Dork Diaries Comments!!! And More!

      Omg you guys! It snowed a lot in Georgia. In fact, I don’t have any school today! So the first i did was check you guys sites! Well, before I say any thing else,…………. Happy 2014!!!!!!!!! Anyways, I started reading Secrets by Juliet and it’s really good! And I will try to post every month! In other I am almost done writing my first book, The Secrets Hidden Beyond Annabeth Hale. I know, long title, but its my first piece, so hopefully you like it. So yeah i should totally post more speaking of post, Did you SEE the new post on Dork Diaries! Now there is NO MODERATION for old members!!!!! Isn’t this great! Of course we should still post, the moderation brang us together!  So see you soon!!!!!


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