Birthdays, Struggles, & Soaked Hoodies?!

UPDATE: I didn’t realize it was private until, like yesterday, so thanks. Hope you understand!

Hey girlies! It’s that time again with my weird three section titles for my blog posts. But I actually like it so… This won’t be on a consistent date, not yet anyways, so hang in there! I’m thinking every Monday or so…


So I guess I should start from last week… Which was pretty great no highlights. Well, except for the 7th grade fall orchestra concert on November 13. You see that was already a bad day earlier because my bus was in a minor incident, and we had to wait for like 45 minutes making me get home at like 5 something when I was to be there at 6:30. So I dressed up in all concert black and waited for my mother to come since she had promised me she would take me. My house is about 7 minutes driving distance, so I didn’t fret much. Until 6:15. I had tried calling my mom, she left her phone at home. I called up Aria, she IS my stand partner, she was already stuck in traffic. So I was scared. I had one of the most parts of Night Ride and The Orchestra counted on me. They were all going to wonder the heck was I. So I mustered up my courage, wrote a note, left it on the fridge, and ran out the door. I ran with my viola in one hand and my sheet music in the other and all my might and actually managed to get there before the concert began. It had to be the most CRAZIEST things I had ever done on impulse. We were to play 4 songs, Night Ride, Bats ‘N’ Bones, Dragon Hunter, and Fiddles On Fire, in that order, respectively.

When I unpack the first thing, I’m greeted with is a smash in the side by Aria. Which is considered a hug. “Oh my gosh, you actually made it! So sit and unpack!” I’m dusting off my viola when Arpeggio comes out of nowhere and says, “Oh you actually came.” (You will NOT believe how many times I heard that. And “You RAN HERE FROM YOUR HOUSE!”) with a smirk that was friendly but I wasn’t in the mood for some taunting.

“Chill, Arpeggio she was probably running late or something.”, Arco had stepped in. He actually looked nice in his concert attire.

When Arpeggio had left, I murmured to Arco, “You have not the slightest clue.”

I explained the running and the, well, yeah. “Well, I’m glad you came even with you running from your house for however long.”

Finally, it was show time and Arco had slipped back into his seat by Lily with his cello. I was kind of trembling but I did fine, well according to Cambiare and Daffodil who was sitting behind us. Plus, Aria recorded the whole concert so yeah… My mom had FINALLY made it in the ending of Night Ride, which actually kind of long. All the orchestra kids were to meet up in the orchestra room after the concert had ended so I walked with Lily into the room.

And there was so much pandemonium, Lily and I were really startled. Arco had come over and said, “It’s really crazy in here, huh?’ Which only startled me and Lily even more. For the next part, I’ll tell you, I have to explain even earlier. Earlier in the week, Arco had been taunting me about Arpeggio liking me which he doesn’t, I don’t think so anyways. So I had devised a plan to get back at Arco, which kind of backfired but you know it was with Arpeggio it was bound to fail somewhere. But then Arco wanted my help to get back at Arpeggio for something embarrassing. Usually, I wouldn’t do such thing but I did it anyways. Back to concert time, Arco showed me an embarrassing picture of Arpeggio taken at the concert by Arpeggio’s sister.

It was so funny though, but I had advised not to post it anywhere but just show it to Arpeggio which totally worked. But in there, most of the violas had met Chase’s brother. Which looked exactly like him but shorter and younger and more adorable.

The girls were like, “That’s Chiuso’s brother holding that violin? Oh my god, he’s SO cute!”  

Someone wanted to pinch his cheeks! I was done so I was almost out the door when the girls were now circled around a tall dude in army clad. I don’t know how, other than Arco describing him to me but never very descriptive, I knew who he was and what he wanted.

He was Arco’s adoptive father (he had said he was a drill sergeant) and he wanted to know where he was. I pushed through and piped, ” Do you want to know where Arco is?”

He almost turned instantly at me, “Yes, where is he?”

I had pointed so forwardly one because I was kind of scared but collected and two I had known exactly where Arco was in the room. Weird. But so anyways I had hung around until Cambiare Had come in and the chaos had settled down. Then before pushing the door open, I look back at Arco and Cambiare before shutting the door silently behind me and trotting moderately before nearly bumping into Bergenia and her sister who look like Chiuso was to his brother, except Bergenia’s sister was a bit more devious.

I was nearly out the school doors when I had realized I had left my sheet music in the cafeteria, where the concert was held. I ran back there which was far from where I was and I had made it before the janitor had put in away.

On my way back, Arco had sped past me 3 times so the fourth time I ran after him in my black flats finally stopping him. “Why… are … you … running … back … and … forth? It’s ….making …me …think ..I crossed … multiple ….times into …a… time….. paradox!”, I struggled to regain my straggling hot breaths. “I’m looking for my dad, have you seen him?”

“Not since he was looking for you, the first time.”

As he ran his fingers through his hair, I realized I had left something yet AGAIN.

“My purse!!” I had screamed and ran so quickly, I think I left a breeze in the hallway.

But so anyways, I found my stuff and he found his dad. We met at the door me with my stuff with him with his.

“So I guess we both got what we wanted or er had, right?” He had inquired.

“I guess we did, we didn’t we. Have a good night, Arco and Mr. Army Sergeant Sir!” I stood at attention and saluted as I left to my mom’s car which was waiting but I turned back from walking to hear a distinctive “Hey!” and there was Arco and his dad saluting back at me.

I saluted, waved, and crawled into my mom’s van with my viola and things.

I had actually finished that week with a high note. But the next week was My BIRTHWEEK!!

Nov. 17, the beginning of that week Monday, was this girl’s birthday! But it wasn’t exactly the best 13th birthday. In fact, I didn’t feel special. But my mom had bought me an apology hoodie from the concert so I wore that on my birthday with a nice top, pants and flats. The problem, it was horribly raining that morning. The rain was so BAD, you wouldn’t believe it. There was a GIANT river where my backyard dips and rises again and my driveway had become a current with the road, yet we were still forced to go to school! I left my house 2 minutes before the bus became after locking myself out and forgetting to grab an umbrella as well. But in those 2 minutes, I was soaked so badly like hoodie was dripping water and my shirt wasn’t any better. So I kept the hoodie on to avoid the embarrassment of the even worse shirt.

And even worse, people were complaining, “Aww…. Today is the worst day ever.” I’d be like, “Um.. It’s my birthday, sorry it sucks.” “oh no. It’s just really rainy that’s all.” trying to save my feelings. Even worse, most people forgot my birthday except for a select few including Arco, Cabaletta, and Bight. Lily even forgot! I was so messed up that day my shoes were squeaking with their wetness. But nothing prepared me for that afternoon. So in math class after a sincere Happy birthday song in sang and written on the board in Spanish in Spanish class, and having for me in Orchestra, and Arco pointing out it was my birthday in science for me, I told Poppy the events of my day.

She kept poking at the fact that Arco remembered and Lily didn’t which isn’t that much of a big deal to me anymore because hey, people forget but that’s why we are supposed FORGIVE. But she was nudged at me that he might like me in a non-friend context, taunting me about through out.

The funny thing was, she didn’t already know he was dating Cambiare. So I let sit in her little sea of ignorance.  But so anyways in Social Studies, where both Arco and Bight had pointed out my birthday that morning, we were to work on a group project with a video camera recording at school of a news report of whatever topic your assigned group was given.

I had Cadenza, Bight, Balsam and Finch on my group and we got the Scramble For Africa. Since I am ridiculously camera shy I immediately jumped to  camera person. So Bight, Cadenza, Balsam, and I had set up a group chat on Kik to get our stuff done quickly. Finch didn’t join because he was lazy.

That Tuesday morning I had went to the dentist that morning, who said I needed braces(Yay!), so I missed the bus but still managed to get to school on time. Brio was already telling the people at his new table, including Arco and Cadenza, on how I wasn’t at school because I missed the bus when I walked in, on time, like a boss. BOOM! Ignore that, that was lame. But so anyways today was the day we would start filming so our group discussed everything trying to explain to this guy who was in his own world, and he was supposed to be our director? We wanted everything perfect but alas we could not because the areas were filled with other LOUD groups!

At least Arco’s group was TRYING to be quiet, and they got Apartheid one of the most informational reports! So NO ONE in ANY group got ANYTHING done. But all the other periods did get some done which made our class look pretty awful. Oxymoron, but continuing…. Arco and I both were camera people for our groups which was cool I guess while Willow was relishing in the fact she was reporter for her group as we were descending the stairs to go our separate ways for Ram Time.

Lunch was the time the day was going downhill. Poppy would not shut up about the Arco thing (even though I told her not mention it again) telling Aria who got in on it as well.

Spanish there was a pop quiz and Orchestra Calma accidentally put a tiny chip in the lower C bout of my viola.

Science, oh why science? Poppy turned behind us (us being Arco and I) when Arco was looking in his bookbag making a mini heart in the air when she thought Arco was still looking in his bookbag. Arco had just gotten up the second Poppy turned back to the experiment, which already caused him to be suspicious of Poppy.

Then, after I specifically told her not to, she did it again thinking Arco didn’t see but alas he did. He then asked me, ‘ What the heck (a softer tone of language) that was supposed to mean?” So I told him almost the whole thing, I wasn’t going about to tell him about how Poppy said we’ll elope in the Hamptons and… things would happen, no way.

Seeing the nervousness I felt after, the next time she tried to do that to me, he said only this one sentence, “I really despise you Poppy, you {let’s say female dog for censorship’s sake}.”

After science class, he had said one thing to Poppy before walking off for me, “Poppy, I hope you realize you most likely lost a friend in someone today.”

Which was totally true, because she totally disregarded my wishes.

She was trying to start conversation in Math class without even a formal apology and all I was thinking was,”Awkward friendship, how could CARA do this to me, Would Poppy end up telling Cambiare without knowing Arco and her are dating, what does even for my friendship with Cambiare if she knew, what is Arco thinking, WHY are all these thoughts running through my brain?” I don’t think I had said a word to anyone on dismissal that day.

Wednesday, my group still got NOTHING done. Why? Because they lost the script. ARE THEY SERIOUS?! Yes, yes they were. They seriously lost the script and then we had to come in for help day on Thursday morning to do it or we all would get a Zero since it was due on Wednesday. I guess it’s if one goes down, the other fall with them. I raced to PE to dress out quickly, so I could spent all of my time playing basketball. Well, actually not playing basketball. You see, just like at PE how Lily, Daffodil, I play three-square, we shifted basketball. In basketball we only do the various passes not repeating more than once while talking, sometimes we reverse without knowing It all depends. So Wednesday wasn’t enthralling.

Thursday, we had to wait on some girls for 15 mins until we began filming. There was actually other people in the lab so it was hard to get a perfect (or pretty darn close) shot done. By the time, we were done we had to use the only one that wasn’t interrupted by other people. Only problem was, someone was rolling in their rolling chair so the clicks noise was playing all through out. Mr. Grouse showed everyone’s video projects and as it turned out, we ALL sucked at the project. Mr. Grouse, who I am assuming was trying to soften the blow, said that the project wasn’t as good as he thought they would be but they were still good…. Then we had a test right after so you know.. at least it was a good review before the test.

In Orchestra, we found out that LGPE (Large Group Performance Evaluation) was at the local High School this year, which should be fun.

Friday, I was pretty ecstatic! All I was saying was today is going to be a great day! (Which the group decided is Lily’s catchphrase because she tells EVERYONE she knows that.) Because I was saying that and so was Lily, a lot of people’s moods were cheery, and it was Thanksgiving break all next week so… Except, none of us were supposed to celebrate Thanksgiving because it was Daffodil’s birthday that day. As a joke, we said Daffodil was going to shut down the Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade and make it Daffodil’s Birthday parade.

But you know there was some revelation on that day. In science that is. Turns out, River has had a forever crush on Cambiare I guess you can say it went down like this. ,y teacher was gone so we had a sub. (No, I did NOT have anothe color war.) We were working on a review sheet and River was talking to some girl.

Somehow out of all the things he said, this stuck out: “I have a crush on Cambiare Did you know she was Arco’s girlfriend?”

I guess Cadenza, Arco and I sitting directly in front of Caelan say at the same time,” You have on my crush on Cambiare?” Well except Arco’s came out like this,” You have a crush on my girlfriend?”

Cue laughing from Cadenza’s side. “Seriously?”

“Well, I’ve liked ever since the beginning of the year.”

Cadenza pipes,” At least he’s not stalking her. Or is he?”

(Later, when we were texting, turns out Willow wasn’t the only stalking victim. He hung on to every last word she said when he was on her team, in fact they were lab partners, which Cambiare says did not make life easier.

When she told him that she had a boyfriend, this happened: “Seriously? You’re ARCO’S girlfriend? Seriously? Really? Is this some type of avoiding thing?” Which I find almost funny) At the end of the day, I told everyone Have A Great TURKEY Break! which people found hilarious.

Float in the cyberspace girlies!! I’ll see you after the break!


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