The Secrets Hidden Beyond Annabeth Hale: Prologue


I feel like my world is anything but ordinary. But can’t we all say that about ourselves? Except for one thing, my world continues to always crash down. My name is Annabeth Claire Hale. I live in Avons Point, Georgia. The house I live in is quite large, considering that only I live in it. You see, my whole family used to fill this house. I had my Mother, Father and Grandfather living together. My mom, Grandpa, and I were very close to each other. My father and I were very distant because he always left the house going somewhere. My mother and I were very alike. Same hair, same eyes and we both cared for others. Grandpa and I weren’t very alike but we loved each other very much. The only things my father and I had in common was some brown hair, and we were related. Sad, isn’t it. But these relationships didn’t last long. When I was 4, my grandfather had a severe heart attack and died, though I’ve thought something was off about his death. When I was 11, my mom was murdered when she was coming back from work by the old bridge we would always throw stones and wish on them. Me losing my mom and grandfather had a toll on me for as long as I can remember. Then recently, me turning 12, my Dad ran off to Monte Carlo with His new girlfriend, Victoria. She never did like me. And I could say the same to her. From Monte Carlo, he took me from my public school with my greatest childhood friends to this elite boarding school called Brancliffe. Believe me, I wasn’t too enthusiastic. But Victoria says that Brancliffe is the perfect place for uneducated, ingrate, hooligan children like me in the state. I have done nothing wrong to that lady and she treats me like dirt. I had a fabulous life, and peer family I now have to leave behind. But it’s better than him pulling me out of school completely.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~So do you like it? Sorry, it was a little dark, but it gets better, I promise.


4 thoughts on “The Secrets Hidden Beyond Annabeth Hale: Prologue

  1. Awesome, I could already tell your writing is awesome! 🙂
    (This is KC btw, just on a new account. But call me K. Cat XD)

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