The Shipment & Ladder to Happiness

Hey, girlies! So I’ve been thinking about writing and think I’ll do it. I might share my short stories from my youth (lol I’m only 13 though) and stories I’ve worked on recently.(Plus I know I didn’t do a School life post for last week, I didn’t think I should have because I told you about Tuesday already, but if you would want me too, I don’t mind. Do you girlies even like hearing me vent about my school life or am I boring?)

The my two main favorites in the works are The Shipment and Ladder To Happiness, hence the title.

The Shipment is about two polar opposites who never knew the other existed until certain factors put them together. Immediately when they begin to acknowledge each other’s existence; They are shipped. Now They hate this so much that they make an entire plan to whack everyone’s idea of those two being together. Phrase to describe the outcome: Wrecked beyond repair.

Ladders To Happiness is about a troubled teenager with a very tragic and disappointing childhood which has lead to be uncaring, mean, depressed, and Dark on the outside but broken on the inside. Then another girl comes acting all happy and such basically turns her frown half upside down, upside up, then eventually upside down. 
I know these are very broad summaries but I’m still working out kinks and I don’t want all the details out there yet because I might change them. 

(This a LATE thing to be saying, Lol.) I tell you guys everything as if you were my interactive diary. But it isn’t. It’s, YOU GIRLIES, are way more than that. You are like a sisterhood to me.  In fact, I had a dream about it. This is how it goes: We all have something big that happens at school, which is weird because I know almost NOTHING about your school lives.

My brain just generated random problems but some are related (creepily) to things I DO know. Keyblade Hunter has her “friends” who bully her saying she’s really girly. Amy621 has popular girls taunt her for playing video games and being too “tom-boyish”. Auburn Cookie was left out of her science fair group because she was “too demanding”. Ana was chastised to being “childish”.  Lish was being called BOY CRAZY by some girls in class. Karla was having issues after someone was telling her to back away from Logan. Knitterb7 was scolded for working on crafts instead doing the social studies road map project. Yuki was criticized Chocolate Monstar was taunted about her drawing abilities. Lizzie was “too controlling and temperamental”. Bloggish failed the swimming final by splashing and splishing about. Sidra was mocked for being a “tom-boy”. And of course with my brain being very specific, it also gave some of you girlies different names… My brain is psycho like that. So that our school days basically crummy. But we all go to this free house own by one of our parents or whatever and we all just sit around doing things like laughing, venting, play fighting, playing video games, all that jazz! Then nearing the end of the dream, we are all laying in a circle in the grass over a starry night and we are admitting hopes, dreams, secrets and I’m about to say something when the dream goes black. Like, what the heck? Then another dystopian Hunger Games, Divergent, with some TFIOS dream begins after. It makes no sense! BTW, IF THIS OFFENDS ANYONE IT WAS MY BRAIN’S FAULT AND I’M DEEPLY SORRY.

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4 thoughts on “The Shipment & Ladder to Happiness

  1. Woah me too! Like how you guys look like. I imagine you having blonde hair with light sparkly pink glasses. I imagine Yuki as a tall girl with brown hair with minecraft t-shirts.


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