I’m Back To School!

As the title states girlies, I went back to school today instead yesterday! I don’t know why the state, city, county, whoever decided this but I’m not exactly complaining!

And of course, New year, new seats make total sense, right? Well, except for Science and Math  but whatever. So in Social Studies, we now sit in four desk squares better yet I STILL have to sit next to Bight! At least I also sit with Pansy and Hyacinth though. So immediately after the Pledge Of Allegiance, my teacher tells us about a random, unannounced GEOGRAPHY BEE. It’s basically a spelling bee but with geography, yeah.

But I won with getting one wrong! Everyone else got 15 or less. I’m the only girl on my team won. Yay.

Today I didn’t have RAM time because there was no roster for the non all year classes and they weren’t letting back in the library yet so all the non all year RAM kids had to  go back to their homerooms.

In my homeroom, we had to read a 77 page book about two siblings who go out to Johannesburg to get their mother because another baby sister is dying. I finished it in 12 mins.

Everyone was like,” SHE FINISHED THAT QUICKLY?!” The chapters were short though.

Then we had to  do a sheet regardless if you didn’t or did finish.

In LA, we had a pretest and the seats order was wacky. they were four island desks then a row then one island, two desks together, one island, two desks together and then ANOTHER row. It took eternity and a half for everyone to finally find their seats because the way it’s showed on the screen is flip-flopped and backwards from how we will sit in the class and…. she forgot 4 students. The pretest was fairly easy.

In Spanish, the unexpected happened. The school transferred Arpeggio into MY Spanish class! WHY???? At least he doesn’t sit next to me where he could aggravate me. Our Spanish teacher mentioned the A and B clases going to Frontera on one Friday. Well, there’s a few flaws with his plan: 1, there’s no reservation, 2, if we are not there we get a zero, 3, he thinks we would get sick, he wants us to bring 20 bucks then use 1 dollar or more from that to get a tip and if there’s at least 40 or more of all of us together, that’s more than 40 bucks in tip! And he expects it not to be a full house, and he NEVER goes through with anything he says.

Which is why no one is really excited for this.

Also, the point of this is know how to order things in a restaurant in Spanish, which I guess is sort of relevant.

In Orchestra, we were to practice for our Moonlight Tango playing test. Also, my instrument was done being fixed yesterday and we have no EQ’s for this quarter. That’s good.

In science, she began to show us the dissection video where most of us were ready to vomit. It was THAT disgusting. I was nervous so I kept doodling flowers in my science journal to keep my mind off it. Arco asked me how I of all people was reacting to anything so I singsonged,”All you do is focus on a topic to basically day dream while you are still half awake listening, seeing and hearing as of your undivided attention was there.”

Which doesn’t make much sense if you try to explain but it worked.

For the meanwhile, anyway.

But the thing that made me mad is that the teacher asked who would be squeamish which included Arco and Coast. So you know the next thing to happen is that after class people say what chickens they are. -_-  -_-  – _-

The math pretest like the LA pretest was fairly easy. Then she gave us two pieces of candy for absolutely no reason that she can’t tell us until tomorrow. Then people kept talking about how they were chickens are and that point I was annoyed.

Bight was about to let it come from his mouth one more time but I whispered, “Stop talking.”


“Stop Talking.”


“Stop talking about it! You have to make fun of them just because they are a little nervous? Why are you picking on fear? Everyone has one fear whether they want to share or not. Now have some reason and just stop.” That was the most I had said today believe or not.

Pansy and Hyacinth both looked at me like “Whoa!” Then I noticed Arco looking at me, nodding his head and mouthing Thanks. “You’re welcome,” I shrugged.

So that was my back from school, girlies.

Hope you have a great or near great at school and Float in the CyberSpace!


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