Stabs From Piercing Popularity

Well, this afternoon was well. So there’s this type of separation on our bus, cools and not so cools. Not so cool’s supposedly sit in the front ie:Me, and Cool’s sit in the back and are mighty loud I must add. So there’s this kid at our bus stop that’s equally loud as they are but he sits with the not so cools. He acts like like he doesn’t care but we can tell. So today in the afternoon I walked with my friend to the bus as usual but something was strange about the whole thing.  I look back and see him trying hard to strike up a conversation with these twins, my friend saw what I was looking we looked at each other and laughed our heads off. it’s what happened next that threw me for a loop. So me and my friend were talking about the impromptu fire drill today while getting onto the bus. So I sat my seat, she sat in the back. I would love for her to sit with me but my Viola and backpack take up too much space so she had one resort the Cool’s back but barely. Just like they accepted her just barely. so when this loud kid gets on the bus the twins, one of them decides to be like, “WHY don’t you sit with us?” Us being the Cool’s. Me and my other friend in the other seat,  looked at each other questionably. Why in the world would you invite someone younger than you, you barely know, to come to your group when you have friends your age, in the 7th grade with you, who must suffer through the crams of the front? Every word that came out hurt us both. She was like what the heck, and I was like, popularity hurts more than helps. The loud kid acted like he didn’t care but then smiled and put two thumbs ups. I said, “He’s gone over to the dark side! Hypocrite.”  And the rest of us agreed and shook our heads in disappointment. The kid he usually sits with looked especially disappointed and I can’t blame him. Soon I’ll be an 8th grader one of the cool’s not really cool’s and will be forced to sit in the back with a chance of Potential Hearing Damage. On a completely different note, Did you hear about Robin Williams? He was Awesome, RIP Robin Williams.


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