Hello, Everybody!

So I’ve started school back again! 🙂 and I really my classes because I get to meet new people that maybe I’ve never really known. And this homeroom is way more less drama filled than my 6th grade one. God knows how I did that one. As for TSHBAH it will be hold a for a month or so so can’t really expect anything from the book as of right now. I’m so sorry its just that it needs major tweaks and 2 weeks into school and i already have 3 projects and a science fair to work on. As for my summer it was freaking awesome!!!!!! 😀 Let describe it in a few words, Smores, ManHunt, Instrument playing, Thinking Sleepovers, swimming, dancing, missing kids from school, Australian pen pal, Candy, And baking.
Cool, right! So Comment below how your summer was i would love to hear from you, my internet family! ❤ family for life!!! P.S. what’s with Kaitlen, it tried visit her websites but they both said deleted. I would like to know please if anyone can bless me with this info, it would be greatly appreciated! Also I’m will have this also a blog-blog so stay tuned for a new page and updates soon.

Until next time, Nikki Fangirl


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