Random Tag

Well, I saw this at Lish’s blog so I’m going to try this.

1) Skipped class? Nope, I love school.

2) Done Drugs? Does medical count? If not, no.

3) Self Harmed? No, I actually think it’s horrible for that to happen.

4) Drank? It’s illegal for me to drink, I’m 13.

5) Shoplifted? I never plan on it.

6) Got a tattoo? Nah, I also never plan on it.

7) Broken up with someone?nNo, I’ve never had a relationship.


8) Show? Pretty Little Liars.

9) Movie? Lucy.

10) Song? Middle Of Starting Over by Sabrina Carpenter (For the plot of the new year!)

11) Tumblr blog? I’m thinking of getting one but I don’t think I will.

12) Singer/Band? The Beatles, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Whitney Houston, Demi Lovato, Avril Lavigne, Echosmith, The Rolling Stones, Sabrina Carpenter, and Queen

13) Memory? The first Orchestra concert I performed in! (Although there IS another one but I’ll put it in a separate blog post.

14) Book? The Lunar Chronicles <3!


15) Invisibility or Ability to fly?  I would like to fly. I wouldn’t have to sit in traffic anymore or sit in the stuffy Van during road trips!

16) Cookies or Cake? I COULD get Cookie Cake. So CAKE!

17) Twitter or Facebook? I don’t have any of those.

18) Movies or Books? Books are LIFE.

19) Coke or Sprite? Can’t decide! Both!

20) Blind or Deaf? Deaf you don’t have to hear crap people say to you, and there’s so much peace and QUIET.

21) Tea or Coffee? Tea, especially Peach flavored.


22) Age? I’m 13!

23) Sign? I’m a Scorpio!

24) Height? 5’5 and 3/4!

25) Sexuality? I’m straight… Or did you mean gender wise? Then I’m a girl.

26) Shoe size? 11 in womens.

27) Religion? Christianity but let’s PLEASE not fight about religion here.

28) Longest Relationship? I haven’t been IN one so….


29) Gay Rights? Everyone deserves happiness that’s for sure so… I guess I approve of it in some aspects but then aren’t sure again… Let’s pretend like I never answered this.

30) Second Chances? Yeah, it’s perfectly human to make mistakes and to forgive.

31) Long Distance relationships? Haven’t had a relationship!

32) Abortion? NEVER., you are eradicating the ability for a baby to live life by doing that.

33) The Death Penalty? No, EVERYONE HAS A RIGHT TO LIFE! The government shouldn’t be the ones to judge when someone should die.

34) Drugs? No, they are harmful to us and can kill easily.

35) Love? Not entirely…. The scientific concept of the five senses, chemical reactions, and the brain putting you under an illusion… it just made it some sort of lying illusion the brain created to me.


36) Believe in Ghosts? Yes and No.

37) Shower facing the shower head or turned away from it? I face the shower head.

38) Sleep with the door open or closed? I sleep with it open.

39) Love someone? Nope. 

40) Still watch cartoons? Yes!

41) Have a boyfriend/girlfriend? No.

42) Like yourself? Yes!


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