I have some News…

Hey, girlies. How are you girlies? Well, I’m miserable. Why? I’ll explain.

Well, today in school it was the School Geography Bee. It was hosted by the same 7th grade teacher, because she had won the State Geography when she was my age and an Assistant principal. My mom had to be at work so she couldn’t come. There was some cookies, snickerdoodles, doughnuts, cupcakes, Starbucks, Chex Mix, soda, water, juice, cider, sausages and pie for us, so some kids were joking about, “I’m only here for food!” But this was early. Like 9:30 AM which is 15 minutes after school starts. So the questions were a bit hard but pretty easy at the same time. They asked questions about Dolphin Tale and Frozen both of which I saw so Those were ESPECIALLY easy. Yet, the really dismal news is……




Did I fool you? Probably not, I SUCK at surprises. But I won!!!! YAYSIES!! I got hugs and shook hands and everything felt RIGHT!

When I got to homeroom, everyone was like, “Did you win?”

I looked down, pushed hair in my face, screamed “I WON!!” You should have seen it, There was screaming, dancing, throwing of papers! (They had to take a test for first period which I have to take tomorrow 😦 But I won so… 😀 😀 )

Then everyone still doing what they were doing ran to hug me, even Mr. Grouse! Like Cadenza, Arco, Willow and Bight were running! I felt.. FINALLY APPRECIATED. Everyone complimented ME!  

After all that pandemonium, Arco said, “Being a try-hard must have its perks. I’m Kidding, I bet you canonballed those other kids out of the waters.”

“Well, thanks! Was that an attempt of giving me a nice compliment?”

“Hey, I’m perfectly capable of giving compliments.”

“Uh huh,” I said jokingly, You are perfectly capable. Of getting on my last nerve!”

“But You love me.”, he said mockingly.

“Uh huh, sure…” Giving him a playful shove in the same retortment.

“By the way, Waffles Waffles Waffles Waffles Waffles Waffles.”

To explain this, let’s rewind to last Friday.

I was just texting Arco casually and then he randomly says, “Waffles Waffles Waffles.” So like any LOGICAL person I responded, ‘What?”

Then he texted the exact same thing and I was like, “What is happening right now? Is the WHOLE WORLD SPEAKING WAFFLES??”

“Waffles. = Nope.”

“Do I have to start talking Belgian to speak to you?”

“Waffles. = Yes.”

So I was about to go on Google Translate when I remembered there was NO SUCH THING as a Belgian language. So I went to the next best thing: Dutch.

“Du er en idiot.”

“Waffles…. = Wow…”

“Do you even know what means?”

” Waffles Waffles Waffles Waffles Waffles Waffles!”

“Yes, I do know what means (Was that right)?”

“WAFFLES!!!! = YES!!!!”

“How DO you speak waffles?”

“I have not the slightest clue.”

But I guess we have a mental understanding because we ALMOST understand each other all the time.

But once I said Waffles Waffles Waffles Waffles and he said I called him a… not-so-nice-word. And then when I tried to apologize I made it worse.

I just realized the above makes Arco and I look like total Lunatic weirdos. I’ve always been a weirdo so it isn’t weird for me.

Spanish was a bit suckish because Mr. Firth was signing people’s agendas for NO ABSOLUTE REASON.

They didn’t do anything and then he says, “LET ME SEE YOUR AGENDA, SIR!!!”

Yes all agenda signatures went to the guys. I wasn’t surprised though. He just really hates the guys in my class. Orchestra was also because Mrs. Anima was there and the substitute was a bit too STRICT. But was also very nice and easy going. But still strict… AND WE DIDN’T GET TO PLAY OUR INSTRUMENTS!!!  I was really looking forward to practicing for my Little Symphony test!1 I mean I do pretty well when we as an orchestra do it all together but sometimes on my own feels weird. Anyone else relate to that? Guess it’s just me.

Science and Math were the typical laughing, jokes and work. I know that sound s boring but other than more freak outs, hugs and freak outs…. Nothing else really happened. 

Oh, wait! Someone in 3rd period math accidentally broke and shattered Ms. Crow’s Jolly Ranchers Jar. So when I came in for 4th period, the back of the room was a mess.

I’m really Nervouscited, Girlies!!! Wish me good luck! Or Waffles waffles or veel geluk or buena suerte! Float in the CyberSpace!



32 thoughts on “I have some News…

  1. Wow you’re really smart!!!!

    I’m smart at ally subjects expect math, I FAILED THE MATH EXAM. But all my other exams I passes .-.


    My older brother LOVES Geography, he was in the Tie-Breaker round and he lost. He came into “great depression” after that…

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