How Me and Annabeth Hale Are Alike

   So in the midst of writing my new story and posting, you know The Secrets Hidden Beyond Annabeth Hale, and I noticed my main character acts a lot like me. But what can you expect. An author is as good as their work,(not boasting or anything.)

  So I’ve compiled a list of things we have in common

1. She plays a classical instrument, the Viola, like me.

2. She’s a Scorpio and one day before my birthday!

3. She lives in Georgia

4. We both are in the 6th grade starting middle school’ I changed her age to feel my character more

5. There is a Team A, B, and C and I’m on C

6. We are in love with blue, pink, and purple

7. We both like writing

8. We both have the MOST AWESOME friends!!!!!! 


3 thoughts on “How Me and Annabeth Hale Are Alike

  1. Hi! I just found your blog and I am looking forward to reading your stories when I get the chance! If you don’t mind it would make my day if you would check out my blog. Also I’m in 6th grade too!

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