Does anyone still remember our Dork Diaries times?

Oh My Gosh! This is totally true!

Life as a Keyblade Hunter

I do.

I kept on keeping my hopes high that 1 day I’ll go to Dork and see that everything is back to normal. I’ll make a post titled ‘TIME TO START SPAMMING DORK DIARIES!’, yes, I know it’s stupid, but none of our friendships could have existed without that 1 website. When we used to make up fan stories, give advice to people, comment on Nikki’s diary entries…it was fun, wasn’t it? Blogging used to be our 3rd communication device, and now it’s 2nd. There is no ‘3rd’. We used to go on Chatzy so much! Well, kinda. We used to make stories. It was fun, right?

It was been 1 year since I made my Dork Diaries account. And- believe me. I didn’t regret making it. Not one bit. It reminds me of all those funny things we all wrote. Possibly on 15 or below of my…

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2 thoughts on “Does anyone still remember our Dork Diaries times?

  1. I only visted Dork Diaries like 10 times and I read the comments (I can remember a few names like there was a girl named Lulu and a girl named Harmomy) but then i forgot all about the site…that was like 2 years ago.

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