Poems & Knitting

Hey, girlies! Today I just want to talk about two of my hobbies. (I’m putting my mind off of what happened in “Speaking Hypothetically”.) The two I want to discuss are Poems  & Knitting.

I started knitting in the 6th grade, when I joined Knitting Club. Some of my friends thought it was lame but I still wanted to try it out. My first attempt at knitting was in the 5th grade. This is why I say attempt: I used Bamboo Ka-bob sticks with some sticky feeling yarn… If that wasn’t enough, I tried to self-teach myself and ended having multiple knots with nothing or cutting up every piece of yarn. Yep, disastrous. But knitting got better when I joined knitting club and  actually made a Plush Bunny and few pretty cool scarfs. In fact, the friends who thought they were lame suddenly really wanted me to make stuff for them and teach them how to knit. I never understand why people think that knitting is “only for old ladies with cats”,  -_- It’s so stereotypical.


This is what my bunny looked like except I used blue yarn that matches the color of the text.

I’ve always liked poems. Most people groan when they hear they have to write a poem, but I’m that kid who goes, “YAY!!” I don’t know why, I just really like them. I began writing poems in the 2nd grade but they were mostly limericks. I have kept poetry journals over the years and I find that the poems from my youth are more silly than my recent ones…. So I have to start writing some on FUN! I think my favorite type of poems are free write or ones you can be just loose with. A bias statement I don’t like is when people say,”Poems have to rhyme!”  -_- 

Here’s two:

Smiling around here is rare,
So I do things I enjoy,
What I’m thinking shall not be coy,

People should smile more,
There’s more reasons to be glad,
than to be horribly sad,
Or dreadfully mad.

Being Mad,
It really won’t help,
It affects your mental health,
So please don’t yelp,

Take a deep breath,
Think about things,
Things that make you laugh,
Or seriously smile,

Don’t succumb to the feelings,
The ones that drag you down,
Be smiling,
Push yourself back up,

When you think you life’s messed up,
Or maybe just your day,
Be silly, smile,
Push those dark clouds away,

Smiley faces are overdue,
In this dreary place of middle school,
No one cares about being happy,
It’s all about being ‘cool’,

People are too judgemental,
Think, some people are feeling worse,
Worse than your sight,
Of the world being over,

If you’re feeling bad,
Deprressingly sad,
Furiously mad,
Outrageously glad,

Blow off some steam,
Let loose a seam,
Sing in a major key,

A Haiku from “Haiku Collection 1”:

Real people have souls,
Bandaids don’t fix bullet holes,
Hearts we must console.

So Here was two of my hobbies! (I should listen to my own poems sometimes…. Lol.) Float in The CyberSpace! 


14 thoughts on “Poems & Knitting

  1. My mom wants me to learn how to knit but I’m not interested…I wanna play my flute and decorate Cakes and Cupcakes. This summer my mom said she was gonna put me in a cake decorating class so I’ll learn something instead of being at home.

    That bunny looks soooo cute!!
    When I was in 3rd grade I drew a bunny and it was so pretty and my art teacher loved it! Unfortunately I accidentally threw it away -.-

    1. Below the
      “Add Location” Button and after the spell check button, there should be a button with rectangles and dots and if you roll over it, it should say Toolbar Toggle. Click it. You should see a whole another bar pop up below the first bar. Then you should an A with a gray bar under it. Click it, then you should see the color selection. 🙂

  2. You Knit too we can be knitting buddies you know it’s really hard finding a person that knits and I’m not as nearly as good as you I knit on the loom and I have stopped lately because I ran out of yarn and have been really into cooking especially deserts and dream of getting a cake from cake boss (if you watch that show)😊🌈

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