Dork Diaries Commenters React to… Gizgoogle!!!

                  Ok, I probably shouldn’t be doing this or make a joke out of it because Commenters are leaving just because of this. On atotally unrelated note, who watches react! Like Kids, Teens, Elders, Youtubers React. Cuz I do!!!!! 🙂

                 Anyway, so you know how Taeko posts gizgoogle links like every friday or so? well this time people kinda over reacted. They were all like let’s take this hacker down, and I’m leaving if there’s a hacker, and all sorts of jazz like that. It got kinda serious to the point of telling RRR, Rachel Renee Russell! When I saw that, one thought ran through, MODERATION dos veces, spanish for 2 times. So, because of some explanations, it looks like it’s calmed down some, but you never know.


5 thoughts on “Dork Diaries Commenters React to… Gizgoogle!!!

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