The Outdation Of Our Generation

Hey girlies! You’re probably wondering what the title means, and I’m probably going to tell you. Nevermind that, I’m totally going to tell you. 

To most friends, I’m bit strange to the other people in society that built this generation/year. To Be Honest, I act REALLY outdated sometimes. My brother’s friends asked me if I was a reincarnation of a 19th century girl. Yep. But NEVERMIND that….

I guess I’ll giving things each month or so that make me the, well…., Outdation Of Our Generation!

The Outdation Of Our Generation #1 : Clothing

I’m a modest and conservative person. I don’t like showy, fitting, short, tight, bold, etc. types of clothes. I’m more comfortable in like sleeves that go from the elbow and below, big hoodies and sweaters, flats, loose and long skirts and pants rather the flashy stuff we are beholding on ourselves these days. It’s a shame really sometimes. What is the need for SKINNY JEANS? They are horribly tight and who NEEDS that? Just because it might capture the attention of that cute boy over there, it may not mean his attention on you forever! He might as well already put his mind on something even more important or what I call in their mind set: Ridiculous. What does that about female integrity when we lower ourselves down to wear revealing clothing just to impress the opposite gender which will probably forget in a couple HOURS or so! (Sorry, I do NOT mean to Boys are stupid, they just…  dart their attention all over the place.) What I’m saying is… I don’t understand why people in our generation dress the way they do. I can’t comprehend it.

So I guess that became a little rant. But Did you like it? I don’t know what I’ll do with this maybe make a short story…. Float in the Cyberspace!


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