Speaking Hypothetically

You girlies will understand the title. I’m starting to do this more often than not.

So let’s say there’s this girl. And this girl is best friends with another girl. This girl is dating the other girl’s friend. The other girl is totally fine with it because she wants the other girl and her partner to be happy. Now, this girl knew there was something off about the other girl’s relationship. This girl had to keep it under wraps from the other girl’s parents and grandparents since they didn’t want her dating anyone anymore since the other girl’s track record… isn’t so hot. This girl doesn’t talk very much compared to the average girl so this task was easy enough.

So this girl knew that if she told the other girl’s partner this… it wouldn’t be pretty. So being a friend and a liar, she helped the other girl and and kept her friend so in the dark, a solar eclipse was brighter than what they knew. She felt bad about lying but she thought she was doing the right thing… maybe lying wasn’t the best route.

So now the other girl’s lying to her parents, grandparents, and partner has ended her a tough predicament. Not to be a jerk about the whole thing, but the girl had an idea this was bound to happen.

Now the other girl was caught by her parents and has to break up with her partner which she never intended would happen. The main girl didn’t want to say I told you so because well… SO anyways, while walking to third period the other girl and the main were talking and the other girl kind of told someone else to do it for her before the main girl could even bother with advice! (Sorry, but I’m going to cut in here…. Seriously WHO DOES THAT? She’s my best friend and all but even that is dreadfully, dreadfully low for her. And this other person, His best friend. I’m sorry I am just so disappointed in her right now.)

The main girl was shocked but with the sorrow in her friend’s eyes she decided not to go there. The main girl began to dwell on this the rest of the day. She never said one word to the friend she would see in science except for the work in LA and nothing else. She was too busy dwelling.

The ironic thing was when she got home, her two friends texted her circa the same time with completely different topics. Well, except for the girl best friend, she  texted her about how she was dwelling as well. The girl best friend realized what she just did and feels awful while the guy has avoided any talk school related.

Once again, our heroine has caught herself in the middle of a not-so-good predicament. 

Hey, so if you were the main heroine, What Would You Do? Speaking of Heroine, I’m releasing an UN-EDITED Sneak peek of one of my stories I’m working on. I’m not telling which one though, you’ll get have to guess. And if you are the first to get it right, you get to choose what my next 4 blog posts will be about, no strings attached. But You’ll have to wait until I release it to guess…. Which will also be unknown. I could do it today, next month, School Dance day, YOU.DON’T.KNOW. So I can keep y’all on your toes! Float Obliviously In The CyberSpace!



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