About Me

So I noticed that most of the other bloggers (if not all) don’t really know who I am. Well, Ariya does. But I was on DD since well really late 2012 or early 2013. I stopped going there after The remodel and comment rules. I was among the first people to start a blog on WordPress from DD. I think Ariya was another one and also Juliet. (I actually don’t know where she went. She just disappeared Last year.) We started to make blogs after the comments went under moderation the first time because of hackers. Also, combat the moderation we used to go to a site called Zippy Chat but then it came a video chat so we started using Chatzy. I used to be on my blog ALL THE TIME, it looked as if I had nothing else to do but blog my life away. Then middle school started to take over. I seemed like I was drowning in commitments and homework. So I stopped blogging as much and there were some periods where I just didn’t blog at all. I had to take advantage of the breaks I had to make up for lost time. So now I’ve seen people come and go, and I don’t know how, but it doesn’t feel the same as it first started. But that’s probably a good thing! I think WordPress is the best refuge for all of us escaping DD.

Now, about me, Other than the historical section above. I am 13 years old in the 7th grade. My birthday is November 17 (aka World Peace Day and the day Lyndon B. Johnson got married [American President]). I live in the U.S.A. in the state of Georgia. My favorite color is PERIWINKLE (this is pretty close). I am a avid reader, dreamer, and writer. Not to forget violist! I like A LOT OF BOOKS. I will read them EVERYWHERE. I haven’t met a book I don’t like (even textbooks) because I have so many tastes in genres. I tend to write short stories a lot but then not know what to do next (ie: The Secrets Hidden Beyond Annabeth Hale). My writing is what swayed me to join Newspaper Club. I think one day I would like to be an author one day as well as a doctor and a scientist and a violist. SO MANY GOOD OCCUPATIONS!!

I tend to use big words sometimes and memorize a lot of facts which got me  the nicknames: Wikipedia, The Walking Dictionary, Walking Encyclopedia,…etc. My favorite subjects in school, I can’t choose. I am a self-proclaimed dork! I tend to do weird stuff and be very weird and outdated. I have stage fright, a fear of snakes (sometimes), spiders, blood (meh sometimes) and death (sometimes). I wear glasses and I am going to get braces soon. I like to daydream and draw them sometimes. It kind of takes you away, you know? I also like going to my happy place. It’s very intricate and planned out. One weird thing is that I tend to doubt love. (If you strongly believe in love, I suggest you don’t read this portion)

If you didn’t already know, love is controlled by your brain not the heart. It’s affected by the 5 senses and chemical substances that cloud the brain into a illusion to force feel certain things. So basically, my thought was this: If love is basically caused by chemical substances, then it is it truly real and natural, or something that could easily be man-made and chemical based? Anyways, I like to also play Tennis and Badminton(even though they are kind of the same). I would like to do something with my life and have good motivation and try to always be happy. I think I got the try to be happy from Lily though. I appreciate my friends and my family( YES THAT INCLUDES MY ONLINE ONE ❤ ). I have a father, mother, and three other siblings (one brother and two sisters).  I think 2015 will be a somewhat good year.

So that’s me!

I like to meet new people and maybe we all can get along and be friends! Float in the CyberSpace!


10 thoughts on “About Me

  1. ❤ I'm Amy and I came to Dork Diaries last year. I was pretty new, and I didn't know what to expect. A girl named Jes and Taeko became my friends. Then I met everyone else. We got along just fine. Then, I stayed there and everyone was my friend. ❤ I think we can be Bff's!

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