I’ve Been Thinking…

Hey, girlies there’s been something on my mind I would like to share with you…                                                                            

Before I continue, THIS ISN’T A SAD, DEPRESSING Post. I say that because the beginning sounds kind of sad. So I want you to be HAPPY to read this! Happy, Happy, Happy! The Blue isn’t helping is it?

Okay, what if we made an organization?! *crickets chirping really loud*  Hear me out. Maybe not even  an organization but a system! Like A Foreign Exchange Student/Pen Pal type thing! 

I know this sounds crazy. But we talk to each other as the time, right? So we all are technically pen pals minus the pen part. But we all live some where else and we all may or may not have seen each other before. That’s where Foreign Exchange Student comes in. Except some of us may not be foreign to each other country but YOU GET THE POINT. Don’t you have those moments where you wish you could be with someone else and SEE how their life is like because I know I have. This could GIVE US A CHANCE TO DO THAT! I actually think it would be cool but there’s TONS of Cons to this. I can’t list because that would take an eternity.

But I wish I could make this real. It’s a dream I’d want to come true. But It most likely will never come true. It was just a thought though.

Well, This was me. Vote Or Comment what you think! Float in The CyberSpace!





40 thoughts on “I’ve Been Thinking…

    1. Yeah I couldn’t go to Australia or Malaysia or China. 😦 I guess the only person I could meet is Amy cause she lives like 2 hours away from me.

  1. Its a good idea, but i dont know if my parents would let me, since they dont even know i have friends online! ! It would be pretty awesome though, like meeting all of u!

    1. Mine too! I wish we set up a date and everyone comes to America…I guess and just talk and stuff and learn more since we can’t basically tell everything on our blogs.

  2. Hmm…I don’t think I will do it…this is amazing but I don’t think It’ll work :(. I can only meet Karla, since she lives like 2 hours away from me…

      1. Amy, I live in Plant City. I think it’s 3 hours actually…hey I’m going to Tampa on Friday for a field trip! For a farm.

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