Would You Rathers Response & Some For You

Okay girlies, Ive decided to answer the would you rathers from the previous post and I added some others in the mix some from the internet and some from a sleepover I had had with Lily, Daffodil, Amaryllis, Lily’s little sister Geranium, and her friend Hepatica.

1.Would You Rather… go to your least favourite country with your favourite person or most favourite country with the person you strongly dislike?

Well I’d rather go to my least favorite country with my favorite person because then I can just focus on my favorite person and ignore the monstrosities of that country plus my favorite person would find some way to make that place fun by the slightest bit.
2. Would you rather…spend the night outside in Antartica or feed an untamed lion?

That’s a bit tough but I would choose feeding an untamed lion because I could just throw the food and dash before something else happens and besides there’s a chance it wont eat me but in Antarctica you can’t escape the horribly cold nature, plus I might just die there because of the cold like having frost bite.

3. Would you rather…have $100 100 confederate or $30 000 clear and clean?

I would much rather have $30,000 clear and clean because its actually my money no buts about it and I can spent it all on useful things I’ve always needed.

4. Would you rather be reaped into the Hunger Games or get chosen for the Selection (Selection is like the Hunger Games but you marry a prince instead of being a victor like HG)

I would rather be chosen for the selection because I wouldn’t survive one day in the Hunger Games, plus whats so bad about marrying a prince?

5.Would you rather be famous or the best friend of someone famous?

I’d rather be the best friend of someone famous so I could lean on them for some moral support, also there isn’t as much attention on me as it is on them.

6. Would you rather have kittens as feet or penguins as hands?

I’d rather have kittens as feet because penguins will not allow me to have a good grip on my stuff, and kittens wouldn’t bother me as much.

7.Would you rather live in Harry Potter’s world or live a life of fame and money?

I’d rather live in Harry Potters world because its so mystical and whimsy and come on, you have MAGIC!!!

8. Would you rather have no one show up for your wedding or funeral?

That one was also tough, but I’d rather have no one show up to my wedding because then it could be a private wedding just me and him and if no one came to my funeral then it means no one would care to remember me, but I can remember my wedding day for as long as I live.

9.Would you rather Always have to say everything on your mind OR never speak again?

That one was also hard, but never speak again so I don’t end up hurting anyone or exposing secrets.

10.Would You Rather Always be slightly over-dressed OR always be slightly under-dressed?

I’d rather be slightly overdressed because I would want to look like I didn’t care.

Now you guys get to answer these awesome questions in the comments section. Be Free and Float In The Cyberspace!!



One thought on “Would You Rathers Response & Some For You

  1. 1. Go to most favourite country with someone I hate because my least favourite country has war going on and I don’t want to get shot.
    2. Spend a night outside in Antarctica because I can handle cold weathers good and there’s a less possible chance of dying because lions can always chase after you and I’m a horrible runner.
    3. I don’t know what confederate or clear and clean means
    4. Selection because even if I did win the Hunger Games I would be tortured by the Capitol
    5. I would rather be famous because if it were my friend they would have no time for me since there famous!
    6.Kitten’s. How would I be able to hold stuff with penguin hands?
    8.Wedding. I don’t want a million people morning over my death. It would be very depressing.
    9. Never speak again. I like my choice of words.
    10. Under-dressed. I don’t really need more than a t-shirt and jeans

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