We had this day Today and I didn’t even know until the morning announcements said but we have red ribbon week of should I say Red Ribbon Two weeks here’s the schedule.

Thursday, October 23rd: Red Ribbon Day ~ Wear Red

Friday, October 24th: College Spirit Wear

Monday, October 27th: Nerd Day

Tuesday, October 28th: Wacky Tacky Day

Wednesday, October 29th: Dress for Success/Career Day

Thursday, October 30th: Hat Day

Friday, October 31st: Superhero day

This should be fun… Are any of your schools doing any Red Ribbon Week Activities?


Have you ever heard of Pink T-Shirt day?? Here’s the story:

One day, a boy wore a pink shirt to school. Some boys teased him because he was wearing pink, and that it’s a girly color.

The boy was bullied, and others watched him in the process.

One of the boys who were watching the boy get bullied, wore a pink shirt to school the next day.

By the end of the week, Everyone (besides the bullies) was wearing a pink shirt. It showed that the bullies were powerless, and he didn’t bully that boy ever again. (The End)

Do you see the moral of the story?

If your against bullying, be sure to wear a pink shirt this Friday to support Anti-Bullying-Day 🙂

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