Random Thoughts #12425

Hey, so I decided that occasionally I’ll give my random thoughts/awkward moments of a certain situation or just in general. The number doesn’t really mean anything, It’s just an exaggeration of the number of my random thoughts.

What would a 1,000 horned unicorn be called?

Did I just contradict myself?

My faith in humanity is like a roller coaster – sometimes it’s high sometimes it’s down.

I just forgot my page, wait I’m not even reading. 

When a person says you look nice today, does that mean you don’t look usually nice?

My homeroom needs to go on Hush mode.

I need Sour Skittles.

Wouldn’t save a lot of lives if we could read minds?

Books are life.

Where did the idea for a dragon and an unicorn come from?

Would Romans hate the way Americans live?

What if our faces were perfectly symmetrical?

I haven’t blogged in a week.

Rock Eagle better be as good as Jekyll Island was supposed to be.

Why did I wear this today?

Being an Alicorn could be fun.

I hope I don’t do something really stupid in the future.

Isn’t Plaid just a bunch of multicolored vertical and horizontal stripes?

Which is more underpaid: Maids or Teachers?

I hope Aria doesn’t become a really hyper adult who is still dying her hair every which way but I can’t even tame that wild stallion.

When people say can you not, they aren’t being exactly specific.

WHO IS ‘A’???

I love it when I remember a dream.

Why do people send chain mail?

Well, I tried my best. But this is a test run. Would like me to do more random thoughts? Well, Float in the CyberSpace!



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