The trouble with C

Hey-ho!! So a lot of things are causing problems on Team C. We had a whole guidance lesson about it taking up all of our Social Studies time!  (Which isn’t such a bad thing because my Social Studies teacher is very VAIN!!!! She’s always talking about how her children are absolutely perfect and her husband’s the best worker… Then we we are writing important notes she tells us to stop and listen to her “story” then she changes the slideshow and we don’t have our notes!!! And she wonders why we don’t get perfect scores on our open note quizzes.) So it was an anti bullying lesson and then she, our guidance counselor, was talking about how Team Cer’s are making fun of other teams saying they are dumb, stupid, uneducated, and the list goes on. And I know certain people who do that, fictional and real, get it? Anyway it was all about relational aggression, bullying, and suicide and I didn’t enjoy that last part.  She also said that this generation is the worse one and middle school is your worse years. And our generation’s the worse since we have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (that’s my app!! with twitter), Kik, email, texting, on and on and on. But the sad part is why people have to be throwing others down? And why end your glorious life over it? That’s something to think about.


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