Person A, B, & C

Let’s say this person, we’ll call Person A, was totally fine with their Wednesday. They were a bit tired and had a freaky nightmare but I won’t get into that.

So Person A just came back from Orchestra doing a playing test. They thought they did pretty good, about 96-98 worthy but their stand partner accidentally played a flat note made Person A get shaky because they want to go to LGPE. But Person A still had A TON of wind in their sails. Then Class X began and it knocked the sails right out of Person A.

Now Person A sits the back of  Class X by herself since the first day back at school. A person, Person B, now sits right in the front of Person A. Now Teacher Y gave Person A’s X class an assignment. Person A’s class were to create a puppy with certain decided by separate coin tosses. Their lab partners were to do the same then draw and cut their puppy out. Tomorrow they are to pretend as if their puppies had children and do Punnett squares to see which of 6 children got what traits. Now, Person A sat by themself and its was an odd number class so they had no one.

Person A finished very quickly without delay then watched Person B and their lab partner, Person C. Now Person C and Person A have known each other a while now as friends but Person C tended to have a… reputation. Throughout the activity, Person A watched as Person C was acting different towards Person B. It looked like a lot like almost Person C was doing the… unthinkable. Person C wouldn’t dare try… yet They did. They attempted to…. flirt with Person B. But Person B is dating one of Person A’s best friend and they’re Person A’s best friend.

All the signs, too. Flipping their hair, scooting closer, fiddling with their necklace,bracelet, and ring, making A TON of jokes, reapplying lipstick! All of the tell tales signs… The funny thing is with every time Person C scooted close, Person B scooted away. That’s how Person A knows Person B.

But to be honest with theirself, Person A was kind of sad watching Person C but she couldn’t look away and even felt jealous for their best friend’s girlfriend. After all, the girlfriend was their best friend as well. Shouldn’t they be like their best friend would be if they were in the room? Teacher Y asked a quiet question about the assignment but Person A’s voice was even more quiet and sad sounding. Person B looked back at Person A and darted their eyes to Person C looked at Person A and rolled their eyes and smiled. They frowned when Person A didn’t smile back immediately. They mouthed,”What’s up?” “Nothing.”, Person A said with a what they hoped didn’t look like a sad smile. But Person B knew there was something wrong, after all they were best friends.

“Are you sure?” Person B asked questionably. “Yeah.” Person A said. “Kay.” Person B said.

And the flirting and avoiding just got even worse. So did Person A’s feelings.

So that was a story about… a story. Figure it out, girlies. I’m still kind of tired from… things. This story is pretty obvious though and y’all are smart so I hope you’ll know it without me putting it in black and white.

Float In The CyberSpace, Girlies.





2 thoughts on “Person A, B, & C

  1. Oh I feel sorry for you, I’m guessing you’re Person A? (Get rid of this part if its wrong or if you don’t want anyone to know)

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