2014 Review!

Okay, every girlie is doing this and I thought it was pretty cool so HERE WE GO!

PROS and CONS list of 2014

Pro: I got all A’s on my finals

Con: Some of the Social Studies questions made absolutely no sense to my teacher or anyone else

Pro: I lived this year

Con: My paternal grandfather didn’t get to see me improve this year… 

Pro: I joined Newspaper Club

Con: We barely got anything done in Newspaper Club

Pro: I continued my blog with all you awesome girlies here

Con: I haven’t been the most DEDICATED blogger this year

Pro: I traveled a lot this year

Con: My Family managed to embarrass me in 6 states

Pro: I discovered the Lunar Chronicles

Con: I might be addicted to the Lunar Chronicles

Pro: I got a lot of people I liked in my homeroom this year

Con: There’s some people who don’t like me in my homeroom

Pro: I made a long New Year’s Resolution list

Con: I probably will only get 3/4ths done

Pro: I met a good new guy friend makes me happy and laugh and changed my world a bit

Con: Basically all my friends ship me with this guy friend

Con: One of my best friends who’s dating my guy friend is oblivious to the shipping

Pro: I have awesome friends

Con: Sometimes I ponder about them being my friends

Pro: I’ve had a HECK of a ride this year

Con: I wonder if 2015 will be better… or worse…

Pro: I’m a weird, quirky single pringle

Con: Will I always be a single pringle?


Con: If I don’t get it soon, there’s an issue with my pituitary gland…

Best/Worst Things I got in 2014

Best Thing: New friends and family that love and appreciate me every step of the way… Plus a Starbucks gift card but that’s not nearly as thoughtful..

Worst Thing: Having my friends get REALLY HYPE AND UNREASONABLE on a group chat on Kik where I had the be the reasonable one (as always) while they went BONKERS. And kind of tag teamed on me.

Best/Worst Moment in 2014

Best Moment: My homeroom’s holiday PARTY!! I’ll elaborate in another post.

Worst Moment: The above ^^^

New Year’s Resolutions of 2015

  1. Be VERY optimistic
  2. Get all A’s
  3. Improve on your Viola playing
  4. Finish 400 books by the end of the year
  5. Make the most of the school year
  6. Hang out more with friend during summer
  7. Shift some things around in my room
  8. Expand my bookshelf
  9. Finish writing a book
  10. Make more friends
  11. Have a great half of the last year of middle school in 8th grade
  12. Blow the Milestone out of the water
  13. Continue good behavior at school and home
  14. Try to be the tiniest bit less weird
  15. Be grateful of your friends
  16. Experiment more during the summer
  17. Ponder on life
  19. Cope with Spanish
  20. Volunteer more at the library
  21. Join a sports team
  22. Get over some of your fears
  23. Work on Computer Programming more
  24. Type more stuff
  25. Forgive and Forget
  26. Never start resenting yourself
  27. Spread happiness
  28. Embrace your WEIRDNESS
  29. Try something new
  30. Keep more journals on anything
  31. Build new things
  32. “Invent” something
  33. Be more committed to promises
  34. Get something on my bucket list done
  35. Live this year
  36. Rid yourself of negative energy
  37. Lower the enemy and frenemy list
  38. Write more stories and poems
  39. Blog more actively
  40. Manage my stress
  41. Save more money
  42. Improve on Photography
  43. Indulge in my happy place
  44. Continue constructing my happy place
  45. Travel to another state
  46. Go to a group celebration
  47. Raise more money
  48. Refuse makeup
  49. Get a pie for National Pie Day, probably be nicer to National Pie Day
  50. FINISH THESE RESOLUTIONS BY 2016! (or at least most… so I can carry it into next year)




20 thoughts on “2014 Review!

  1. “I’m a goofy goober, YEAH! You’re a goofy goober, Yeah! WE’RE ALL GOOFY GOOBER’S YEAH! GOOFY, GOOFY, GOOFY, GOOBERS!” 

      1. Yeah I’m more of a arts, reading, and well, that stuff, I’m not really for math. Although I love science too.

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