Music Tag!

Hey, girlies! Since I finished by Moonlight Tango viola playing test today, I thought this would be fitting. It’s a Music Tag!


1. Why do you like music? I like music because it can help with so many emotions like if you are depressed you can hear a Happy song (Lol just realized…) and be a bit more bright (or annoyed because that song is overplayed.). I guess you could say it messes with heart strings (you’ve got to stop making puns!) but doesn’t sound beautiful as well?

2. Name a song that inspires you the most? Middle Of Starting Over by Sabrina Carpenter because it kind of giving a message of even if you have something going and it collapses, you’ve got to get up and move on and/or fix it. (I guess that’s also the same thing as White Flag also by her but it’s more ike refusing to surrender)

3. Name a song that makes you feel beautiful? Young & Beautiful by Lana Del Rey, because it’s about someone staying in a relationship with someone even when they are no longer young and beautiful which just makes me feel beautiful inside!

4. Favorite song of all time? Yesterday by The Beatles. It has such a nice sound and chords and lyrics aren’t bad either. I just love The Beatles.

5. Which song is your guilty pleasure? Um… well, One Thing by 1D. I waslistening to good cover without knowing it was that song so I looked it up on YouTube a8nd I was shocked it was One Direction! Although, 1D fans I don’t really any other songs.

6. Name a song that always makes you cry? The Heart Wants What It Wants by Selena Gomez, ESPECIALLY the narration. It just a really sad song that makes me cry at times.

7. Name a song that you dislike/hate? Crazy Frog because it’s so catchy it gets annoying.

8. Think of your child. What song springs to mind? I don’t have a child, but i do sing to my cats if that counts =]

9. Favorite era & genre of music? Early 2000’s and favorite genre I believe is Pop rock.

10. Favorite song RIGHT now? Hold On For Dear Love by Bridgit Mendler

11. If a song was to describe you, what song would that be? I actually have NO IDEA. But I’m thinking Safe & Sound because I’m fine in my quiet, smart bubble where I am certainly Safe and Sound.

12. Favorite Musician/Band for the moment?
Lana Del Rey

13. Favorite Musician or Band you always go back to?                                                                                                                Taylor Swift

14. Favorite Songs Of All Time?
This is an EXTEREMELY long list so I’ll give my Top Ten: 10. Rumor Has It by Adele,  9. Middle Of Starting Over by Sabrina Carpenter, 8. Clean by Taylor Swift, 7. Smile by Avril Lavigne, 6. Everything You Have by Cimorelli, 5. Cool Kids by Echosmith,, 4. City Lights by Bridgit Mendler, 3. Yesterday by The Beatles , 2. .Ain’t It Fun by Paramore, 1.Young & Beautiful by Lana Del Rey (This is based off my most played list on iTunes and many other factors)

15. Most embarrassing song you have?                                                                                                                                           *sighs* Friday by Rebecca Black, It’s a great deflector of people when I feel extra anti-social.

16.Top 3 songs played in your iTunes/Music Library –                                                                                                                Smile by Avril Lavigne, Young & Beautiful by Lana Del Rey, and Wildest Dreams by Taylor Swift                                   17. Favorite CD/album –                                                                                                                                                                 Hello My Name Is… by Bridgit Mendler                                                                                                                                          

18. Favorite album art –                                                                                                                                                                     Red by Taylor Swift

19. Favorite musical/movie soundtrack/music based movie – 
The Hunger Games because of Safe & Sound! *throats clearing* And the other good songs!                                               20. First concert you ever attended –
My Fall 6th grade Orchestra concert 
21. Best concert you ever attended – 
I just remembered I had gone on this field trip in 6th grade Orchestra after school to this professional orchestra concert and that was AWESOME.
22. Favorite quote/song lyric –
“And that’s why I smile! It’s been a while since every day and everything has felt this right! And now you turn it all around and suddenly you’re all I need the reason why I smile!” ~ Smile by Avril Lavigne
23. Can you play any instruments? – 
Yep, Viola, Cello, and Piano.
24. Do you have “a song” with anyone? – 
Well, Aria and I jam out to the MLP:FIM theme song! Lol, not for this. I gave Willow that advice about istening to Clean and we hang out listening to that song first so lol I guess that’s our song.
25. Has your music taste changed over time? – 
Well, not really.
Bonus Questions!
26. What’s your  favorite instrument(s)?
Flutes, Piccolos, Oboes, Pianos, Violas, Cellos, Basses, and Violins.
27. Who’s your favorite Composer(s)? 
I’ll have to say Tchaikovsky, Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Haydn, Handel, Schubert, Mendelssohn, Liszt, Stanchinsky, Cannabich, Pavlova , Schumann, Brahms, Dvorak, Alice Smith, Mahler, Beach, Wilson, and Vivaldi.

Okay girlies, ANYONE who wants to do this is tagged! Float in the CyberSpace!


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