The Secrets Hidden Beyond Annabeth Hale Chap. 1~Brancliffe

Chapter 1~ Brancliffe                                                                                                                                                                                                         \

I had just woken up on my lush bed with, fluffed the night before, sky blue pillows and pink and purple polka dotted comforters. My room was the same as its always been. Pink on one wall, Purple on another, blue on one and all of them striped on the last wall. The sun shining radiantly on my fatigued face and the birds melodiously singing, it almost was like a happy, peaceful dream but it most definitely was not. I trudged to my sky blue painted bathroom in the other side of the room. I looked myself in the glistening mirror. From sleep, my blonde hair with natural light brown streaks was mangled and ragtag and my blue eyes were as dull as a piece of old, used piece of glass. Something actually feels very good about today, I thought to myself. I took a quick shower, which was unusually warm, which was my favorite. I looked to the box by my closet. There was beautifully decorated and stamped scrapbooks me and my mom made until her death. I sometimes read and look at the special me and mom had. I will read it again, I promised.  I walked into the large closet I had. Many kids from my old school were envious, but hey, what can you expect from an large house? I went to a hidden room in the closet. Only me,mom, and grandpa knew about it. I reached for the the red shiny trunk. I pulled into my closet. This trunk had me and mom greatest prized clothing and jewelry. I put on the shimmering pink butterfly pearl necklace I got from my mom before her death. I peered in the jumbo closet. What was I going to wear? I decided to have a Casual look on, using my capris with a pink t shirt and matching Vans sneakers; Since there were no rules about school uniforms. I’m not kidding,my dad made me read over the lengthy rule book cover to cover, it took at least 2 hours to finish. Seriously.

I raced down the swirling stairs to get to the marble kitchen. I whipped up a quick breakfast, rushing in and out of the fridge, until I had a strawberry parfait with almonds and other nut toppings. I looked out the window seat, seeing the once beautiful treehouse me and my mom made when I was 8. My friends would always ask why I didn’t feel lonely. To Be Honest, I didn’t think of it until now. I mean, look at this place, it looks all abandoned and depressing. I looked at my digital blue watch, it read 8:30. As you can tell I am very obsessed with blue, pink, and purple. I only had 15 minutes to get to school, not that I wanted to. I dropped my empty sticky parfait dish into the sink, grabbed my heavy, pink and white polka dotted messenger bag off the fluffy purple window seat, my black decorated viola case right the family piano and started my “adventurous” walk to Brancliffe.

Walking was a breeze in Avons point. You see, Avons point  is kinda a small town. You’ll always meet some one you know, walking.  I had known everyone or so I thought. I nearly passed  a Dark haired woman asking for people to sign her petition to open a community garden. I stopped right by her. “Hey, Lauren. How is your petition?” I asked. Now you’re probably all like, how do you know her and why did you call her by her first name? Mrs. Lauren Stevens was one of my mom’s best friends in high school. She would come over almost every day just to visit. She told I could call her Lauren any time. “Great! I’m at 130. Would you like to sign? And reaching for my pink glittery pen, I did. “Goodbye, Lauren!” “Goodbye!”

Luckily, I got to the school just in time for 1st period.  Mrs. Walsh, My language arts teacher was very friendly, and introduced me to the class. “Class, I’d like you to meet our newest student, Miss Annabeth Hale.” I scanned the area for a good, useful place to sit. There was a seat next to two fashionably looking girls. The first girl was a brunette with her hair put into a tight bun with bright brown eyes looked at a unseen object, probably in wonderland. The second one had blonde hair with long curls with blue eyes like mine but really icy blue. I was thinking of sitting there until I saw the look on their faces, the blonde muttered,Hale. Hmmph.” She had a giant frown and was folding her arms, but the Brunette was smiling until her friend nudged her, she then mimicked her friend’s reaction. I silently begged to see another seat. My eyes nearly whizzed by another seat. There was two girls too, but they looked a LOT more friendly. One was blonde with a long bob and baby blue eyes and the other had free spirit red-orangey hair with emerald green eyes. They both motioned me over. I trudged, more like skipped, over to the friendly group. As the lesson went by, they introduced themselves, the blonde long bob’s name was Adrienne and the free spirit red head’s name was Jenna. The last thing Mrs.Walsh announced was the project where we had to research and create a presentation on a famous person free choice. Me, Adrienne and Jenna already knew we’d work together.

I whizzed past the next classes. I also had social studies and PE with the unhappy ones. That’s what I’m calling the girls frowning at me in Language Arts until I learn their names. But I was right when I said they weren’t nice. The blonde tripped me when we were doing the Pacer test for the fitness gram and my leg hurt and I fell. I got back up and attempted to run but I just gave up, since we are allowed to. I remember all the Fitness gram tests we had to take. The whole state of Georgia has to do these tests. There’s the Push ups, I can barely do three, the Curl ups aka the Sit ups, those are a breeze, height and weight, I’m 5′ 5″ and a half and 132 pounds, and Sit and reach, your flexibility, I’m 10, 10. But when the unhappy one tripped me, a nice boy with brown hair and light greenish-bluish eyes actually saw me, quit his test, he already was on 30 and passed the standard, and walked over to help me up. “Are you okay?’, he asked. “Yeah, sure I’m fine, I think. Owww!” my leg ached. “I actually saw you get tripped by someone. you don’t fall that easily doing the Pacer.” “Well, that girl wasn’t nice to me really since the beginning of the day and don’t know why. I’m just a new student!” “So, you’re new. Some girls here can be mean and take advantage of new students. Well, I should introduce myself. I’m Mark Farlan.” “I’m Annabeth Hale.” The bell rang. “Well, since I’m new I didn’t dress out,” I grabbed my book bag, “Thanks, Mark. I guess I’ll see you around.” “You too.” I left the gym and headed to Orchestra since I play viola. But when I got in there, I found out that Adrienne also plays viola and Jenna plays the cello! It was nice to see some nice familiar faces. But Jenna’s stand partner looked like Mark, or close. He had curly hair while Max has straight. Why am I thinking about Mark right now? I should be focusing on the piece Mr. Roctors gave to us, Simple Gifts! I said to myself. But you know curiosity got the best of me and I scuffled over to looks like Max. “Are you by any chance related to Mark Farlan?” ” Yeah, I’m his twin brother, Marshall. If you want to know where Mark is he’s probably leaving band right now.” Well, That took care of that. But why am I so hung over Mark?

Anyhow, I had Math and Science with Jenna and Adrienne, too. Let me explain something. The 6th grade and all other grades at this school, 7th and 8th are separated by teams. Team A, Team B, and Team C are the teams and Adrienne, Jenna, and I are on Team C and so are the unhappy ones. Mark is on Team B and Marshall is on Team A. Now, they say that the team C is the most advanced, which we are, but they also say that all the other teams are dumb. Now I don’t believe that. I believe everyone is smart in a way. But a kid in Ms. Albright’s  Social Studies class answered a question about the Aborigines of Australia, and the blonde unhappy one whispered to the brunette, “This is why all these dumb people should go to Team A. So us smart girls can get some recognition for once by boys who don’t deserve to be around dumb people!” Red rose to my cheeks with anger. I despise it when people think they’re better than anyone else. “Maybe Mark will notice you now.”, the brunette piped “Please, he’s been  noticing me since the the 1st grade! He’s just too blinded by all ugly brats like Hale right here.” My head was inflamed by then and  not only indignantly but embarrassed? “We have so much in common at times!” I said at the end of the period and trust me she turned as red as me.

Soon we had the free period before school ended, so much for elite. I was going to walk to the cafe until I was abruptly blocked by the unfriendly girls from 1st period. “And where do you think you’re going?” The blonde was all up in my face. The brunette lagged behind. “I can’t believe they let someone so poor into Brancliffe! Can you believe it, Lilithiana?” The brunette smirked,” OMG! I know right, Danielle-Fiona!” “I guess they felt sorry for her poor self!”, Danielle-Fiona continued. Suddenly, Jenna and Adrienne were right beside me. “No one needs to be rich to get in or be happy.” “Lilithiana and Danielle-Fiona, go shopping at the Matrix and squirrel away your rich girl money!” With that they model walked away. They just make me so mad! My eyes dart across the rooms for witnesses but all I saw was Mark leaving the cafe. I gave a smile and waved and he did back to me! Wait, why am I excited? Thinking of waits, my name went to Danielle-Fiona’s name. “Wait, Danielle-Fiona?” I asked. Jenna replied, “Yep, rumor has it she was supposed to have a twin, but she ate her in the womb to be an only child.” My eyes bugged out. So much for a good day of school.


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