Newspaper Club Semester 2

Heysies! I apologize, this week is… undescribable right now. I’ll give you guys a three topic blog post on Fridy, because to be honest. Also, I won’t be on Chatzy or anything on Saturday. I have… an event. {I’ll tell you everything on Friday, I PROMISE.}

So we now have a new Newspaper Advisor. She’s an 8th grade language arts teacher.. (my language arts teacher is now doing Kickball, and you wouldn’t believe HOW MANY GUYS moved to kickball right after she announced that. -_- ) And you can’t believe the guys that moved to Newspaper club because they thought they would do nothing. -_- At least, Arco and Creek stayed. Good Ol’ Arco and Crek. I’m pretty sure they are my only legitimate guy friends. They’re both Cellos though, so we can barely discuss parts in Orchestra. -_- VIOLA PROBLEMS.

It was so awkward though. Why? Because this time it was a mix of 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. So at the beginning, we had to do the ‘2 Truths and a Lie’. Since we did this last semester, I couldn’t think of any other stuff. Then I ended up flubbing SO MANY FREAKING TIMES.

So this is what I said, “I joined Girl Scouts when I was 8, I have a honorary sister, I like school.” Arco knew which was the lie because he knew I had a honorary sister. But the teacher said, “If you know the person well, you can’t answer.” I would expect you girlies to know what was the lie. Tell me what you thought it was BEFORE I just revealed the honorary sister thing.

Another thing, It seemed like NO 7TH GRADERS wanted to be called by the name we called them by. Even Arco didn’t. And he goes by Arco in EVERYTHING. Well, now not this. I still went by what everyone else called me. 

I’m going to tell you now. The Sections for the Newspaper are not so great. It’s more one sided than equal. There’s Sports, Outfit Of The Month, Celebrity News, and App of the month. I really didn’t like any of them, but whatever.

Is it me or is it odd that no one was being themselves?

Keep waiting for that post, girlies! I am awful! Float in the CyberSpace!



18 thoughts on “Newspaper Club Semester 2

  1. My school has a yearbook group with the preppy people -.- and I’m in the band club.

    My school doesn’t have a newspaper.


    I love my school. 😀

    And yeah, I was grounded this week which is why I wasn’t on at all.

      1. I didn’t check my brothers homework and I didn’t clean my room and I got grounded for the first time in my life!

      1. Sorry, it’s an old show that my mom and Dorian’s mom watched as little girls and me and Dorian watch it and we both wish that Candy was with Anthony…it’s a show about an orphan named Candy. And it makes you cry since she always feels loney.

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