I will always love the memories and everything that came in this blog. It’s just I need a step in a new direction while maintain my memories.


(ME) Delia 


Dear Readers

Dear Readers,

Hello there! I have a question to ask you guys and I really need some help. So I’ve going back into my old posts and censoring names and specific events. However, as I read these posts, they really aren’t well structured and honestly, they are pretty cringe worthy. I started blogging around when I was 10 or 11.

I’m turning 16 this year.

So obviously there have been changes in my mannerisms, writing, and a lot of things. And with the alterations and evolution I want to bring this blog or at least a blog of mine, I really don’t see these posts in this blog’s future. I’ve just simply grown up.

My question to you is: Do you think I should delete the posts or start a new blog altogether?

A really dear friend of mine said it would be best and easier to start over so that’s probably what I’m going to do.



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All That It Takes Is A Little Reinvention!

Hey, guys! I’m back again.

So during this summer, I kind of want to revamp this blog but I on’t really know where to do start. Any help or suggestions through this process would be much appreciated and as soon as I’m done, you’ll be seeing more of me. Like Header ideas, blog post ideas, or anything really. 🙂 So if anything looks funky, please know it’s me tinkering about. Unless it says something like “HAHAHA, HACKED BY:” so on and so forth, then… it’s probably not me. :’)

(Plus, if you know where my title lyric is from then, all of the animatics I’ve seen has made ship Connor and Evan).

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The AP Days Are Over

Well, for now anyways.

All of my inactiveness was due to having to make up a shit ton of work after my NYC trip with my high school orchestra and studying for my AP Biology and Human Geography Exams. Oh, what fun that was with the anxiety and the stress and the lack of sleep. 🙃🙃🙃

If you don’t know what an AP class is, basically it stands for “Advanced Placement”. It’s a class that goes at a faster pace than average classes and you have the potential of getting college credit for. The only way you’re getting college credit for it though is through… The dreaded AP Exams. 

The AP Exams are timed, and to add to the anxiety they put the countdown clock on the board, and basically challenge your brain about everything you learned with multiple choice questions in one section and essay questions in the second. To prepare, you can study your ass of, buy a review book and/or take mock and practice exams. All of which I did. Yay.

But honestly, the multiple choices for both exams were not as bad as I thought it would be. Plus, half the things I ACTUALLY studied were not on that test. And that’s all I can say about the matter because if I was to talk about subject matter in the multiple choice, College Board could fucking track me down and invalidate my test score. In fact I bet even mentioning the exams probably already put me on a watch list. Great.

And after this year of suffering because of these classes, I would really appreciate it if my work and life was not wasted by a test invalidation. 

However, I can talk about the essay questions because it’s been two days (which is as long as they give you without talking about it before they post it online and then you’re allowed) since I’ve taken both and let me tell you… I bullshitted half of the Bio ones. In fact, I didn’t even finish an essay and a half. Guess who probably isn’t getting a 4 and definitely not getting a 5. 

AP Human was not that bad though except the first one because I didn’t entirely remember what New Urbanism was and I never learned Mixed Use Development was (although one should be ABLE to guess correctly), so I bullshitted that and it stuff about gentrification. Which actually ended up being part of it so lucky me. 

The others were MAD easy. At least I thought so when a lot more people than I thought would forgot what a unitary system was and put Germany as one when the answer was Japan… In Georgia curriculum, they drill unitary, federal, democracy into your head EVERY YEAR, so I was confused? 🤔🤔 And then Germany on the map was broken up into states, which could help you assume that Germany was the federal state, while Japan was not. 

But hey, it’s not my business. 

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That Day After Spring Break

Well, this post was originally going to be about the types of people you see after spring break ends and it still will but I have a wild story to tell too.

I don’t know if this is just a me thing or not, there’s just this thing about the day after your spring break that’s just slightly odd or maybe slightly awkward. 

You’ve got the people you KNOW went to a beach or an island because they are burnt to practically a crisp, the people who are pale because they stayed inside all day (me), or the people who went on vacation somewhere and are wearing a ton of memorabilia from there. L And in addition to that, you have the drama that occurred over the week as well because a lot of shit can go down in a week. I should know witnessedand heard of a lot of it this spring break, yikes. For instance, a friend of mine’s boyfriend cheated on her with her best friend and then she went on this rampage and expose to the parents and on social media… it was disastrous.

I went to Gatlinburg, Tennessee for the first weekend up to Monday for Spring Break. It wasn’t to see family or anything, just because my parents wanted to see the Great Smokies. We hiked for almost 3 hours one day and it was tiring because the area we were in was steep and annoying with my siblings whining about nature and how “hideous” it is. We did go to Dollywood, which was REALLY fun, and various amusement places in Sevierville and Pigeon Forge as well.

And now for my story. So during 1st period, Orchestra, they announced over the stadium that they wants the upstairs level classes to go outside to the football stadium. I was low key scared because… why is everyone upstairs going to the stadium, outside? My teacher was like, “What… the fuck?”

So even though we were downstairs, he made us pack up after playing the easiest song we have, and not even half of it, and we just had 40 minutes of doing nothing before they called all downstairs, and basement levels to the football stadium. At this point, I was pretty sure it’s just a motivational “you’re back at school” and hell waits as testing season is officially starting pep rally. 

I was pretty much wrong because instead, as we are all walking to the stadium, I start to see ambulances and police cars and the paramedics from Metro Atlanta. I’m over here thinking, “What the hell is going on?”

The teachers usher us to to seats and I notice two crashed cars on the field. WHY WERE THERE TWO CRASHED CARS ON THE FIELD? I was flipping out when my friend told me it was all a texting and driving simulation from the SADD Club and ADAP so I chilled out. Over the intercoms, you suddenly hear someone speaking. 

It was a girl and she said, “Hello?! My name is Jane Doe (can’t use her real name) and there’s been an accident, please hurry.” 

Everyone starts groaning as they realize it’s just a demonstration. The girl leaves the car and then all of police cars and ambulances and the paramedics comes driving on the track. I couldn’t help but laugh because I noticed how one of the police cars sirens were really weak and wonky. That and I was concerned that they might run over the Canadian Geese that were walking all over. 

They did what they would usually do in an accident and you hear the girl explain that she was heading to prom and wanted to take a quick selfie. The girl gets put in handcuffs and taken away in a police car out of many and firefighters extract the “bodies” from the car and then, if you weren’t paying attention you would miss it, switch them out with students. A standout factor is that this process was taking way too long and if this was real life, the people would be dead and gone.

And as if the several police cars and other vehicles weren’t too much, then sit tight. Suddenly, there’s a strong gust of wind and we hear the chopping… of a FREAKING HELICOPTER. I really didn’t expect it to land, I really didn’t. 

But it did. 

And everyone whipped out their phones to Snapchat it. Now I’m thinking, this is a total waste of resources. The big guns over a high school when there could be someone who ACTUALLY NEEDS HELP?? I get the whole thing but still.

One, well two, of the highlights of my day happened during this time. The first one, I live in the neighborhood behind the high school, so my mom heard the sirens and saw the helicopter but she didn’t know where they were so she calls me and is like, “What is going on at your school, a shooting??” 

My friends start dying as I have to explain over and over that it was a fake simulation of a car crash. The other one is that they accidentally switched the dummy with a student and put the student in the helicopter instead and that student was just waving at us as it went who knows where. I then saw a plane and I was like,”Look guys, it’s part two!” It wasn’t but… you know.

The day got really depressing in 4th period when my Lit and Comp teacher was talking to us about students he used to have that have died in car crashes due to this and I actually wanted to cry… He was so descriptive and it hurt. I looked up all the students later when I got home and I felt like breaking down. And my orchestra teacher was crying after the lesson because he lost his best friend to crash like that…

So be safe, peoples.

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I Loved ‘In The Heights’!

(Important event happens… takes two weeks to post instead of one… ;-; sorry, guys) 

Going to see ‘In The Heights’ was one of the most wonderful evenings I had outside of the house with my friends.

The musical was starting at 7:00 pm but the doors opened for entry at 6:15, so I decided to get there around 6:30. I had paid for my ticket online during presales (15 minutes before it closed because my mom forgot to mention that she was going to pay for it but then forgot about it 😂) so I just got my ticket reservation and went to locate my friends.

You see, I have a close friend and slight crush on a guy who were in the musical. So, my idea was to invite some friends in a group to see it on one day, that day being Friday. That was because even though opening night was last Thursday, Thursday was weird for planning but most people had clear Friday’s.

I had a total of 12 friends show up which was wow. I couldn’t believe I actually that many friends and those friends also invited other friends so technically 18 people came out for my group! The awkward part was that I was this close from sitting between my old crush and my current crush which would be… yikes.

I’m just glad that we didn’t do the sign idea. You see, some of my friends were like, “If we’re going to support our friends then we should get them a sign.” But the problem is that a) it would block people off from seeing and b) it’s too distracting, which is why I’m glad one of my friend suggested bringing flowers instead.

We all sat on the like left so from the stage, we were right. I ended up sitting with one of my friends one side and the other side were where the flowers rested. While waiting for it to start, at this point it was about 6:50, I decided to flip through the program and realized just how many people invested their time into this musical like a girl in my Pre-Calc class was playing Vanessa and a guy in my Spanish class was one of the primary artists for the set. My slight crush, the one in the musical, was in the musical ensemble but then I realized that his brother, didn’t even know he had one, was playing USNAVI, like WOW, that is so flipping awesome. 

I don’t want to spoil a lot of the musical just in case any of you see it but you can look it up in more depth if you wish.

It takes places over three days and in this neighborhood, or barrio as it will be referred to. in New York called Washington Heights. It’s mostly Dominican-American but also has many other  Latinx cultures as demonstrated in one of the songs, Carnaval Del Barrio. You have Usnavi, the main character I would say, and his cousin Sonny, who is a jokester but also wants social justice, who run this bodega, or a small little grocery store type place. You then have Vanessa, Usnavi’s love interest who wants to leave the barrio for “better things” and is amazing beautiful as all the guys want her, Carla, an innocent bean, and Daniela, who work at the local salon which is a hub for neighborhood gossip. Then there’s the Rosarios, Nina, Camila and Kevin. Nina is returning from Stanford (being the first in her family to attend college) and is idolized as “the girl who made it out”, however, something isn’t quite right and I can’t really say what because I don’t want to spoil. Kevin is Nina’s father, runs Rosario’s, a taxi cab service, and is pretty overprotective of Nina. Camila is Kevin’s wife and she basically can hold her own even though she usually tolerates Kevin being a total control freak. Benny works at Rosario’s dispatch and has been a while. He doesn’t speak Spanish and isn’t Hispanic or Latinx so Kevin doesn’t really approve him being Nina because they grow a romantic relationship. There’s also Abuela Claudia, who’s basically everyone’s grandmother, knows everyone, and raised Usnavi after his parents died, Graffiti Pete, who Usnavi sees as a vandal before he really unleashes his potential and is apparently Sonny’s boyfriend (I saw undertones but I didn’t really see it as obvious but that’s what Wikipedia says and this…), and then the Piragua man who owns the Piraeus stand and is basically like a sun of happiness and hilarity within the musical when you see him. 

The acting was just so A+ and the singing was so magnificent, like I got chills. I was so blown away by the intermission and the rest of it was just phenomenal. The guy who played Sonny was hilarious with his gestures and everything and the guy who played Benny was pretty cute, not gonna lie. I’d say my favorite character was probably Usnavi or Nina, however, Nina was kind of ungrateful at times and it put me off some. My friend beside me though couldnit get enough of the Piragua man and Sonny. My top 5 favorite songs would be 96,000, Carnaval Del Barrio, No Me Diga, In The Heights, and Champagne. 

Also, it just might be worth mentioning that my sort of crush winked at me during 96,000 and I know this was intentional because I asked after the musical when everyone was coming out and it was like a giant celebration of a job well done. Just might be important 🙂 .

Now, I can’t wait for my New York trip with my orchestra in A WEEK AND THREE DAYS NOW, I AM SO EXCITED. Don’t you worry, I will try the best of my ability to post each day when it happens but if not, within a week and I am going to push myself to a post a week at least for the rest of the year. 🙂

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Going To See ‘In The Heights’

Today is opening night for my high school’s production of In The Heights, a musical by Lin Manuel Miranda based on a book by Quiara Alegría Hudes! I have two good friends, well one I kind of like, that are in it so I promised I would go to see them. 

In addition, I want to get more into theatre because I like Hairspray, Hamilton, Rent, and the Book of Mormon along with the Phantom of The Opera, but I want to expand my horizons of knowledge. And my parents see no point in seeing Broadway shows or watch musical theatre live when you can “watch it on YouTube”. It’s just not the same. 

(And speaking of Broadway, when I go on my Orchestral New York trip (which I will blog about) next month, we are going to see Aladdin on Broadway!!)

So my friends made me listen to the soundtrack and I really like songs like Carnaval Del Barrio as well as 96000. If anyone else really needs something new to listen, I do recommend this soundtrack. 

I arranged this friend group of about like 10 people (yeah, shit I have friends now) to go on Friday because going on Thursday is just weird: People have sports (I wouldn’t know) and a bunch of other stuff but Friday, everyone seemed good.

I’m pretty excited.

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Reality Fan Fictions 

So I have this friend who really likes writing fan fiction because she’s really good at it making it realistic. In fact so well, she’s writing to write about her own reality. Or at least drawing people from her reality.

Let me explain.

I’m a part of my high school’s Freshman Concert Orchestra and all of us get along pretty well, like a support group for each other of sorts. And like every friend group, people ship one another or date, you know whatever. This is will link to my point later.

So one day during 4th period, while eating an apple, I received an airdrop in my notes section. Thinking this was strange but curious, I diverted my attention from Romeo and Juliet to read it and basically it was gay smut who have sex in the bass room.

Not the best thing to be reading while eating because I nearly choked on my apple after reading this. In the back of the room, I see this girl in my orchestra class start bursting into laughing and one guy looking like, “What the fuck did I just read?”

Then we all looked at each other and realized we were the only ones that received the air drop in this class. I didn’t even look at whose phone the drop came from, but I saw the initials at the bottom of the note and recognized them as this one girl who’s always writing stuff.

I didn’t say anything to her the next morning because maybe it was a mistake or something, I know. But then at 4th period, once again there was an air drop, yet this time it was a fluff story about these two friends becoming lovers. It sounded vaguely familiar as if I remembered seeing these exact events the other day not because stuff like that is written all the time.

That’s how I reached the conclusion about that they were about people in the orchestra.

 The same girl from the other day let out an “Aw.” during Act 5 of Romeo and Juliet. 

My teacher responded, “Oh, yes. Deaths by dagger and rat poison is oh so romantic.” before he returned to playing the audio.

The girl wasn’t in orchestra the morning after that but either she came by 4th period or someone else air dropped it for her because once again, it was another fic which was smut. 

I saw the girl the morning after that and asked her a) Why?, b) Who?, c) Was I ever written about? Hey, I was curious! Answers were:

a) because she was bored, 

b) she told who she wrote them about based on different ships even if they were straight or not and what she’d like to see happen (she didn’t use actual names of anyone.), 

c) Thank god, no. Could you imagine if I was in a fan fic? I would be the most unnecessary, weird ass character ever.

Doesn’t make it any less strange though…

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Here’s A Funny Story

So last week, we had a break from school on Friday. Which you know what would be great if I hadn’t left my phone at school after volunteering. Basically, I volunteer every week Tuesday-Thursday for the Foreign Language Teachers. My Spanish teacher recommended it and I need the hours for a graduation cord, college, and I like helping others.

So Thursday, I was grading Latin papers in Spanish room because the Latin teacher had a meeting. So I’m grading these papers and I can’t wait for this 3 day weekend but I want to be focused so I put my phone on a desk 3 rows away. I finish, I ask my Spanish Teacher to sign my hours sheet, and I walk on my merry way.

I consider stopping to text my mother but I shrug and continue home to where my dad is waiting. I eat and feel like checking Snapchat when… I don’t feel my phone in my pocket. Anxiety strikes as I am scrambling around in my book bag. Eventually, I end up dumping everything out to realize… I HAD LEFT IT IN THAT CLASSROOM.

To make matters worse, after I finished, she said she would be leaving. In desperation, I run back to school(my high school is like 3 minutes away walking, anyway). I actually stop by the AP Bio room, forgetting that I did, in fact, leave it in Spanish. 

I then start towards the Spanish room, when the Latin teacher stops me and says that Señora has left but she took it to the front and I should check there. I walk to the front, with my mind in a flurry because I’m freaking the hell out. I go to the front… and the lady says she hasn’t see it. That moment is when I wanted to die. The lady suggests I come back tomorrow and check then, and I disappointedly walk back home.

I immediately call my friends from my laptop on Skype, telling them what happened and their reactions were like, “…How do you leave it at school, during our long weekend??” 

Later, I’m doing streaks via my sister’s phone and one of my friends that I didn’t tell earlier asked about my phone. I say no while asking her how she knows and she replies with my crushes name. At this point, I’m hella confused because how the heck does he know? And my friends didn’t tell him, so I spent my weekend feeling as if I was on something to maybe misread it?

I go back to school tomorrow… and the lady in the front wasn’t even there. It was only the bookkeeper which made me low key pissed. So I had to wait until Monday, which pretty much was annoying but okay. 

The cute part out of this is on Monday, I finally got told what my other friend meant. My crush swung the Spanish room to find and talk me while my teacher was freaking out because she couldn’t find me. He calls one of my best friends after already checking my favorite places like the orchestra room and the quad. This boy took the time to search high and low for me even though at that point, I was still at home freaking the fuck out. Most people I know would just say, “I’ll tell her later.” And I mean he was probably hella tired because he was taking tests he wasn’t here for.

It was really sweet. But lmao I am clinging to my phone for life now.

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When A Business Fails You As A Matchmaker

This post is PART 2 of a post I did in January titled, “When A Business Is Your Matchmaker”. That’s why the title might look familiar to some. You probably don’t need to read it, but it gives background information.


HAPPY LATE VALENTINE’S DAY! So two Tuesdays ago was Valentine’s Day, and my crush’s birthday. For that bitter day I made slightly better, I gave handmade colorful Valentine’s Day Cards to my friends with quotes after a particular quote sparked my inspiration. At like 4 am. 

“Promise yourself today to make all of your friends feel like there is something worthwhile in them.” – Christian D. Larson

It was kind of like something I did in the last day of school before Winter Break in 7th grade in which my old crush hugged me for. It just made me feel good and seeing my friends happy made me just… really happy. Cliche but true, honestly.

Speaking of up earlier than I should, at 12 am, I started playing Folie À Deux by Fall Out Boy just because that is one of my only loves and for the blessed lyric of the day, “BOYCOTT LOVE!”

That was also the day the compatibility matches came in for the match quiz we took a few weeks ago during 4th period. 

I would have bought it that day if they had made an announcement about it. All they said was around this week but never said when, which is odd because my school is usually strict about dates of events but okay. I instead watched everyone compare and talk about who they got in their matches which did seem entertaining.

The whole thing about spending 2 dollars to get my list made me slightly anxious because it could be a bust, but the curiosity was killing me! I had to know, just because I might have gotten my crush as a match. So I grabbed two dollars the next day.

The table with the match sheets was outside the cafeteria and people in the SADD club (Students Against Destructive Decisions) were manning them. I saw a junior I knew and then I felt self-conscious about this. Very self conscious.

Was I this desperate? Am I really this lame? 

Thoughts like these were in my head as I requested for my results. I decided I didn’t want to open it until like after school for suspense. It would either end up being marvelous or anticlimatic; it was a toss up. My friends begged to look for me instead and I handed it to them, thinking that anyone I got couldn’t be too bad. That was …until they all either went, “Oh no,” Or started laughing hysterically. 

“What? What is it?” I nervously asked.

And then that’s when they started roaring with tears and near falling from their chairs and passing it around among themselves. I couldn’t understand, Did I just throw away 2 dollars?

Let’s take this time to explain the list structure: You first get your top ten compatible matches. Their names have a parenthesis by it that tells you where you ranked on their list. They put the grades in another column (that doesn’t really matter because I chose the grade list not the school list, because I’m an ugly ass freshman but anyway). And then the last column has the grade they got compared to you. You also get a list of three people of the same sex who seem like you could be best friends with, and three guys they put you in a randomizer with.

Back to the list discussion, they explained that most of the guys on the list were either fuckboys or creeps. Which that just helps my confidence, doesn’t it? My friends agreed that I really could do better than 90% of the guys on the list. I was the ceiling and most of them were 6 feet under, to them.

There was a girl that who was my number one and I was her number one best friend as well. And all of my friends said that we would get on great and be amazing friends. However, I don’t know who this girl is… at all. If I had a clue, I might try to be her friend but again, I don’t know her.

On my list, to almost everyone, there was one name that stood out who was my number three. This name stood out for various reasons, all good ones, thank gosh. The reactions went as following:


“He’s in Acapella Club with my sister.”


“Dude, I love this guy, he’s in my theatre class and in the musical 👌.”

Of course, I knew he was my mutual friend through a lot of people, but I’ve never really spoken to him myself. Plus, he was my crush’s best friend.

My original intentions for this list were for me to just have a little giggle over it, but I actually felt more embarrassed more than anything. To make me feel better about myself, my friends decide to go it and buy some lists of their own. But my friends impersonated the other because all of them also felt self-conscious. Letting me see their lists, I saw that their lists weren’t that much better… except for one of my friends but we don’t talk about how she got pretty hot guys on her list.

I let my crush look at my list as we were walking to AP Bio, before saying that his 4th period teacher had forgotten to turn their quizzes in, therefore, no one in his 4th period was in any lists and didn’t have lists of their own. So now I knew that my crush wasn’t on my list, all of this was anticlimatic. He kind of guided through everyone saying that I probably would get along with not a lot of them. 

“But isn’t that your best friend?” I asked him about Number three on my list.

“Yeah… but that doesn’t necessarily mean that-” He started.

And as if on cue, he came walking down the hallway. My crush then takes it upon himself to whisper scream about him being number three on my list, to which I lightly slap him on the shoulder. I didn’t want other people to know and not him to know because… that’s just hella awkward. 

Well, this post has been just filled with awkwardness actually.

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