10 Basic Things About Me Tag


Hiya Girlies! I’ll be on my computer basically the whole day so YAY!!

1. OPTIONAL: How old are you? I’m 13.

2. Favorite color? PERIWINKLE!!

3. Favorite Season?  It’s Spring!!

4. What month were you born in? November!

5. Do you have a pet? Nope, though I REALLY want a bunny!

6. If you had 3 words to desrcibe yourself, what would they be? Educational, Outdated, Weird! 🙂 😀

7. Do you have a crush (Yes, this includes Fictional Crushes)? Kind of not entirely(It’s fictional), It’s on this kid Jasper in this book called Finding Ruby Starling. I idolize his photography and video skills!

8. Favorite videogame (Only One)? Plants Vs Zombies 2

9. Do you have any fears? If so, list them all? Stage fright, (sometimes) Blood, Death, spiders, and snakes.

10. OPTIONAL: What state do you live in? The Peach State, Georgia!


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