Slumps, Jealousy & A Full On Color War??

Have you ever found yourself thinking you don’t want to do anything, just sit and do nothing? Well, that’s me this week and I can’t get over my slump. I haven’t got anything done without looking like a procrastinator and I’m starting to feel a bit guilty. Okay maybe a lot guilty.

I’ve just lost my mojo, motivation,energy, inspiration and other synonyms of the word motivation.  So I need advice not to be in a slump! Help me please! Also, my parents are SO overprotective, and I can’t even go trick or treating or give out candy! What is that?? Everyone else can go out and have fun but I can’t; I have to sit at home and watch Charlie Brown specials EVERY YEAR!

Not that there’s anything wrong in Charlie Brown because I really like Charlie Brown but I just want to out and about instead of sitting at home. I wish that I could be like the cool kids,  cause all the cool kids they seem to fit in! I wish I could be like the cool kids, like the cool kids!!!!

Sorry, song reference. Since you all are catched up and I no longer need to flood you like on the story of Noah, I’ll explain my events this week. Especially the one that happened today that caused a mix of emotions in me that something in my brain is saying that it’s jealousy but i don’t feel jealous. Well not entirely….  but let me catch you up on all things me as of this week.

So Friday was College Spirit Wear Day, and I own, like, nothing sports related at all. So I just put on Georgia Bulldogs colors, but somehow I still stuck out like a sore thumb. Then Monday was Nerd Day for Red Ribbon Week, but I dressed as myself, already a DORK, instead of participating in Nerd Day. Why? As it turns out, dressing as a Nerd is a STEREOTYPE!

Nerds can some in any way, but according to people that follow the stereotype, Nerds must have Bottlecap glasses, pigtails, ribbons, pants over their shirts and suspenders which I find VERY  stereotypical. And I was ranting about it pretty much all day. Arco agreed it was stereotypical, which not a lot people agreed with me about! It’s kind of an insult to all nerds, geeks, and dorks!

On Tuesday, it was Wacky Tacky Day and I just couldn’t take  anyone seriously because They were dressed PRETTY tacky! My homeroom teacher was wearing striped capris over snowmen pajama bottoms!! :’D

On Wednesday, Oh Dear on Wednesday, :’D , I swear on Wednesday. Okay, so on Wednesday, It was Dress for success and about half the guys had cleaned up that day, so yay for looking nice right?

So in Science, my science teacher leaves as quickly as she came for a meeting, and left us with a substitute. The problem was… he was TOO nice. My science class tends to be loud, so as soon as my science teacher leaves there’s giant pandemonium! It got so loud the silent people screamed, “Silent!” Of course that got everyone to shut up. As the sub is giving instructions on our assignment, Arco decides to talk, and talk and talk. So, me being vindictive, hit him in the knee with a ruler and he still wouldn’t shut up so I hit him with my science journal.

He STILL wouldn’t shut up so I got out an ultra washable blue marker and made a line on his arm. He kinda gasped for a moment and then this girl told me this, back in the 6th grade my old science teacher was talking about how pollution affects, point and non-point, so when Arco raised his hand he called him an animal instead of his name and he even did it a second time before realizing his mistake! So then this kid made a song about it I shouldn’t had giggled, but I stifled it anyway.

So then because we supposed to use colors in our assignment and I felt bored out of my mind and so he did too we were attacking each other with ultra washable markers!! Even Cadenza drew a little on his arm and it was hilarious! Then I had picked up a brown marker and had opened at the same time that he had whipped around and then there was a large brown mark on his cheek and the bridge of his nose! :’D We were laughing so hard, my gosh! He used hand sanitizer but it was still smudgy!! Of course I drew a whale on his arm… well a REALLY boxy one. In the end of our color war, his arms were covered in scribbles and looked as if a rainbow threw up on him and as for me my hands and arms looked like multicolored smurfs. The sub didn’t notice any of this but we were STILL laughing as we left for 4th period.  

Then there was Thursday. Oh how I really despised Thursday. It was a really embarrassing day for me. It was Hat Day and Newspaper Club day, doesn’t sound that bad, does it? But on Wednesday, they had said there wasn’t going to be clubs so I had brought my gym bag.

So I try to get off the bus and my gym bag caught on the seat, and my bus was already late due to kinda hitting a sign, so I tried gently getting it out, that didn’t work so I tugged and pulled and then the drawstring broke making me have to hold my gym bag together or it would collapse. So then I wasn’t exactly prepared, no body was because the faulty announcement, for Newspaper Club and we had to push the release date even further behind! Not to mention, I was constantly tripping because of chairs! At lunch, I was wearing my pink fedora as a hat for Hat day and just about to dig in to my salad when I feel something dropped onto my hat. It was a filthy Raccoon pelt hat that smelled like the raccoon had just died and got sprayed by a skunk at the same time!  Some snotty girls  asked me if he was my bae. I was never so badly laughed at in my Life.

And they kept on before I threw back at who plopped it on my head and it actually landed on his face! In Spanish, I had to present a presentation on mi y mi mejor amiga (me and my best friend)  which was Lily and things would have been smooth if I wasn’t afraid of public speaking. I had a quiet voice and people were constantly interrupting or being loud one girl even laughed me while I was trying to start my presentation. Then the Spanish teacher, who I don’t particularly like, started interrupting me with rapid fire question in which I knew the answer but with certain people glaring me and my nervousness, I looked terribly dumb founded in front of the class.

In Orchestra, my orchestra teacher was recording us for the other class to see on Friday and vice versa right? And I am scared of being recorded for others to see. So of course I did my absolute worst because of all the stress no matter how hard I tried I didn’t get the Hi A harmonic right in Night Ride, I played the melodies wrong at measures 29 and further in Fiddles On Fire, I accidentally didn’t go to the D.S. Al Coda in Dragon Hunter, and played E,E, A#, B, LIKE THIS  E, Eb, A#, B, Eb in Bats ‘n’ Bones! Which sounds very off in Bats ‘n’ Bones! And my bow direction was the wrong way! I was already done for the day, so done. 

So I guess I’ve told you then Slumps and Full On Color War, so where does the jealousy come in? To Be Honest, I don’t think I’m jealous but whatevers. As I begrudgingly walked into science class, Mazus gave me a note and told me this, “It’s from Cambiare give it to Arco, don’t look!”

Like with my bad luck, I would even give two shoes about Arco’s life. Oh gosh that sounds mean, let me rephrase that, I was too tired from that day to think about anything else. There that’s better. So I threw on his side of the desk already having a pretty good idea on what it’s about. I mean at my school, if a girl passes on a note from her friends to a guy, it’s either an I like you note or a I’m breaking up with you note. But the way he opened the note with an intrigued hmm, my brain broke into a cold sweat, and now suddenly I wanted to know what was written in that note. I never looked because I had restraint and morals. And since I hadn’t spoken to Cambiare in a while, I wanted to know what was she up to?

But of course, I sat in my seat miserably, reviewing the embarrassing things I had went through, interrupted by a,”What’s wrong with you?’ I looked up to see a concerned Lab partner with a note in his jacket pocket, but looking he could care less about that. ” Don’t you see? The whole day was a disaster!” From there, recounting all of my plights (Of how I fit inside a pumpkin, my canines turned to coachmen… Prince threw me in Bedlam that night!).

“For one thing, everyone embarrassed themselves in my Spanish class, Not everyone’s going to point only your mistakes, you had to be fine, and everyone messed up somewhere in ours, and I didn’t laugh when that guy put that felt on your head.” I  had given him a weak smile, but inside I was beaming like the sun, and he gave me a smile as well.

From then on, I had a kick in my step, don’t know I turned the day around but I did. Friday had been Walk ‘n’ Talk and amazingly Lily, Lantana, and I had read in peace, but I knew something had been up. I found myself looking around for what, god knows. At the end of Walk ‘n’ Talk, I ran up the stairs wanting to be first to homeroom, but I was beat by Arco.

He wanted to say something but of course Cadenza comes out of nowhere and says, “I may or may not have told Cambiare, you might say yes.”

From the word Cambiare, I had already turned on my heel and started walking to nowhere until deciding on the water fountain.

Then Cadenza comes to me and says, ” Hmm… I would’ve thought you would react differently. I mean, no offense but just Wednesday, you too were having the time of lives and now all of this around him. But I guess that’s what makes you a good friend.” I’m fine, just fine.

But by lunch, Stack already announcing people in the lunch line, “Hey, guys! Arco got asked out by Cambiare and doesn’t know how he is going to respond!” I went to silent lunch, one to finish a Social Studies that Mr. Grouse by mistake said you should probably go to if you want to finish, and to avoid Stack’s rambunctiousness!

It was all anyone could talk about and I was SO irritated by it! I just wanted to hit the next person to say it in the face! But I didn’t. By the end of the day at the end of 4th period, it had gotten so bad that Arco put on his dark hoodie, and avoided a lot of people.

But of course I interrupted his isolation and said, “Exciting day for you huh?”

“What you do think?”

“I mean, you did pretty well on the cell model.” I didn’t want to let up I knew.

But he follows me to my seat where Arpeggio’s packing and he says,  “I heard Arpeggio was going to ask you out.” and with that I robotically grabbed Arpeggio’s bookbag and dropped it on the floor, so when I wasn’t paying attention, Arco had stolen my poem book by Maya Angelou, like he would’ve at Walk’n’Talk and To be honest, I was kinda glad he had talked me instead of avoiding me like he was to everyone else, even if it meant… this.

So of course was a wild goose chase and somehow Arpeggio got his hands on my address I was going to give Aria so she would come over, so I was running for that too and I had snatched the book and paper back!! But not with the address sheet drifting open for Arco to see. Which I had grabbed back so soon as I realized I had left it! H e already knew I lived in the same neighborhood as these two guys but not where! I ran back to my seat and when his bus was called, he already had my book back in his possession but handed it back, but not without our fingers lightly touching.

“Thanks.”” I say grinning.

“Yeah, don’t get kidnapped by Aria, keeper of all books.”

“Wait you read that?!”


And I turn around to see Cadenza somewhat satisfied and me asking,

“You, you saw that?”


“Yeah, okay.” 

So that’s how my week ended, put what you think in the comments and Float In The Cyberspace!


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