Would You Rathers?

Okay, so I’ve thought about it and I think that it would be pretty cool that you guys ask me Would You Rather questions and I answer them in a post! Of course I think a lot of lame stuff are cool! But I really want to this, they can be PRETTY wacky if you want, I’ll answer for sure! Even some embarrassing ones……  :blush: that didn’t work, imagine someone getting red , or personal, I really don’t care. Oh, oh, oh, I really don’t care… Oh, oh, oh, I really don’t care! Sorry, instinct acted on it. But comment down below, I would like to hear from you, and Float in the CyberSpace!!


8 thoughts on “Would You Rathers?

  1. Would You Rather…

    …go to your least favourite country with your favourite person or most favourite country with the person you strongly dislike?
    …spend the night outside in Antartica or feed an untamed lion?
    …have $100 100 confederate or $30 000 clear and clean?

  2. Would you rather be reaped into the Hunger Games or get chosen for the Selection (Selection is like the Hunger Games but you marry a prince instead of being a victor like HG)

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