LGPE & Violapalooza

So I said I would explain LGPE & Violapalooza further… so here you go girlies.

LGPE stands for Large Group Performance Evaluation. LGPE was established by my state of Georgia and I don’t think it’s anywhere else. The other music groups at my school have already in the 6th grade but not the Orchestra. The 7th and 8th grade orchestra got to go though, so now it’s OUR turn. To Be Honest, I’m quite excited. How it works is we go and perform for a panel of THREE professional judges for whatever music group are, in this case: Orchestra.

The judges are watchful and they watch for tone quality, intonation, style and interpretation, etc. . They make sure judges aren’t from around my county so there is no favoritism affecting the score or sometimes they have to choose from my county. There are rating levels: Superior (the highest), Excellent, Good, Fair, and Poor. The songs we have to play are within a list of the GMEA (Georgia Music Education Association) approved songs and we had to choose three. We are playing: Moonlight Tango, Little Symphony, and Dramatic Essay. They are down below! Tell me which one you like the most! (P.S. on Little Symphony around 1:33, we started making fun lyrics about places to get food like Panda Express and Chipotle! :’D ) The violas sound moderate like they aren’t high but they aren’t low either, they are in the middle, I guess. The Cellos sound a bit lower than Violas, then Basses are really low and Violins are really high.





Violapalooza is a celebration made JUST for violas! Why do Violas need their own celebration? What about Cellopalooza? Violas get their own celebration because we are referred to as “The Lost Instrument”. And there’s no such thing as Cellopalooza. We aren’t as famous or acknowledged as the other Orchestra Instruments so they made VIOLAPALOOZA!! It’s a whole lot of fun; There will be professional performances, a lot of music games, prizes, raffles, and a workshop to help us play better! I didn’t go last year but Aria says it’s awesome and I get to go this year! Another plus to this is that I FINALLY get to meet this sketchy character named Ridge. He’s some high schooler that Aria is ALWAYS hanging out with. Within our group, Lily and I are the only ones who have no clue as to who he is. But the whole friendship seems sketchy so I’m skeptical of this Ridge character. But Nevermind THAT.

So I hope you understand better what LGPE and Violapalooza is.

Float in the CyberSpace, girlies!



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