GateWay Writing test

                  Ok, so we have this test called the Gateway on March 6th which is super close, so I’m tots panicking!! We don’t know what prompt and type of writing we’ll get so it makes it even MORE Pressuring! I love Narratives but what if I get a Persuasive or Informational?! We only have 2hrs to work and write and front and back space on one piece of paper. I’m a total writer and my Focus teacher (accelerated Learning) said I could could write Volumes of a book series! So, I’m even more afraid I’m gonna fail! Do you guys have any idea to help me do my best to pass?

P.s.: If I don’t pass this I’ll go to Summer School and If I don’t pass then I’ll have to do 5th grade AGAIN!!! pLZ wish me good Luck!!!


8 thoughts on “GateWay Writing test

  1. acuattlly summer school is kinda fun it has half days you go to recess a lot of times and the end of summer school we went swimming! the parts not fun is that you have to start your grade all over again!

      1. I definately can’t afford to go to summer school! Sorry for ounding Panicked but we are rushed sometimes!

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