Parties, Quotes, & A Finals Takeover??!!

Week of 12/15

Monday was the first free day until finals began, so people kind of took advantage of it. But of course, I had a SS study guide to turn in. In fact,the whole period all we did was go over the study guide because the test was tomorrow. Not the final, the test that goes with the study guide.


But lately in SS there has been some tension. I sit in the middle of Willow and Bight and let’s just say they are NOT in the friendly zone right now.. Willow is a reasonable person and all Bight does is make deplorable, bad jokes that disturbs the class. I’ll leave you to figure it out. Recently they have been arguing over, well, ME.

Bight thinks that Willow is “convincing me to despise him” while Willow is insisting that she isn’t. Willow has been making more comments towards his behavior and even if I do or don’t agree with the statement, Bight ALWAYS rubs it the wrong way. It’s like monkey in the middle, but you can NEVER win!

Today was the last day of P.E. for Ram Time for me since the semester was over and there would be no more Ram Time for the rest of the week due to finals. Thank YOU, finals! The only downside is that if Lily, Daffodil and I get different Ram Time classes next semester, we will rarely talk anymore! Dang it. All we did was for the class was play basketball.

So in LA, we continued with our play with everyone ignorant to the fact that I had no part. Not that I’m complaining… I just can’t do it.

During Lunch, Willow, Aria, and Aster were all mad at one person, Coast.

To make a very long story shorter, over the weekend Coast asked Aria out.

Willow actually likes Coast.

Coast already knew that Aria and Willow are REALLY close.

Aria asked him about Willow’s feelings and he said her romantic feelings didn’t matter since he already friend-zoned her, so Aria tells Aster and Willow.

Willow got upset and Aria and Aster got really mad.

Aster and Aria fight with Coast over his insensitivity.

Aster and Aria want to hurt Coast.

Willow’s feelings are hurt by Coast.

I really didn’t see the point that Aster and Aria have to hurt Coast but whatever.

In Spanish, we got another a packet of work to do. 24 PAGES THIS TIME. I might love school and studying…. but WHO DOES THAT? The upside, 1/8 of it is audio work for Tuesday. Downside, the audio headphones makes blood rush to your ears when you remove them and 1/8 is only 3 pages.  -_-

Good thing though, for Orchestra the music store gave me a temporary replacement while they were STILL fixing my instrument. It was my size and better than the tiny ones. 🙂

I was kind of mad in Science. For one thing, my teacher changed the Science Study guide date from Wednesday TO TOMORROW. That thing was 7 pages but I could get it done. The rest of class, however, was complaining and groaning. Anyways, that wasn’t the main reason I was mad. I was really mad because of something that happened behind my back.

So in Advanced Orchestra, while I was in P.E. having no idea this was happening, (If you can remember the last blog post about how things went down on that group chat) Arpeggio told Arco that, (as a joke I didn’t find NOT least bit funny), that he, well, raped me. Now I am still innocent by about 56% due to good avoiding but even I am not ignorant of that.

So the next thing to happen is that Arco HAD to tell Cadenza who just HAD to bluntly tell me this in Orchestra. But since I didn’t know who was behind this and Cadenza did say, “Arco said…” I was under the assumption that Arco had done it, even though I should have known  this was up Arpeggio’s alley. So an angry volcano of words later, I was told the WHOLE story.

I was relieved for about 12.68 seconds before I was furious again. And I wasn’t about to tell those two WHY he had said that. In Math we continued to look at the study guide and review for the Final. And then I met homeroom with yet ANOTHER ARGUMENT BETWEEN Bight AND Willow.  At this point, I didn’t feel like dealing with that drama so I simply ignored it. After I got home, however, I was angrily texting Arpeggio about what he said, he said it was a joke at that point but I was still mad though.

Tuesday was the first day of Finals.

It was the LA final so I didn’t have it until 2nd period. So I took the test in SS and I really studied so I feel like I did a great job.

For the LA, I feel like ACED the final. Why? Because it was easy and EXACTLY LIKE THE INTERIM. That’s right. The same passages, questions, EVERYTHING. And I got a 98 on the interim so I’m positive I did good, if not better. Bad reasoning, but it’s ethical! After the final, we got a “A Christmas Carol ” word search with two questions based on the word search to follow. It was easy considering I do word searches almost all the time and The questions were common knowledge from the book. We were required to do it but it wasn’t for a grade.

In Spanish, the audio lab was worse than usual, the Spanish speakers were speaking WAY faster than we could write the words on the papers. Then he wanted us to do even more packets. Uh huh.

In Orchestra, I realized I forgot my Violapalooza money. And then I was SO wrapped up in Orchestra I didn’t remember again until it was too late.

And too late was Science class. This is how it went: In the beginning of class we were watching a video about a dangerous mountain climb without a harness. Arco was telling me how he had been in that mountain before with his dad. My brain began to race.

Arco plays the cello, which is in Orchestra, you play viola, VIOLAPALOOZA!

And it also did this: Arco’s dad was looking for him after the orchestra concert, he was talking to Cambiare after the concert, She plays viola, you play viola, VIOLAPALOOZA!

And this: Arco, you helped Arco this morning with the science work, Orchestra comes before science, VIOLAPALOOZA!

It was like a bucket of ice water being poured on me! After the mental freakout(and the end of the video), we were beginning to go over the study guide when Arco getting checked out. Now I might be a nice person but when he left, Cadenza and I began to put our stuff in his chair especially Sacky (my gym bag). But 6 mins, later he came back and things were looking pretty awkward. We nervously laughed as we removed our stuff and pretended like it didn’t happen. Cue more unsteady nervous laughs. The thing was about half of the study guide had things we never covered. Speaking of the study guide, it caused me some trouble.

You see on another group chat with Bight, Hyssop, Hyacinth, Cadenza and Coda, we were helping each other with various homeworks. Or more like I was doing a lot of it but we were all helping each so much we decided to  call ourselves….. THE HOMEWORK HOTLINE!!!

My name is Jef, Hyacinth is Jaf, Hyssop is Jif, Cadenza is Jyf, Coda is Juf and Bight is Jof. Pretty weird but it works!

So Monday night, there was a problem I couldn’t help Bight on NO MATTER WHAT because we did that part as a grade already so he rubbed it the wrong way (AS ALWAYS) and started saying stuff like “She hates me.”

“Willow turned her against me.” and ya, di, ya, di, DA. I was so done.

So after Science, we referred to people by their names.

 “We need to give you a name.”, Cadenza began.

Hyacinth retorted,”But we have no more vowels.” she paused, “You know what, Arco? You’ll be Jef with two f’s!”

“Isn’t that the way it’s SUPPOSED to be spelled?”

“Yes!”, we all said in unison before leaving a very confused person.

In Math, we were still continuing with the study guide. During the variation of that, Aria was licking another candy cane. I’m actually concerned for Aria’s candy cane obsession. Every year, this time of year , Aria goes and buys 55 boxes or more of candy canes and eats about two or more every DAY. She’s been eating three a day lately so I’m concerned.

In homeroom, Willow was still dwelling on the Coast situation and it doesn’t he’s in our homeroom. And basically all the other classes. I myself have been told I give good advice though I don’t believe it, so I tried my hand at it. I told her to take deep breaths and calm down. Then to listen to Clean by Taylor Swift on repeat until you feel better. Shockingly, even THAT worked. Maybe I am good….

Wednesday had to be a bad finals day.

They put Math and Science on the same DAY with the other connection finals! I had a Spanish, Science and Math final today; there wasn’t a final in Orchestra because the concert was our final grade. That was basically back, Orchestra, to back to back!

In Social Studies we did this review jeopardy game. It was fun at first until people began complaining about their seats in class. Then Mr. Grouse said it was because we can’t be silent when we sit with our friends and people we like and that we can’t never be quiet even when we sit with the people we don’t like. Ironically, Everyone began being mean to one another after that. There was insults left and right and there had to be some order. Unfortunately, that order never came.

 Mr. Grouse shook his head and pretended as if there was nothing wrong. Then Bight was SO loud screaming answers to the point the people at my group screamed back to shut him up and then Finch started saying the wrong answers out loud to trip people up and as much as I thought it was wrong, it was hilarious.

There’s was a question where the answer was Persian Gulf War and Finch said,” Don’t worry, IT’S THE WAR OF 1812!”

Lol. During LA, we just continued to do the play and then my teacher asked, once again, when Charles Dickens was born.

It was 1812 so Finch says,”See, I knew it was the war of 1812! Lol. 

During Lunch, I began tired of hearing about Coast.

So I spoke up, a shock to them. “I don’t think meant to obliterate Willow’s feelings. Now, you guys are pouncing on him when I’m sure he doesn’t know he’s done anything wrong. Sometimes, Coast’s ignorant. We ALL  get ignorant at one point. Coast isn’t like that towards me; he’s actually friendly towards me and others so let’s simmer down some. What I don’t understand is why the three of you are getting so worked over.”

Then I disappeared back into my book. Everyone was glancing around as if to thinking and then changed the subject. Unfortunately, I was a part of it. They began to tell me “Girl Code”. Some of the rules were common sense, the others I’m skeptical about.

The Spanish Final was SOOOOO easy I couldn’t even believe it! I guess there was a deeper meaning the, I kid you not, ton of homework! But it was a lot of common  Spanish knowledge though.

As Aria and I were making the transition to Orchestra, a lot of Spanish 7B wanted to know if it was easy so we said in unison,” It’s SO easy.” I have become used to Spanish 7B people asking about the class before them. In Orchestra, I gave the Violapalooza to Mrs. Anima and I was lucky she accepted it too because it was due Monday. She began to give us holiday sheet music today as well. Today we got Up on the housetop, Good King Wencesclas, We Wish You A Merry Christmas, and Jolly Old St. Nick. They were quite easy and the contrary was occurring.  I didn’t say anything though I just kept playing.

I was bit weird in Science. Before the final, I turned around and said this, “Well, we haven’t been the best students/lab partners but we’ve had fun this semester and we have helped each other through things. I just wish you good luck on the final.” I extended my arm towards Arco.

“Well, you are pretty quirky today. But thank you.” And we shook hands.

I could’ve sworn my hand wanted to linger but I pulled them back and erased that from my mind as I began The Science final which Once again was almost EXACTLY LIKE THE INTERIM! And so was the math. IT WAS SO EASY. The math was kind of messed up, you see, we weren’t allowed to write on the math today for safety reasons and they didn’t have our bubble sheets ready and we weren’t allowed to do anything to record answers so basically we could do nothing but look at the problems. They didn’t come with bubble sheets until 15 minutes to the end of class and there was 52 questions. I’ll let you figure that out too.

So basically, nothing was done. Yay. The situation in homeroom was getting ridiculous so I just sat. And read. Throughout the chaos the class was in. I was in my little bubble until someone popped it.

“So I guess I’ll be over here since you’re the only other sane, non fighting and screaming one.”, Arco started.

“Hello to you too.”, I continued to read Scarlet, a book in the Lunar Chronicles Series’.

“So what are you reading?”

“You care about reading?” I smiled a quiet smile,”Did the beginning of the year ring any bells?”

He with mock shock gasped dramatically,”I’ll have you know I read. I only got the books because you were reading as if your life depended on it.”

I was about to start with fact being the quirky person I am,”Well, people far ago would have depended on it if,”

“Yeah, if they wanted to continue as a species and advance, I know.” You know those wait, what just happened moments?

It escalated towards that. “Well, if you must know I’m reading a book in the Lunar Chronicles series, Scarlet.” I showed the cover with a beam bright enough to outshine a light bulb.

“Didn’t read that before?”

“No, that was Cinder. But it’s funny you tried to care.”

A couple of book conversations later, “Hey, lovebirds, me and her have got to go home by getting on the bus!”, Brio said.

“Um, bye.” I waved my book while Brio was talking about,”And you say you hate each other…” and other stuff.

Thursday was pretty awesome especially in Math.

But before that, there was the SS final. I’m going to be honest this one wasn’t even half like the interim and some questions were bit confusing but if you really focused you could get a logical answer out of it. So that’s how I navigated through most of the test.

In LA, she gave us a reminder of the Quote Exchange on Friday before we finished the play. With the finals taking over my life, I had forgotten about the quote exchange. It’s basically a Gift exchange but with quotes. Yep. BUT I LOVE QUOTES so it didn’t affect me. The rest of the class, however, were complaining. As usual. Something new, however, was Aria’s fashion choice. I am not judgy but she usually wears a hoodie, jeans, sneakers and she’s done. I wanted to know what caused the girly u-turn but I wouldn’t approach it that way.

But since Aster isn’t me, she said: “What are you wearing and why are you wearing it?”

“Well, Willow dared me to dress girly like her for a change for the next two days. It isn’t that bad but since I no longer GET TO WEAR A HOODIE, I have to carry everything in this purse.”

She said purse as if it brought nightmares. Knowing her, it might have.

In Spanish, we didn’t really do anything. Which was PECULIAR, indeed. Everyone was prepared with heavy work artillery: 5 pencils, highlighters, pens, sharpies, books… School related we had them. But when he said there was no lesson plans no one did anything but glance around for 7 minutes.

Finally, one dude spoke up, stood on the table and cleared his throat,”Excuse Me. But…. WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT DID YOU DO TO OUR ALL YEAR SPANISH TEACHER?!”

“Yeah!” more people screamed in unison. “I’m right here and you guys can do whatever.”

“Stop.” a girl said,”Are you being SERIOUS? WE can do WHATEVER WE WANT?”

My Spanish teacher shrugged as the class went full bonkers. I just sat and read as usual.

In Orchestra, Ms. Anima let us play this game called Kahoot at but basically it like a quiz game and whenever we play it for the class everyone gets SUPER competitive, I’m SO not even joking. They will scream and yell and fight and the teachers pretend as if it was normal. I have to say, teachers are getting better at ignoring EVERY year.

In Science, we watched one last body system presentation: The Lymphatic system. Then we got our Cell models back while watching a video about body organs. Mine was very intricate while Cale’s looked as if he could care less.

I was nitpicking at some cement dust, when he said,”Wow, you blowing of cement dust when everything in the model is suspended in cement dust?”

“I only want to keep the dust from getting else where.” He looked from his model to me and then back at his model then had a mischievous smile on his face. Before my brain could fully comprehend what was doing to do, he already did it. He blew cement dust all over me.

“Okay.”, I smiled back and blew like the Big, bad, wolf.  

“So that’s how it is?” We were blowing back and forth until we were both covered in cement dust from hair to toes.

“You look like Frosty the Gray snowman.”, I chortled

“Well, you look like a girl version of me then.” he retorted as we both laughed  and shook off the dust.

In math, Mrs, Crow was my favorite teacher. She let get us 4 candy canes after we finished the finals and do whatever like in Spanish. This time I read books on my phone because I already finished Scarlet at that point. But it was SO much fun. In homeroom, however, Arco blew some dust on my phone so I blew some on his jacket which he took off and shook off on me. “You silly goose!”, I said as I removed my jacket and shook off on him. “I’m not a silly goose, I’m silly vegetable!” He stated with mock pride! 

Friday had to be the BEST day of my life.

No lie.

But this morning I forgot the quotes AGAIN plus I wanted to get an inexpensive gift to the people who made my 2014 good, if not BETTER. So I got them all meaningful sweet quotes. Inexpensive and convenient! But also a bit cheap…

So in Homeroom, my teacher announced that all classes except for connections was only 40 minutes each! So today in SS we were to create a superhero that solves a problem in Africa. The most funny thing almost everyone chose to do Ebola! I was ashamed and amused at my classmates ignorance towards other issues in Africa.There was only a select few who did genuine problems like desertification (me).

Lol. I gave Balsam, Cadenza, Arco, Brio, Willow, Bight, and Coda some quotes in Homeroom. They were all like: That’s so thoughtful, You’re so quietly nice, Cool, You’re the best, Thanks I appreciate it, Thank, Thank, THANK YOU!

Even Arco said, “Aww… You’re so sweet!”

It was weird because we were like do we hug, high five, shake hands what? So we agreed on the high five. With those compliments, I spent the rest of my day with a spring in my step!  For my quote at the quote exchange, I chose a Dr. Seuss quote: “Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” The thing is she also made everyone explain what their quotes meant and I didn’t really want anyone to know that was my quote, I wanted to be anonymous.

But Willow started nudging at me until my LA teacher got the hint and called on me. I don’t talk much in LA alone so EVERYONE stared at me waiting for an answer. I stuttered some while looking at my shoes and then waited until everyone stopped looking at me. Which they did. Eventually. Before Science a creepy door in the hallway slammed close REALLY loud. It was out of nowhere so it gave me and a bunch of other people a jolt.

In Science, we watched another irrelevant video about the highest skydives in human race while announcing who was going on the Rock Eagle. We also had to go lunch with her class instead of in 2nd period. But I guess that was cool because I had Willow, Arco, and Cadenza with me. So we all ate at the lunch table with the use: Arco making jokes, Willow discussing the latest occurrences in her life, Cadenza talking about everything that happens this week about or not about her, and me reading. The world felt a bit balanced. Almost. (I know that sounded as if I’m foreshadowing an event but I’m not.)

In Math, Mrs. Crow gave us something that wouldn’t seem like something she would usually do. We had a relay math race. And each group of math problems completed, we got to draw a part of a snowman! Our group did an OLAF!

In Spanish, we watched the Perfect Game even more which is pretty funny I must say.

In Orchestra, we got and played two more pieces: Jingle Bell Rock and Carol Of The Bells. I did pretty well in Carol Of the Bells but all the sharps in Jingle Bell Rock got me down. FINALLY IT WAS TIME FOR THE PARTY! Usually I’m NOT a party person, but since this was a new privilege, I wanted to have some fun. Which I did. After the class SHUT UP. I’m not kidding they were so loud, they could cause 12 major avalanches on Mt. Everest. First we had to watch A Christmas Carol the movie. Then the actual party began. There was Sprite, Cake, PLENTY COOKIES, chips, salsa, Coke, Fanta….etc. My job for the party was to bring cups…. And I brought a bunch too much of them.

So Arco and Brio were speed stacking and a bunch of girls were doing the cup song. I had a lot of fun doing both! We were all getting slightly hyper, messing around, playing around, using our devices, demolishing everyone at Trivia Crack(okay that was just me), but I had so much fun I can’t even put it into words that sense because it was awesome. Lol, pretend I never said that.

Did you girlies have a great last week before winter break? Or if you still had to go to school, did you ENJOY it? Hope so. Float in the Cyber space!


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