Advice for KittyCat

sorry ive been late!! I’m really panicking these days!!! I tell why another day!

Here’s Kittycat’s letter!

hey there! I need help my friend is like a drama QUEEN one time my friend accidentally got her pencil and she screamed at the top of her lungs there was this time a friend accidentally broke her necklace and she screamed again I cant take it anymore she always makes a scene when a small thing happens then she screams again I’m beginning to see she’s a bit over-dramatic and she’s also kinda annoying she sings in the class,lunch,bathroom, and in the library! when we tell her to stop she makes another scene what should I do she is really getting on my nerves!

Ok, it sounds like your friend is insecure and no girl likes that! She’s probably so insecure that she needs everyone’s attention to make her feel safe inside! I had this issue with my friend, if you want her to stop you’re going to show her that getting attention from people isn’t the way to feel good about herself! Maybe if she screams again in a designated silence area, She’ll realize how this isn’t the way to go! About the singing problem, maybe she just wants to be noticed! You can’t blame her for that but discuss this with your friend!

Hope this helps,

Nikki Fangirl


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