So it’s this time of year again, CRCT’S!!!! ugh. At least that wasn’t the gateway. So crcts start this wednesday so i won’t be on probably part of this and most of next week. When it’s crct time everyone’s minds at school has to go into study mode, behave mode, and schedule jacking up mode , energy mode, and say one word and you get a referral mode. I am super serious right now, and the teachers are piling all this home work due on wednesday, like what the heck!!!! so my life has gone nuts, just saying, and I’ve so many things right now it’s like what most adults say middle school is the time that you get uber confused but end getting it all,or that’s what I think that’s the saying. Should I be using this site as a blog, because I have a lot of secrets to spill that my friends don’t even know, but somehow I know I can trust you guys because you are my internet family, and I love you guys so much. Ilysm!!! ❤ 😀 You are the BBVFAFE!!!!!! The Best Best Virtual Family And Friends Ever. Seriously you have no idea how kind, supportive and Amazing you are!!!!!! 


7 thoughts on “CRCT’S!!!!

  1. Aww thanks and you’re welcome! 🙂
    I’ll be going to middle school this September!! 🙂 😀 SUPER EXCITED!! 😀

  2. Great 🙂
    It’s better to trust online families since
    1. online families know everything BUT they have nobody to tell so…
    2. they are always kind no matter they are.. um.. weirdos..

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