Thanksgiving, Tree Lightings, and Haircuts?

Hiya, girlies! Long time, no type, huh? Well actually if you see my Soaked Hoodies post you’ll see that was supposed to posted 2 weeks ago. So let’s jump right to it!

Thanksgiving break was well… kind of disastrous. My family was stuck in my dad’s small apartment in South Carolina the whole week. To make matters worse, my littlest sister brought  home a virus from hugging everyone every day in her class. My mom and dad fell under with the flu soon after. My little sister was sent to the hospital due to an urinary infection, My brother was hit in the back by a car door, and I got hit by multiple tennis balls. Who wants to trade lives now?  Just kidding. We managed to still make the best out of the Thanksgiving break. I got to watch Lucy and Maleficent, so that was cool.

Week of December 1-7

Monday, was a GREAT DAY! Well, at least I kept repeating that anyways. Everyone was all like ugh its Monday, why? I was REALLY perky though. I have to say all of these days passed by quicker than normal though. Cambiare and I were saying that in like 2030, years will go by in a blink of an eye. To be honest, this week felt like meh. I really didn’t know what to do with myself. But then you know… my science teacher just had to ruin the pretty good day with giving a body systems project due the week before finals and we have to do all this extensive research. So then on top of studying for my ACT, and finals, I also had a giant project to do while worrying about what I got on my science fair project. Have you ever gone through something like that?

Tuesday, I still insisted that it was a great day. At least more people agreed with me then. The day was just basically review and studying and research. I mean, it wasn’t like we did anything… Which is actually peculiar at my school. Then my Spanish teacher decides its the PERFECT time to teach us a completely irrelevant and difficult topic that would not be on any MAJOR tests whatsoever. So I had EVEN MORE on my plate. YIPPEE.

Wednesday, everyone was pretty calm and happy. It was so tranquil and so very, very strange. But it was my type of day. My SS teacher let us read all through out class. And I needed some down time to read. In LA, our teacher took us to the library so I got EVEN MORE books!!

Our Spanish Teacher said he would let us watch a spanish-english movie soon, so as you can tell I was VERY GLAD with today. In Orchestra, our orchestra teacher reminded us that the Advanced Orchestra Performance at the Tree Lighting at my local Park was THIS SUNDAY. Now I’m not in Advanced Orchestra (but that’s another story for another time…), but I was still happy all the same.

My little sister had a concert for her elementary chorus group right after the Advanced Orchestra concert so I BEGGED to babysit my sister and watch the performance. The Tree Lighting was always awesome every year but my parents seldom let me go. But I was so happy for this and I had no idea why. A lot of my Advanced Orchestra friends, including Cadenza and Arco, so you know, Hey! Why not? In Science we watched brief mini movies on biomes for review and in Math we did a Jeopardy Review game so that was cool. Out of all the days I think Wednesday was my favorite. 

Thursday, there was a problem in paradise.

So basically Thursday was just something else. One, in SS we had a test which was pretty easy, and then a difficult assignment came to follow. In LA, our teacher said we were going to put on a play soon! Now I don’t know about you, but I never have enough courage to do presentation in front of other people type deal. I just don’t even know and I can’t act which makes me even more screwed.

In Science, the teacher gave us the group we are going to work on the project with but we can’t work until tomorrow. I actually got a pretty good group. Arco on the other hand got stuck with two girls. And the minute Ms. Attacca finished giving out the groups, Arco looked at me like, “I’m TOTALLY SCREWED.”

In Spanish, nothing really changed.

During Newspaper Club, all we did was tweak it a little, that’s it.

But in Orchestra, that’s where things went down.

So I let Calma borrow my viola as I do usually. So I go get a drink of water for about 3 minutes and  then return to the orchestra. I see my case shut up perfectly and Calma and some others averting their glances from me. So of course I was suspicious. So I open my viola case preparing for the worst and in fact what I see petrifies me. my mind screamed so loud in horror and I began to feel light headed. My viola had 6 in. two lined crack down from  right f hole! I was so broken inside and wanted sob in woe for the rest of the day.

In a high pitch this escapes my mouth, “How in the FREAKING WORLD, did you let this HAPPEN, CALMA??!!!!!” She started to explain how she was playing the viola when Arpeggio and some other people wanted to pull a prank on me and hide my viola so it would be “missing” when I was to return.

Calma and Aria, at first, complied but then wanted to back out so then they were fighting over my viola and it dropped, morbidly. I was SO DONE. I said nothing and Ms. Anima said if I didnt get that looked at it could multiple negative effects on my instrument. When I got home all I did was scream into a pillow as loud as I could. On the brighter side Advanced Orchestra people got to stay after school and since my bus is late all time I had more time to talk to my friends.

Friday, Walk n Talk occurred in the hallways. Let me tell you, that was a nightmare which I’m guessed was worst for shorter people like Lantana and Willow. The hallways were SO CONGESTED, and you would even up getting lost or swayed away from your group at least once. And people were pulling pranks on others as USUAL.

But this time teachers would pull people aside for it instead of acting oblivious like they always do. So I guess that was a perk. In LA we had a While The World Watched (the book we are reading in class) test, in science we had yet ANOTHER test, we had a quiz in Spanish, a reminder of the Tree Lighting In Orchestra and a new topic before a test in Math.

Saturday and Sunday, the ONLY thing on my mind was the Advanced Orchestra Concert. My mom even let me and my sisters to get haircuts for it which must I say looked pretty nice. I couldn’t even sit still in church; I was that ecstatic.

And then FINALLY, It was 4:20 and I was off. I met up with Lily and the rest of her family while my first youngest sister was in her Rockin Rams group and my other sister was hanging out with her friend’s family. They played Carol Of The Bells, Deck The Halls, and Silent Night and It sounded SO MAGNIFICENT I can’t even. It was that great. Afterwards, we all met up and had a pretty good time. We hung in the petting zoo, made some smores, played some games, fooled around and listened to the other performances and watched the tree lighting! I had never had as much fun in a while and I felt blessed I could spent my Sunday with my favorite people.

So yeah, I tell you girlies about the next two weeks afterwards! Float in the Cyberspace!



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