Ships, ACT, & The Perfect Game?

Okay you girlies, this was the week beginning from the Grayson Tree Lighting…

Monday, I was STILL jazzed from Sunday. It was just SO much fun! Mr. Grouse was there also so he gave us a shout out during Homeroom! The problem was, there was also Chorus and Band concerts this week so The other people were hurt. So Mr. Grouse promised to go the OTHER concerts this week which seemed to satisfy the other music groups.

In LA, my teacher announced that the play we were going to do was A Christmas Carol. Honestly, I like the book. It’s a great story about the spirit of giving and Christmas. But I didn’t like the movies as much. So now a play is basically a read off (like a book) with presenting in front of an  audience (like a movie). I’m just wondering where this will go.

My Spanish teacher gave us a Pop quiz today and every time that happens there’s usually stuff WE NEVER LEARNED. And he wonders how half the class doesn’t get good grades. ?

In Orchestra, I had to use a school viola in class and I will have to use a school viola until mine gets fixed. Thank You SO MUCH, ARPEGGIO AND CALMA. Problem is, none of them were my size. I’m a 15 and a 1/2 and the sizes that were there were 10, 13 1/2, 9, 11, 12 1/2, and 10 1/2. OBVIOUSLY TOO SMALL. So I settled with 13 1/2. I could barely play anything.

In Science, we had to finish up the presentation from Friday which my group was basically done. So we basically laid back and played the games that Ms. Attacca told us to play. The ridiculous thing was a person playing the game she said to play and she got on to that person when that person was already done. I couldn’t tell who it was though. After finishing up the presentations’ creations, Ms. Attacca did this review of the body system which did not look good. The fact that she touched various body parts that shall not be named while standing on a table disturbed me and a LOT of other people. I think the whole class. Arco whispered, “It’s probably going to be like last year again.!” Which was hilarious because last year my homeroom teacherstood on a table to teach her last period class, and the story goes which I saw at the beginning of dismissal… As she stood on the table, it started to bend, and bend, and then BOOM! The poor table had broken. She blamed on a loose screw but there was no loose screws loose whatsoever.

Or as Arco says,”The only screw loose was her mind.” Fortunately, THIS table didn’t break. The funny thing is that one dude didn’t do anything so Ms. Attacca made him do it on the table with her, embarassingly.

In Math, we began our test. The reason I say began is because our class takes AT LEAST 2 days to finish a test. During Lunch, my friends decided to discuss a ‘ship’. Now, I’m generally a late person but I can figure things out. And to be more specific about the ship discussion. Lately, Aria and Arpeggio have been acting real up close and personal and since Willow, Aster, and Carnation noticed, they believe it was the perfect time to discuss that.

I was reading my favorite series The Lunar Chronicles and had no interest in getting involved with the conversation until I hear my name come from Aria’s mouth. Turns out, they were talking about how they thought Arpeggio liked me last year because he LOVED being obnoxious towards me and how he so totally likes ridiculous towards Amaryllis, and how Aria thinks she should be the last person we thought was doing something with Arpeggio… which we never said…

Tuesday was nerve racking. The recent test that we took in Social Studies had to be rebubbled because something went wrong with the scanners. That test took me a while to finish rebubbling because I was trying to fill in the bubbles just right so nothing like that happens again. At least with this test.

In LA, we began to take notes on Charles Dickens which seemed to drag on because in notes there were some points that were redundant. I mean, who needed how know how much trouble his father was with the law 7 times?

Basically, we gave up the hope that we would watch a movie in Spanish because he gave us ANOTHER 8 page homework packet due tomorrow. We are just lucky we aren’t in the other Spanish class… He is really hard on people in that class.

In Orchestra, I got to use another viola! A size 13!!! The thirteen and a half was being used by a new kid. I mean I like new people but…  couldn’t he have been a different size? You don’t how uncomfortable it is playing a smaller viola when you are so used to YOUR size. Plus it really messes with my posture. Hey, at least I HAVE a viola instead of just sitting in Orchestra doing nothing. Anyways, before class ended Mrs. Anima began to talk about LGPE.

This means Large Group Performance Evaluation; I’ll explain further in another post. So I don’t know if I had said this before and Mrs. Anima didn’t say if she had said it before but it will be at the local high school this year which is about 5-8 mins so that’s cool. The condition to go is this: you had to have all A’s on your playing tests which I already have so I wasn’t concerned. Aria on the other hand began to freak out. You see, there was this one playing test before the concert that Aria had gotten a 56 on and I got a 98. How does that even make sense? You’re STAND PARTNERS!

Well, this is how it went down. It was a Fiddles on Fire playing test. Mrs. Anima had asked us to go faster since the tempo was fast and every time we rehearsed in class we were playing at a walking pace. I was prepared to go faster since I practiced at home that way; Aria on the other hand was nervous and very shaky. She was concerned that she wouldn’t be able to catch up with my tempo. And since we were the first violas, in the first row of Violas… well I guess you can figure it out on your own. 

We hadn’t passed 3 measures when Aria just… STOPPED. Everyone was like, “What. Just .Happened.” I even paused to mentally ask Mrs. Anima if I was to continue. But she said for me to keep going so I did. So now Aria is SO DETERMINED  to take a retest and do fabulous on it.

In Science, it was time for presentations. Just so unfortunately, my group went first. Yay. We had to split the presentation so everyone had to present. Which I was REALLY shaky. As I was doing my share of the presentation, I looked over the class. Willow was making the motion of deep breaths towards me, Cadenza was mouthing,”Keep going!”, and Arco mouthed, “You’re doing FINE.”. I guess they boosted my confidence a smidgen. I was still nervous because we had a time limit to finish our presentation on the Nervous System: 10 mins. Yet she interrupted our group 12 times making our presentation drag out to 25 MINUTES. ? I was done, just done.

In Math, we were STILL working on the test. (Hey, we are doing 10th grade Math and that take a while to get done because of all of the formulas and work!) Today was the chorus concert so a bunch of chorus members wrote the time and other stuff on the whiteboard basically obstructing the view of the homework assignment. 

Wednesday was fine. We didn’t have the grade on our tests yet in Social Studies, but at this rate I was really wanting to know my grade. I don’t know why, but I just needed to get my grade and move on. In LA though, we had to do an online scavenger hunt on various websites to answer questions, some of which were in no relation to ‘A Christmas Carol’. but it was somehow fun but some parts were difficult. I liked the challenge though. She was also At Lunch, I got a some  type of a rehash.

My best guess is that Aria got tired of  Aster and Willow going into her love life so she took it out on the person who wasn’t involved, ie: Me.

“Why do you guys get into my love life? You don’t get into hers!”, Aria had said defensively.

“That’s because SHE doesn’t have except for her books you know that.”, Aster returned.

“Aria, why are you getting so defensive? When we did this last week you didn’t have a problem.”, Willow started.

“I would prefer it if you don’t involve me in your love related discussions.”, that was me. (For future reference, until I reveal my actual name I will be using pronouns)

“Yeah, because you actually have the…. scientific,” Aria’s face had created a mischievous smile and Aster and Willow looked at each other like what is she going to say, “explanation for love in your head.”  

“Speaking of science,” the words oh brother had escaped Willow’s lips, ” how is you and Arco’s friendship going?”

I immediately knew what she was doing, “Fine.”

“Just fine? Because you got pretty “defensive” after the Poppy fiasco.”

“We’re fine.”

“And you two seem to be having a lot of weird adorable fun like drawing all over each other’s arms and mocking each other while doing it. That’s not not what ‘just fine’ friends do.”

“Aria, the point you are trying to make doesn’t even make sense because he has, a what?, G-I-R-L-F-R-I-E-N-D. That I’m not sure you remember is one of my best friends!”

“Okay then…”

“Aria, seriously. If she had a crush on ANYONE don’t you think she would tell us?”

Willow paused in her thoughts, “Would you tell us?”

By then, they were all looking at me with questioning looks. I lied because I kind of, really wasn’t sure if I liked Dune and Marsh and I never said a word about that to ANYONE.. so I said yeah, I would tell them. They seemed to  be satisfied but I felt guilty. I still do. Mr. Firth must REALLY LOVE giving us homework packets because we got ANOTHER one today in Spanish, at least it was only 5 pages this time. Orchestra was typical. As in typical I mean this week typical. 

In Math, we FINALLY FINISHED THE TEST!!! Now. it was going to take Mrs. Crow about a day or two to grade. Yay. Today was the Band concert so the band players ambushed the board. Fortunately there wasn’t a hw assignment.

Thursday was also fine. For one thing, there was no more concerts and I think Mr. Grouse was happy about that. When we started our daily openers, someone  noticed on the board above the writing notifying everyone about the band concert someone had written, “No One Cares.” Which brought the Band kids to be in a uproar after class ended. Isn’t that a nice beginning to a Thursday.

In LA, my teacher had given us our parts for the play. I was the Carolers, Dancers, and Families, Willow was Tiny Tim, and Aster was Fred. Yeah, I know that’s weird. But we weren’t going to start the play today, nope. We had to do ANOTHER WTWW test.  Which was really fine with me at this point. During Lunch, Aria managed an apology about her putting me in a position I didn’t want to be in. I accepted her apology but then no one DARED to bring up the events of yesterday or anyone’s love life today. We just didn’t.

During Spanish we didn’t even do anything, he even said the Homework didn’t count for a grade, none of the one we did this week did. I was so MAD. I spent my valuable time and it was FOR NOTHING! In Orchestra, Mrs. Anima finally told us about Violapalooza 2015! I’ll explain Violapalooza in another post as well with LGPE.

In Science, we are the only class that will Have to take our test on Monday because we still had to present today and tomorrow when the other classes already finished presenting today. And she looked at us like it was OUR fault. She’s the one who constantly dragged our presentations out. What’s even worse is that Monday is the only day next week before the Finals started. (Which is partially why I’ve been inactive.)

In Math, she finished grading our test  rather quickly. I got a 93 so I did pretty well. In other news, WE’RE HAVING A HOLIDAY PARTY THIS YEAR!! We didn’t have one last year because of our  old principal. So a lot of us are excited. My bus was late as usual, but so Arco’s and you it’s rare his bus is late. It’s usually the first one there. But because our buses were late together, Arco thought it was the PERFECT time to pester me in the middle of reading. Miraculously, I didn’t mind as much because what he was saying to me was somewhat relevant. And then he says his new bus driver is Santa Claus…. Yep.

Friday was between great and okay and horrible.

In Social Studies, we got two study guides, one for extra credit and one for a grade, but I’m doing both any ways. I don’t NEED the extra credit but it’s still nice to do. During Advisement, we watched this video about a girl who tore something in her leg while playing baseball(I think?) and then the opposing team carried her around to make her home run complete. We were asked at the end of video, if we would do something like that and why.

About 3/4ths of my class said yes and the others said no but for viable reasons. So today was the beginning of the ‘A Christmas Carol’ play. I flipped through the pages back and forth but I didn’t see my parts. I thought it was a mistake (and a pretty lucky one) so I kept my mouth shut. We only got through the Scene 1 which was good enough for me. At lunch, I guess the silence was done and it was back to normal. In Spanish, WE FINALLY GOT TO WATCH THE MOVIE!! It was an english/spanish movie called The Perfect Game. We saw only part of it though and it’s basically about playing baseball. The thing was, there were all these child actors from Disney/Nick in it! Like Jake T. Austin (Max from Wizards Of Waverly Place), Moises Arias (Rico from Hannah Montana), and the guy who plays Chuck in iCarly. People were having flooding memories, and it was so funny though.

In Orchestra, we got our forms for Violapalooza.

In Science, we got a study guide due on Wednesday and in Math, we also got a study guide for a grade. So 4 study guides to do.

Late at night, Aria, Arpeggio, and Aster were texting me as if they were hype and drunk (Don’t ask). And they were talking about pretty weird stuff while I was TRYING to do some trigonometry practice for my ACT the next day. I mean REALLY weird. Like I marrying Arco and a drunk Arpeggio frenching me and being caught by the police for raving and partying too hard, and kidnapping ponies type weird. Which doesn’t exist which tells you how weird it was. They are pretty crazy.

Saturday was kind of frightening. I was going to take the ACT, a high school exam, at my age at my mom’s college. Pretty intimidating for me.Even worse, I was the only middle schooler in my testing room. The registar looked at me like,”Is she some type of prodigy?” Then, all the high school/ college students were gawking at me which made me feel a bit out of place, but I believe I did well. I answered all the questions to the best of my ability. But I’m still nervous. Daisy was also there but in another testing room with more middle schoolers. I think she got lucky. Hopefully all my studying paid off.

Well that was it for that week, girlies! Float in the CyberSpace!





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