Pinkie Pie’s Story

Pinkie stripe

I was running down the street rushing over to derpy’s house.
I knocked on the door and rushed in. Derpy said I can do that. Me and
Derpy are best friends and derpy lives with dr hooves and dinky doo.
Me(pinkie): hi dinky where’s your mom?
Dinky:at work
Me:oh man…. Can you get me pen and paper?
So dinky got me a paper and a pen and I wrote:
Hi derpy!
He talked to me! He said ‘pinkie,right?’
And said ‘yeah. Freezie right?’ And he said
‘Yep. Your name totally suits you’ and the I said
Bye and zoomed over to your place.
See you soon,

Me:can you put this on your mommy’s nightside table please?
Dinky:okay! Bye!
So I headed home. When I got there rainbow stripe was there.
Rainbow: hi pinkie.
Pinkie: hi rainbow stripe. It was nice meeting you this morning.
Ok I admit I have a teeny crush on rainbow stripe. I have only told derpy about it. He is my friend rainbow dash’s cousin and he’s from las pegasuas.
I am so excited to see derpy! Tomorrow me and derpy will be going to canterlot to see the princess.
Part 2 coming soon!


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