Updates in the Universe Of Me

Hey, girlies!! It’s October and you know what that means?? Hoodies, Cold weather, leaves, Halloween costumes, and romantic walks around a park?!!! Well, if you’re a pure optimistic, then totally! But for me, all this fall has brought is breakouts, stuffiness, and confusion. Plus, I’ve never owned an actual hoodie so I really can’t mess that up. What? I’ll explain, don’t worry your little heads one bit. That’s a reference, who got it? Anyways, There’s a reason I’ve only been making monthly posts, that’ll change soon, I hope. So just to you girlies, I DO have an “exciting” school life, (not necessarily the good type) so bear with me. Also, I saw the DD website no longer has comments. Great. You know probably either someone tried to edit without RRR’s permission or she just got tired of us {I really hope not :(} or something bad to cause to take drastic measures. In my opinion, that is freaking messed up. Seriously, cut off our comments forever? Disconnect our online social interactions? Adults are telling us our generation should be more social and this what we get? Okay, that point was unreasonable.

So I guess that from my last post, I had this “annoying lab partner” but now he really isn’t all that bad. We still playfully taunt each other but other than that, he’s one of the only guys  I can really trust to keep secrets and he trusts me a lot as well. Funny how things can change in a month, huh. But to be honest, I don’t know how I feel. I mean, most if the time he sees where I’m coming with my points and usually agrees. Like how that Vine joke, what’s 9 + 10? 21 is old and getting irritating. And how most boy bands are becoming overrated because people most of the time care about their looks and The Beatles were the best of all time. We have a lot in common. Then we think the other’s kind of insane. Like how Lily, Daffodil, and I play foursquare in P.E. during Ram Time, except we call it three square unless someone joins us then its foursquare. And we make up stories whenever someone gets out. When it’s three square we have the queen that has two squares, the noble, and the peasant. With four we have the evil witch in the woods. It’s crazy but its a productive story. Which is why in Orchestra A, Lily told me Arco was looking at her funny in Orchestra. They’re stand partners, just so you know.

And how he’s crazy when he says Lily and I have book obsessions and should lay it off some. I don’t have an obsession…. just because I read every second I have doesn’t mean anything?!! I’m FINE, right?! I may have lost my mind. I try to be really happy around him because honestly he didn’t have a good childhood or a good now. Long story short, he was orphaned at age 3 was like that until 5 then got adopted by parents that care more about the birth children than him. But when he’s happy, I feel extremely happy/ on top of the FREAKING world and it doesn’t take a lot for him to make me happy or laugh, which is odd because no one could do this to me this easily…  And then when I’m happy, he’s happy. What? Don’t worry I don’t understand either. And once, 4 times, 12 times, I really don’t know, because I get lost in the moment we have those Nikki and Brandon staring, smiling thingies, and its so great yet so wait, what the heck are we doing type thing and then because I have Mental Multiple Personalities Disorder, with multiple ideas screaming in my head, I dismiss every thing I could think possibly, then most of the brain goes to bury that deep so I don’t feel anything but It always moves a little bit from it’s hiding place. I’m so CONFUSED!!!

And back when we sat next to each other in homeroom my friend since kindergarten, Brio, sang this really embarrassing song about us liking each other. Part of wanted wanted to shiver dismissively, part of me was meh, and part of me was darting across the room. All in all, I gave Brio a death glare. And Arco threw my agenda book at him and said don’t you ever say that again. I ran over to check on my book of course, but he was, ununderstandably red and was fiddling with my pencil, Then when Mr. Grouse decides to move everyone everywhere, Brio said, “Good. So I can stop listening to these lovebirds debate about books. Let’s just say then there was nervous, uneasy laughter. Thank You SO MUCH, Brio. Is it weird that we have a lot of inside jokes? I mean, a lot. Ambecile is too complex of a story so let explain the snip-snip motions we make on our heads.

So in first period we were assigned a group project so Arco, my other friend Hyacinth and I were working. Mr. Grouse said we could use scissors and glue or just write it down. I chose to write my part down, those two decided to use scissors and glue. So Arco was talking to me, right? Then Hyacinth mouths, He loves his hair! Then she got her scissors and went like snip-snip. So she was about to get the hair when Arco turns around and sees Hyacinth with the scissors.

He gave a WTF look then She said, “We’re cutting off your hair so we can clone you,” I nodded as she continued, ” We’ll give every one that admires you a Arco. Heck we’ll give Cabaletta her own Arco!”

[ To explain this, back in 6th grade when me and Arco knew we existed but never really said anything {until the book incident(mentioned below) and the time he was getting checked out during my Science class and Chiuso said,” Arco, cool. You’re taking your bass home.” And I intervened beyond my control and said, “That’s not a bass, it’s a cello.” It was pretty obvious it was a cello. Then I looked up and recognized him, we stared for a second, then I turned back to my work and he kind of muttered, ” That’s right.”} my friend, Cabaletta, had a crush on him and she told only a few other people. I guess there was a leech in the group because someone told Arco, and since he didn’t know how to react, things between those two have been awkward and since he kinda liked my other friend Daisy. Things were more awkward, but here’s the thing, she kinda can’t get over him.

And at the, dare I say, horrendous pep rally for our school fundraiser in which I read my books the whole time this year, the song Problem by Ariana Grande and Iggy Azealea was playing and people were scream-singing it and I was sitting by Cabaletta, who also didn’t care, because we were in the same Spanish class, Then Arco’s Orchestra Class came in and she was watching him the WHOLE time! So when I saw him, I nudged Cabaletta, laughingly, ” Hey! He’s here…”. She told me It was ironic that song was playing and that it wasn’t funny. But I nudged more and she started laughing with me. Odd thing was, I think I felt him looking at us a few times?]

” Hey, we can also use the rest for self defense training!” And we laughed mockingly.

When Mr. Grouse was, like, what’s going on with you guys, Arco simply said this: ” Mr. Grouse, these two weirdos tried to cut off my strands of my hair to clone me, only to give them to people who like me and use the rest to attack my clones for ‘self defense’.”

Mr. Grouse only told us this, “Yeah you have fun with that.”

Also… I don’t know why but he protects me, probably because I can be sensitive, but I’m not entirely sure. For example, we were watching Disney Nature: Earth and there was this part when sea seals were being eaten by sharks and I was about to look up from my Maya Angelou: Poems book { which is an AWESOME poem book by the way} when he whispered to me and held my book with a rigid voice, ” Don’t watch.”

And I didn’t… until 5 seconds later. What can I say, my stubbornness kicked and  I caught the direct scene of when the shark engulfed the seal, the first one anyways. I let out a sob and he says, ” I told you not to look. Just don’t watch the next few scenes.” I didn’t look up from the book but my brain did. So what I don’t understand is how he can watch it nonchalantly and I really don’t think I can. He’s the VEGETARIAN  for gods sake!!! But sometimes I just don’t want to say anything to him. I’m so CONFUSED!!!!! I guess this a LONG advice question in it’s self but whatever.

Basically, my Columbus day was good.

Lily, Amaryllis, Daffodil and I had a sleepover at Lily’s for the weekend. Well, something bad did happen… We were at SkyZone and Daffodil was getting dizzy at the snackline so she asked Lily to buy something for her and Lily was going to ask why but Daffodil had a….. well, a SEIZURE and she hit her head pretty hard. A child was crying and thought she was dead. She was out of it of 2 minutes. I was so scared after that seriously. And everyone else was also. But It was okay because we just watched My Little Pony after. 🙂

Anyways. Aria has dislocated her leg a couple weeks back because she was hanging out with Ridge. Now, note everyone in the group except me and Lily have met him. And by the sounds for it, I’m not entirely sure I trust this Ridge. He’s a high schooler, two years older than us, and he is evidently Aria’s everything. And she says they’re not dating. Mmmhmm.

Basically, she was racing with him fell and well here we are now. So she has this brace and everything but she’s also got an elevator pass. Which in our school is worth A LOT. Going on the elevator instead of the stairs is so much neater and less crowded. So when you have an elevator pass you get to take a friend who is your gender with you, no one else. Which me and Aria says is STUPID. What can we possibly do in 12 seconds, there’s a camera in the elevator!! The only time we were able to do that was when my homeroom teacher got in with Aria, Arco, and Bene and. A bit awkward Arco and I were squeezed together which I think Aria did on purpose! – – _  grr.

So anyways, she refers going on the elevator kidnapping. Which really sounds sketchy around teachers. Speaking of teachers, there was this day when Aria jumped on her NON DISLOCATED leg and landed on it and since then these on two teachers have something on us. It was her non injured leg, and it was barely a hop, nevermind jump. Uggh those teachers, not on our team, have been spreading stuff to our team teachers and other team teachers. Gossipers. Probably have no action in their teacher lives so they create some.

Also, on  every Thursdays during Ram Time we have clubs and I got in Newspaper Club… so did Arco!!!! Why am I happy? Duh, you should be? Umm, no I shouldn’t. Sorry, just Clash of Personality Clans Right now. Anyways, I was the one to set up the site, get it organized, get status  reports on the site. They call me the Techie because I really don’t have a section but I’m fine.

Marsh said it was great!!!!!!! Yay!! Really I don’t know where I stand on my 7 year crush on Marsh and most definitely, I’m positive I only liked Dune for his looks and I can’t rebound  but no knows I like/liked these people {Except you guys of course} so IDK. But I’m a bit frazzled, because no one has really done anything.

I’m driving myself to the brink of madness.

Two people have nothing because they’ve both been absent and had to make up work with one of the assistant principals during Newspaper Club, one dude didn’t come at all until last Newspaper meeting because he’s ALWAYS in trouble with that same assistant principal, and Creek has been the last two meeting, because his dad was in the hospital{ Just so you know, Creek’s dad is my Bus Driver, Small World} and he’s been out of it.

AND THE NEXT NEWSPAPER CLUB MEETING IS TOMORROW!!!!!   Do you know bad this is? My Language Arts teacher/Paper Leader needs one more meetings with our principal and The 7th grade Newspaper takes Launch HALLOWEEN. It’s actually a WordPress site so all of us can edit but I can’t link because Its school only and I have to use my school wordpress account not this one I’m using with you girlies right now.

Also, I kinda ruined love for Aria… You see we were in lunch today and she was talking about her and Ridge’s OCs [Original Creations{it mainly refers to ponies in most cases which is true in this case because they love My Little Pony.}] getting together in a really complex love story and then I told her about how love’s just a bunch of chemical reactions in your brain and such and she was awfully disappointed. I probably should have asked if she believed in love first. If you don’t believe me watch this link  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=169N81xAffQ    WARNING, DISCLOSURE: if you strongly believe in love ,DON’T WATCH IT. But watch it, it’s scientifical and educational and cool.

Anyways, she thinks that if I didn’t meet the one already then coughs, when Arco walks by{grr….}, Then I would meet him at the library, drop my books, “and look in the depths of his soul.” Which is odd because dropping my books is how I first met Arco. Hmmm…. But I choose substance over style, I really don’t believe in true love and that stuff. Which is something Arco and I agree on yet again, GAHHH!!!!

Pro: I told Aria to stop implying things with my love life when I haven’t implied anything with Ridge….. yet.

Con: Arco and Aria ride the same bus, so she can say a lot of awkward crap… great.  Let’s move on to someone else’s Love life.

 So there was this “new” nerdy guy,named River,  in my science class, literally he said for our Lorax enviromental issue activity when the question was what would you speak for and why he said ” I speak for the nerds, dorks, and geeks at this school who get taunted by the ‘better’ ” For that, I said amen and high fived that genius. It’s TRUE! I should know I AM one! Anyway, we think he’s bit stalkerish now.

During lunch, 4 times he came out of freaking nowhere and whispers ” Willow, I’m always watching and by the way you’re cute!” I was about to say something but Willow pulled me back so hard I nearly ripped Coast’s new shoes with my foot. Sorry? But seriously, that’s was a Lot more stronger than remember Willow being. And she’s been trying to, and pretty obviously, avoid as much as possible. In the computer lab in science “Sit next to me so he doesn’t”, after “Let him go out way before so he doesn’t follow me, and the thing at lunch.”

She’s being pretty much Miss Captain Obvious. Arco asked me, What the flip is up with those two?

“I’ll explain later.”

Didn’t really get to, yet we’re in the same Homeroom, first period, which is our homeroom [everyone’s homeroom is their first period], and science class/ third period. Nice job, me, you’ve done such a great job. And you k now what else, River also pops out of nowhere, tickles Aria, in spots, and screams “HI, ARIA! DO YOU LIKE THAT WHEN I TICKLE YOU!”  That is just plain weird. Weirder than I am which is pretty weird.

Aria says me and Ridge make her look sane, but must I remind her her hyper attacks make Ocean look more in control. It’s sad when Ocean looks in more control than you are. And also who here actually went out with Lake? Not this girl! BTW, to this day Lake still thinks he “broke Aria’s heart”. It was actually a mutualistic breakup because Aria couldn’t hang out with one guy without Lake thinking she was cheating. So Aria was going to dump him, but he got there first. She was on vacay when this happened so she pretended that she was “hurt”, but she hung up soon after and was dancing around. ^-^ She’s a bit weird like that. ^-^

Okay, you guys that’s a lot to digest but that was my life in a basic nutshell in a month and a week. That’s right… that wasn’t even half of it. My life has many problems…. plus I’m addicted to Lisbug videos on youtube which makes me have yet another problem… comment whatever in the comments. I miss you and this took eternity and a year to get to do this, so Float In The CyberSpace and I’ll see you soon!!!!!


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