Hi Girlies! Umm, ok Here’s the deal. Remember how I said The Gateway was really important to go to Middle School? Well……., We have  another test called the CRCT,  But we take that from 3rd to 5th grade! This is one I have to, Have to, Have To, HAVE TO  Pass!!!!! The CRCT is pretty much the state of GEORGIA only. CRCT  stands for Criterition Reference Compentency  Test! It’s to sum up every thing we learned. Soo, I’ve been off a lot studying so if you wanted to talk for the last or the next week I wasn’t on and i’ll barely be on next week. Bye!


5 thoughts on “CRCT

  1. Oh in spain we are doing the same but i dont really have to study alot because it isnt that important!!!!!!!(with no offense sorry if it offened 😦

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