8 Great Things About Artist’s Creativity

This is a tag from Bloggish. The ironic thing about my blog name is that other than pictures and stories and entries and I have done nothing Artistic with this blog. I think I should start though….

1. What is your favorite post? It have to be “I’ve been thinking…” post that I posted lately because everyone was coming together with even more unity and enthusiasm and I just loved it.

2. Who was your first follower? Juliet was my first follower! 😥 I wonder how she’s doing sometimes.

3. Without looking, guess who commented last. I am positive it was me or does that not count? If it isn’t, then I’m positive it was Karla.

4. Now look. Who was it? It WAS me/ Karla.

5. Approximately, how many posts do you have? About 80 or so. (I know for like a year or so that’s sad.)

6. How many posts do you have exactly? After this, it WILL be 80 but until this posts, 79.

7.How many followers do you have? Wow, people must actually care about me because I actually have 31! (I’m so shocked right now, you don’t even know.)

8. Would you consider yourself a mad blogger or a slacker? I was a MAD, MAD slacker  but I’m trying to better myself as of right now.

Keep waiting for that post girlies! Float In the CyberSpace!


20 thoughts on “8 Great Things About Artist’s Creativity

      1. Oooh… Yeah, I’m actually SUPPOSED to be in the 7th, but because of some crap in my previous previous previous previous school, I’ve ended up as the youngest kid in the 8th… Yup, it pretty much SUCKS to be me :/

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