National Pie Day!!!

Yes, my online friends, January 23 is NATIONAL PIE DAY! Well in America at least, but I don’t think they can keep anyone else from celebrating! I happen to like pie. A LOT. Well, not a ton but I still like it. Sarah LOVES Pie though. She draws animated every day, pies flying, pies eating pies, pies holding balloons, pies reading, pies…. Well, doing a ton of stuff. But they are so ADORABLE.

But today started a bit…. ugh.  It was raining a bit badly outside and I didn’t have a jacket with a hood or an Umbrella. And only two other kids at my bus stop had an umbrella but they were too small for me to fit in with them. So I did the most resourceful thing ever: Put my Instrument case over my head until my bus came and since my instrument case was a water-proof,  hard material case, it worked it out okay! I know I’m a weirdo.

At school, the first thing I received was an invitation to the School Geography Bee. Yep, I MADE IT!!!!


Okay, That’s over. But it’s on Thursday, January 29 in my School’s Media Center. In the 7th grade Geography Bee, I won with two other boys. So STUDY MODE WILL BE ON SOON. Also, We were given little paper slips to pick our School Dance Theme: Mardi Gras, Back to the 80’s, or Night in Hollywood. To Be Honest, I wanted to plead the Fifth but EVERYONE had to vote, even  the non-goers. So I chose Night in Hollywood but the regretted it immediately because I don’t really own any fancy, shimmery stuff. Even if I didn’t want to go, I would have to anyways. My aunt ALWAYS makes me go to school dances, there’s no avoiding it WHATSOEVER. But maybe it’ll be fun!

This week,we were learning about dominant religions in Asia and Today was Shintoism. I won’t mention anything further because Religion is a hot topic for people and leads into arguments I don’t want to start. After doing the PowerPoint the religion, Mr. Grouse gave us a Triple Venn Diagram on the three religions we looked at this week: Hinduism, Buddhism, and Shintoism. It was pretty easy since we were allowed to work in our groups and use our notes. After 1st period was over, we had Advisement. 

This week’s Advisement was on Prejudice, Stereotypes, Racism, Being Bias, And Excluding Others. Now my school doesn’t have a actual issue with this. Or I don’t think, Mr. Grouse said we didn’t, so I guess so. We read a poem called The Cold Within by James Patrick Kinney (Not the Guy who Diary Of A Wimpy Kid.) Here’s how it goes:

The Cold Within


Six humans trapped by happenstance in black and bitter cold. 

Each one possessed a stick of wood or so the story’s told. 

Their dying fire in need of logs, the first woman held hers back;

for on the faces around the fire, she noticed one was black.


The next man looking ‘cross the way saw one not of his church,

and couldn’t bring himself to give the fire his stick of birch.

The third one sat in tattered clothes; he gave his coat a hitch. 

Why should his log be put to use to warm the idle rich?


The rich man just sat back and thought of the wealth he had in store,

and how to keep what he had earned from the lazy, shiftless poor.

The black man’s face bespoke revenge as the fire passed from his sight,

for all he saw in his stick of wood was a chance to spite the white.


And the last man of this forlorn group did naught except for gain,

giving only to those who gave was how he played the game.

The logs held tight in death’s still hands was proof of human sin. 

They didn’t die from the cold without. 

They died from the cold within.

–James Patrick Kinney

It’s pretty straight forward and eye opening to the issues with society even if this was written in the 1960’s. Imagine something in the 60’s still applying to today. To Be Honest, now I’m pretty ashamed in the society and what it’s become. We had a long and deep discussion after reading it. I hope it opens you up as well.

In Language Arts, we read Ode to An Artichoke by Pablo Neruda which is ALSO a poem. Most people took it as a joke but I found it quite interesting. Then Ms.Lewis said we would have to write our own Ode Poem and the whole class FLIPPED OUT. It seemed as if no one wanted to do it. But since I write poems often, I showed no sign of Disdain. I decided to do mine by myself even though she said we could work with a partner. She said that we were going to do a Classroom Poetry Slam. Everyone else though that part was cool, so at least they were on board with that ship. Then she said We had to write at least 3 10-lined stanzas. Then everyone jumped off the ship again. I was going to do it on Blogging but then changed it to Books for safety reasons.

At Lunch, well…. for you to understand lunch, we need to rewind some.

I just read on Wattpad. So my friend Hyssop was all like read my book on Wattpad! So I did, and it was PRETTY OBVIOUS what it was about. It was about her crush on, gasps, Coast! Now Coast is my friend and all but I find very odd how Ben is suddenly the one everyone likes. Earlier this year, no one liked Coast and now girls are on foot and nail for him.

It.Doesn’t.Make.Any.Sense. And now the claws are coming out and I’ve never seen Coast more miserable in my life. But anyways, The characters were also VERY OBVIOUS. I guessed them ALL correctly. Which actually is a bad thing. And she describes certain people in her story a little too inaccurately. Suddenly, Coast is Strong (If you went to my school, you DEFINITELY know Coast is not strong. He even said it himself.), Cadenza overtakes medicinal drugs, Lake is a ladies man/cheater, and Willow is an evil, depressed, suicidal, popular, and well… in the story she’s also called a…. nevermind that.

She sees Willow was a major threat in “Her and Coast’s Love life”, which is sort of understandable because it turns out Willow likes Coast too (HOW THE HECK IS THIS HAPPENING!). I actually warned her about writing about them like that because what if Willow and Coast find out because everyone else was fine with it. But she didn’t listen saying it was all for Dramatic effect, it wasn’t supposed to hurt feelings, it was just a story.

Anyways, Willow found the story on Tuesday and has been ranting ever since. She never told Hyssop she found out but she has been complaining about how I didn’t tell her sooner. I was thinking about it but then the counselor came in the Friday I was planning to to say something and she said If you know something that will hurt your friend’s feelings don’t tell them. So I didn’t. But then, Aria and Aster said screw that on Tuesday saying that it was GIRL CODE. To Be Honest, Girl Code isn’t even all that fair in the first place. I don’t see why this was established because most things in it are just plain Morals.

So then at Lunch, Thuy-Nhi said she told Ben about it, EVEN THOUGH I SPECIFICALLY SAID DONT BECAUSE IT WILL MAKE THE SITUATION WORSE. Why? For one thing, she STILL didn’t say anything to Nia about and then Ben can be temperamental so….. WHY DIDN’T SHE LISTEN TO ME? Ugh, I was so mad over that. I sat there quietly stabbing at my salad angrily. 

Guess what? The situation is worse because Coast began to say Hyssop was crazy and then sent the story to Lake. Lake sent it to someone else who sent it to Chiuso who sent it to Carnation. I don’t know where it went from there but I know one thing. IF PEOPLE LISTEN TO ME, then half the situations that occur with my friends would  never happen! But what’s done is done now and the OutCome: It will be wrecked beyond repair.

In Spanish, basically all we did was go over more packets while Spanish class 7B got a food party. Why? Well, because when Mr. Firth says he’ll do something, he usually never does it. The Frontera thing. NEVER HAPPENED. Then he said we would go to Chipotle. NEVER HAPPENED. So at this point we were tired of it and only 3/8ths of the class did bring money for the “Food Party”. It was like The Boy Who Cried Wolf except it’s The Teacher  Who Said Food.

No one took him seriously, so by Thursday it was clear no one wanted to pay for a lost cause. Then he made a BIG EMPHASIS on this class not getting a Food party. Seriously, he repeated it 39 times. At that point, no one really cared any more than they did in the beginning. So all the food all lined up at a table which was close to the entrance of the classroom. To Be Honest, I think he was trying to rub it in our faces. No one cared though or they were REALLY good at pretending they didn’t. When the Pizza came, however EVERYONE WAS ECSTATIC TO GO AND GET IT. Which made no sense whatsoever because no one in our class was getting ANY. There were 14 boxes of Pizza though.But people would do anything to get out of M. Firth’s class these days.

When everyone got to Orchestra, the room was a ghost town. It took me 2 seconds to realize what was wrong. WE WERE SUPPOSED TO GO TO THE TRIP ELEM. COMPUTER LAB. Everyone fought the crowds to get to the Computer lab which took 5-8 mins. Oddly, the room was already full…. WITH CLASS ORCHESTRA 7A. I said we should sit out and wait but everyone charged into the lab. The 7A class were startled and Arco looked at me with a raised eyebrow while I was still standing in the hallway in shock of what happened. It turns out that NO ONE heard the first Connections end Bell. And now whoever was in class 7A would be 15 mins. late to Spanish which feel good for a VERY short time. But we were to play a music quiz before playing Kahoot. 

If I hadn’t said this before, in EVERY class I have if we play Kahoot, EVERYONE GETS CRAZY COMPETITIVE. Once, there were screams of anguish… But that happened and then Ms. Anima gave us forms for Orchestra Apparel! Which was either a hoodie or T-Shirt BUT THEY LOOKED PRETTY COOL. Before Torie and I went up the elevator we noticed a GIANT Stair Traffic Jam. When we got to the main level, it was obviously what the problem was… some one was blocking the stairs and walking slower than a tortoise. I felt sorry for the people on the stairs. I should know, I used to be one of them.

In Science, my teacher moved Bergenia right next to me. Don’t get me wrong, Bergenia’s my friend but I just liked sitting by myself. Is that weird? Don’t think so. Anyways, I found a well…. word on the folders we were to use to cover our papers. So I was erasing and Erasing and then It came out. 13 mins into the QUIZ! Even worse, SHE WAS TIMING US. So I tried really hard to go to at my own pace but I needed to hurry so I only checked my work ONCE instead of twice. I have no room for error on my assessments yet I don’t get 100’s. Maybe I do have room for error.

Then because the teacher LOVES TO TALK we didn’t get the Pet assignment done…. I mean Person A didn’t get it done.                                                                                                                                                                                       *Laughs Nervously*

In Math, we went over our Two study guides we didn’t have to do for homework. Plus we got candy for each page you completed. I actually did do it for homework though so I got A LOT OF CANDY. Not Pie but GOOD ENOUGH.

I realized something in Homeroom. I FORGOT TO SAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY/ HAPPY NATIONAL PIE DAY TO Arco!  So I gave him a colored adorable Pie drawing that I made, with Lily’s help. It was a flying pie holding balloon above the words “Happy National Pie Day!” Just the thoughtful friend I am.

This week, all Arco, Cadenza, and I have been talking about is how EGOTISTICAL Brio is. He thinks it’s good karma just to  look at him, he’ll better than all of us by our High School Reunion, he’s better than anyone, He’ll be Valedictorian while the rest of us lie low, and he’ll make better money than us. YOU SEE OUR POINT?

Arco even said this,”One day, you’ll be worse than anyone at being Modest.” and “He’s a mix of all the World’s Worst Dictators.”

Sadly, EVEN MR. Grouse AGREES. In fact, after Arco left, Brio wrote “Brio is better than everyone.” And he signed it with MY NAME!! Then he wrote, “Yeah, I agree.” and signed it with Arco’s name!!! First thing, Cadenza and I did was take photos of it. Then we sent it to people, including Arco.

He responded immediately saying, “I knew and told you and Cadenza that kid was EGOTISTICAL MANIAC.” Which at this point, no one could really deny it. 

Hey, girlies so just EAT SOME PIE TODAY, TOMORROW, YESTERDAY whichever day Jan. 23 was for you. I’m going to study some so Float In The CyberSpace!



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      1. Lol, I’m going eat more PIE on PI day. Why did they name a number after a pastry? Or is it why did they name a pastry after a number? Huh, now I’m confused.

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