The Secrets Hidden Beyond Annabeth Hale Chapter 2: Cousins?!!!

Chapter 2: Cousins?!!!

Going home from Brancliffe was a very talkative, interesting walk. Sure I had just met Adrienne  & Jenna but  they seemed pretty awesome! Plus, scanning previously today, I felt a magnetic type pull toward their direction. It might have been odd but friends are a good thing to have when you’re new. Especially if you have to deal with girls like Danielle-Fiona and Lilithiana. Mom always said don’t be quick to judge but I could tell they weren’t very nice. Jenna and Adrienne told me more about themselves. Jenna’s full name is Jennifer Meredith Braveson, and her birthday is September 14, she’s a Virgo. She primarily lives with her mom since her dad is always on business trips to different places. Her mom is always getting surgery on her body and face and taking Jenna along to wherever she goes. She doesn’t enjoy this and  tries to protest against her mom getting more surgery. She occasionally parties to not  feel the annoyance. Adrienne’s full name is Adrienne Sarah Hampron, and her birthday is October 18, she’s a Libra. She lives with both her mom and dad and her older twin brothers,Gavin and Garrett. They are only about a year older and in the lower teams of our grade. Her dad is a  business entrepreneur who has made some jobs at Posset, the neighboring town. Sometimes her dad stays in Posset for the weekdays and stay with the family on the weekends. Her mom is an architect who helps build shelters for orphans. They also live a semi-large house, her description not mine.  She also said she is kinda a bookworm. I didn’t want the whole conversation one sided so I told them about myself. The big house, Gramps and Mom, Dad, Victoria, my old school, everything about me my mouth would let out! I don’t know I just felt okay to tell them everything. I also said how I thought it was odd how our birthdays  are a month and two days apart. My birthday is November 16 and I’m a Scorpio. I also said this aloud and they said they felt it too and they also felt the obligation to invite me over. Adrienne said, ” I’m so sorry you had to deal with Danielle-Fiona and Lilithiana today. If only she didn’t have to pounce on any innocent soul walking by.” According to Jenna and Adrienne, the Bryant and Swivelton families, Danielle-Fiona Bryant and Lilithiana Swivelton’s families have been “ruling the school for over 20 generations!” The Bryants  tend to have a overpowerful attitude towards others, especially others who seem poorer than them and the Swiveltons tend to just follow. This was a lot to take in but at least I was fully informed, I think. Getting home was very simple and when we got in the first word that escaped Jenna and Adrienne’s gaping caves of mouths was, “Whoa!” I couldn’t blame them. Even if I live by myself, I can manage my house. It still was intact as it was when my father left with Victoria to Monte Carlo. Ugh, Victoria. But even she can’t put a bad taste in my mouth today. We went to Gramps’ library to pick out an influential person to do our project on. “Well,” I started, ” who do you guys want to do our project on?” “Well, why don’t we do Emily Dickinson?”, Adrienne suggested. “That sounds cool, I’d like to do project on her. Jenna, do you have anyone to add?” “Sure, it can’t hurt. Plus, not a lot of people know about her.”, Jenna concurred. “Then it’s settled we are doing our presentation on Emily Dickinson,” I announced, “now let’s see…” Jenna and Adrienne jumped up to help me. Suddenly a large book dropped from far up, landed on the table, then flipped to a random page. “Awesome!!”, Jenna shouted. She immediately ran to the book. “Wait a moment. We don’t know if it’s safe.”, Adrienne said cautiously. Jenna excitedly argued,”Come on! Books aren’t dangerous!” I piped up, “Well, Adrienne is right about this being dangerous, but we should see what’s inside, it could be important.” We all walked over to the table with the leathery purple book and saw this poem. We all said it together wondering what could happen. “Fire, water, wind times three, spirit show our destiny!” Immediately the part of the library behind us swung to reveal a hallway leading to a nicely furnished room. “Did you know about this?”, Adrienne inquired “Nope. Not even about the book.” “Well what are we waiting for? Let’s go!”, Jenna rushed to the room with the book in hand. In the newly room, there was a large table with 3 sides, tinted a very light pink, and had the same colored seats on each side. Then as if people were behind we were forced into the chairs. “Whoa, what is this place? And why didn’t the library do anything like that before?”‘, I wondered out loud. Adrienne said, “Don’t know. But I wish that force wasn’t so hard!” All of sudden, the book leapt from Jenna’s hand and flipped again to a random feathery page. “Cool!” I said, “Are we supposed to read another page?!!!!!” Quickly, a light purple beam shot out of the still intact book. My face was still above the book when the beam started to appear. “Annabeth!!!!”, Adrienne yowled. She yanked me all the way over to my seat. I was unfazed at first then I saw the beam. “Whoa! I could have died!” A calm voice that sounded celestial but teenager like spoken up. “You would not have been harmed at all, Miss Annabeth Claire Hale.” Jenna actually looked frightened, “Who, who said that?” “Wasn’t us!”, Adrienne and I chimed equally afraid. “It was me, the light purple beam for the spell magic book, Miss Jenna Meredith Braveson and Miss Adrienne Sarah Hampron.” Jenna was mellowed out, but inquired this, “One, Who exactly are you? Two, Can you become one of those magic thingies that can also turn into people? Three, How do you know our names? Four, What do you mean by Spell magic?!”

“Why you girls are witches! Powers passed down from thousands of generations!” ” Wait, say what?!!!”, we asked in unison. “Correct. You are all cousins connected by your great-great-great-great- great- great-great grand mother was also a witch. She was going to be burned at the stake until her children saved her. And if they hadn’t saved her, you and your family would cease to exist.” “Hold up, you mean to tell us we are cousins?! And probably because we’re witches that’s why we had a magical pull?”, Jenna questioned “That is correct.” “Awesome!!!” ” I am to be your mentor encouraging to through every day life.” “Well, since you are magic too,” Adrienne started, “Can you put yourself into this human form? I’m so sorry if this offends you but it kinda psychs me out that I’m talking to a beam of light.” “Of, course, of course.” Then there was this blast of multi-colored wind that was quite cold. The wind mellowed out and then a teenage girl came out from the haze. I heard petite coughing and saw the girl fanning away some pestering dust clouds. “Ugh. I hate it when that happens.”, she stated distastefully. “So, what do you think?” We all gaped our mouths so much grandpa would have said that flies would fly in. She had some of each of our characteristics. She had some of Adrienne’s bright blonde hair and eyelashes, my brown lowlights and nose, and Jenna’s emerald green eyes and her lips.She giggled, “If you don’t know what to call me, it’s Ava. Ava is short for my full name, Avadensa Cornelia Pesedenta Elizabeth Alexanderia Amora.” Jenna’s mouth gaped more, “How did you such a long name?!!! Does everyone in witch and wizard land have long names?!” “Well, yes. And it is not witch and wizard land, It is Cansentilia, and it is for many magical creatures and there is also a witch school called Arteminas.”, Ava explained. “Ooh. Well, can we go there?”, Adrienne was suddenly intrigued. “I am afraid not. You need a certain level of magic power to be able to enter Cansentilia, and I am afraid not one of you has even 1mp.” “Well, I guess that makes sense,” I started,”Plus we just found out we’re cousins and witches. I don’t they’re to let new found witches from earth into their city.” “Correct, Annabeth. And my job is to insure that you train your powers and to also give advice through your everyday lives. And I can notify you if any news is going on, with those…., what do you call them?” “A cellphone?”, Jenna suggested. “Ah, yes. A cellphone. Anywho, the book came today because this was the day you all were in the same room. Speaking of same, I also know everything about you and your relatives. I know about Adrienne’s rich yearn to be an influential person, Jenna’s partying, and Annabeth’s new, let’s say, interest.” “Wait, what new interest?”, Jenna and Adrienne inquired in unison. Ava was starting to talk when I ran up to her and clasped my hand over her mouth, turning bright crimson red. “Hey, hey. Let’s just keep to ourselves for now.” There was a dead silence. Adrienne and Jenna glanced at each with raised eyebrows, “Okay…” “Well, today has been interesting. And we got to know new things about ourselves but it’s 9:00 pm and my mom and dad need me for dinner.”, Adrienne commented “Yeah, I’ve got to go too.”, Jenna added. “Hey, let’s take turns with this flash drive  I have for the project since it’s due next Wednesday.”, I proposed “Yeah, I’ll work on part of the project tonight.”, Adrienne fiddled with the the sparkly blue flash drive in shape of a butterfly. “Well , bye Ava. Feel free to fiddle around in the house. In fact, I have a King sized air bed in my closet, Why don’t you sleep in my room tonight?”, I explained. “Yay! I would love that.”, she said. “Well, can you help me show my cousins out?” Ava agreed and as we left the mystery room, now called the secret witch alliance room, or the SWA room, it took her one wave of her hand to close the door. With that wave of her hand blue, shimmery,magic dust came out of it. “Cool, how did you do that?”, we asked in amazement. “Please, that the simplest spell in the book, well in volume 1.”, Ava said. At the door, Adrienne asked,” Are you sure you don’t want to tell us your newest ‘interest’?” I looked down and shifted my feet back and forth. “Well, are you gonna tell us?! Please tell us!”, Jenna begged with her excitement. “Before you leave, I’ll give you a hint. MF, 2PE,3B,6B,CBSE.” “What?!!”, they inquired in confusion. “You’ll have to figure it out. Good night, you guys.” “Good night,” they chorused back. I sat against the wall and slid to the floor. Ava walked to my spot on the wall. “I know that meant Mark Farlan, 2nd period PE, 3rd period band, Team 6B, and that he was, the last you saw him, at the cafe before school ended.”, she deciphered. “Man, you know pretty much everything.”, I whined. I zoomed up the stairs, brushed my teeth vigorously, washed my face lightly, and quickly changed into my bunny slippers and pjs. What? They are comfy! Then as Ava made her bed with her magic and lay on it thinking, I  jumped into my own bed and had my own thoughts. They were about Mark, my family, school, friends, enemies, powers, everything really. “Night!’, I shouted over. I heard a faint night in return. I felt myself drifting to sleep with my mixed thoughts.


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