Volunteers, Violapalooza, & Pre-LGPE?!

Heysies, girlies! So I’m going to describe my week, but I’ll probably be on a tangent.

Week of February 2nd, 2015.

Monday, we didn’t really have to do ANYTHING. Why? We had a Junior Achievement speaker come into our Homeroom to talk  us about career and life choices. The speakers for each homeroom were basically parents. We got Impatiens. And he was pretty laid back and relaxed. The messed thing was that he wasn’t prepared because the Junior Achievement people didn’t send him the kit until THAT MORNING. How do you expect for someone to present for you if you didn’t give them what they needed to present? But whatever. 

It was actually really fun because we got to play cool board games about jobs, money, and life choices. There was this one where I drew a card that made me START ALL OVER. Arco was like,”Wow….” Well, everyone else laughed. But I ended up getting more money than they did so… YESSSSS! This took like about 4hrs and 40 mins out of our school day. I know this because all academic classes were 30 mins but Connections were the same (40 mins) so the 4 hours and 40 mins is a pretty good estimate. 

We really did nothing. The teachers didn’t really have a lesson plan. Well, except for Orchestra but we were only playing LGPE songs.

Tuesday was actually okay. We watched a BrainPop on India and took a few notes. After that, It was basically free time. I’ve begun to realized that Mr. Grouse really doesn’t care what we do anymore. I mean he lets us chew gum, and use devices freely and have free time! I CAN READ FOR FREE TIME! He’s a great teacher. In LA, we had to read this article about Snakes either being Mankind’s Friends Or Foe. I don’t know where I stand with this. I guess I’m Team Neutral.

 I don’t even know why. I don’t hate snakes but I don’t love them either. :/

In Spanish, we began a new project on Menus. Our job: Create a menu using just Spanish with a title for your restaurant, hours, days open, phone number, web address, photos…. so on and so forth. My group didn’t really know where to begin. And since one girl wasn’t here, it made things more harder to make a group decision.

Eventually we DID come up with a name. SEIS AMIGOS!!! I don’t know why I didn’t remind the group we were all girls so we could use AMIGAS!  Instead having sorrow we all laughed instead. Aria named her restaurant after what we nicknamed Moonlight Tango. Moonlight Mango! Which should be: Mango luz de la luna. I think.

In Orchestra, Mrs. Anima spoke with a lot of haste. I could why. The whole classes forgot that Pre-LGPE was THIS THURSDAY, I myself included. When she announced it like we should have already known that, chaos and paranoia filled the room, silently destroying everyone’s playing skills and self-confidence. 

During Science, the teacher gave us this article to look at that listed the 5 ways sexual reproduction adds to genetic diversity. After Reading, she made us highlight every word we knew. EVERY.SINGLE.WORD. And also made us highlight the words we DID NOT know in another color. That doesn’t sound so bad. But she would seriously yell at us if we asked a “stupid question” and the article was 7 pages. Which is ridiculous but whatever the teacher says goes. The funny thing was that I had to go through SO many highlighters until I found two Arco could borrow. I think I took out like 14.

During Math Class, We were going over the MidPoint and Distance Formulas that were from 2 years ago. In the middle of class, Buttercup made this pretty sign asking for candy.And because we WERE working hard, so we did get candy. Thanks Buttercup! My Taste buds are thanking you, too.

Wednesday was filled regret. And the regret began to sink in Orchestra. But we’ll get there. In Social Studies, we watched a BrainPop on Mohandas Gandhi aka The Mahatma or Mahatma Gandhi and then we took notes on him. He sounded like a peaceful person to be around. I hate it when stupid people assassinate meaningful people. (*cough* *cough* James Earl Ray and Lee Harvey Oswald *cough* *cough*) Then Mr. Grouse dumped 3 pages of homework on us. But I finished it all in class. 8)

For RAM time, I had to go to the science room. Now I don’t hate her, but SOMETIMES the decisions she makes are unreasonable(*cough* *cough* Tuesday). But all we did was read. We didn’t do anything but read. 


Throughout LA, the assistant principal was teaching about writing argumentative essays even farther. For one thing, she and the language arts teacher chose two subjects/objects and made us choose one side, neutral, or the other side. Most of the stuff they said, I was neutral/none to. Then, we did a Brain waking up silly activities on YouTube about Penguins and stuff. It was actually pretty embarrassing. After we had to metaphorically act out wrestling moves to represent our Claim, Counter Claim and Rebuttal. That was also VERY embarrassing. But we got candy bars out of it, so it was great!

Our group got really far in Spanish. But, Mr. Firth made today the last day to work on the project. So my group was rushing. Until the end of class… He was shouting at us that today was the last day, so on and so forth… WHEN HE FORGOT TO TELL US TO MAKE THE KIDS MENU! Does he know how much time I had to spend AFTER SCHOOL to get the project decent and then we SUDDENLY need something else. I couldn’t even find space to fit a Kids Menu and Meredith muttered, “We are so screwed.”

As if my day wasn’t already turned sour, I was intentionally body slammed into my viola case, HARD. Remember my case is REALLY hard. 😡 So it REALLY hurt. AND THE PERPETRATOR WAS NONE OTHER THAN Arpeggio. –__– I was so mad that I marched right up to him and Slapped him with or close the same force he used to body slam me. The first thing Aster, Aria, and Cadenza did was cry laughing. I must have slapped him so hard because the side I slapped him was tinged REDDER THAN BLOOD. Although, after I did it, I felt horrible. I was revenge and then laughed and said he was just kidding. But I know him better than that. He’s probably going to use my paranoia for him making his revenge for his advantage. But one thing stuck in my head.

Two wrongs NEVER make a right.

So I sat through class regretting and regretting. And regretted some more when Aster, Aria, Cadenza began telling everybody. Well, Lily and Arco didn’t know know, and I plan on keeping it that way. 

In Science, we received another article. This time we had to annotate. I don’t know why, but I can’t stand annotating. I never understand the whole point of writing it down other than remembering it. More often than not, I will just read without Annotating.

During Math, I came up with a decision. I would be universally nice to everyone tomorrow aka Pre-LGPE. Aria said that was pathetic and I should just let the Arpeggio thing go. When I begin to regret something, I try my best to correct it.

Thursday was okay.

In Social Studies, Mr. Grouse switched someone from our table with someone else who was worse than the original problem.. Immediately after those measures took place, Our group seriously declared Revolution against The United Groups of America. Out of us making the bigger deal, it was Hyacinth. She made an oppression sign against Mr. Grouse’s decision. It said, ” Give Willow!” then another said, “Why should our group’s IQ point percentile suffer?” I face palmed myself so hard. But I held a sign to be nice. Then I stopped to be nice to be Mr. Grouuse and to not get scolded. After the short quiz we took on Gandhi, we had a whole class debate/discussion about our group seceding from the Union. (This is so ironic because Gandhi WAS FOR PEACE not social unrest.) 

Arco looked at me and mouthed, “Why is this SUCH A BIG DEAL?”

“I don’t know, ask Hyacinth.”

“Hyacinth will go on a tangent.”

“And I won’t?”

“Good point.” 

“I think she just doesn’t like change.”

“Did she need this big of an audience?”

“I don’t think it was intentional.”

“Right. Because making signs and revolting against the teacher happens without a purpose and by accident. Okay.”

“No, I mean… Why do I even bother?” 

“Because we’re such great friends.”

“I hate you.”

“Igualmente.” He winked.

I smiled,”Jerk.”

“Oppression Supporter.”



“I give up.”

“That’s all you had to do.”

“Be quiet.”

Facial Expression: -_-

(If you want to know about RAM time, read Newspaper Semester 2.)


In LA, the language arts teacher decided that she was going to make write a essay about if we think Snakes are Human foes or friends. I told her I was Neutral but she said I HAD to choose a side. So I chose friend because it was nice and there was more evidence for it. I still wasn’t happy about having to choose a side but I guess that’s how the cookie crumbled.

In Spanish, Mr. Firth was yelling at EVERYONE. For no absolute REASON. And then he was on a GIANT tangent over”this class does nothing” “this class is lazy” “no wonder 7B looks better than you guys.” After that, the girls began to strike as usual. Our group basically sat there doing nothing because I had to finish it last night. Than he began shouting at us, so we began doing “work”.

 Throughout Orchestra, Aria said my over niceness was giving her cavities. But I had to play this out until I was sure there wasn’t a revenge plot in store for me. I now watch my every step in Orchestra.

During Science, my science teacher made us take eternal notes. She said, write that but don’t write this. NO! Write this but not That! Then she would stop us without reason. She was the my old homeroom teacher of presentations. -___-

Arco scooted to behind where I was and said, “Does her insanity ever end?”  

“Well, saying someone’s insane is pretty mean but she is being pretty ridiculous.”

“This is Part 2.”

“That’s what I was thinking!”

“Hey, what day is it?” I was about to say October 3…. (I have no idea why… wait… I gave him my pencil earlier in the CLASS! But do you get it? What my brain was thinking?)

“It’s February 5th.”

In Math, (Look at that!) we began to work on a packet. We were given one problem to work on with a partner.(Lily) We had problem number 7 and that was about plotting a rectangle and then proving it’s a rectangle. I personally find Proofs easy and I don’t understand why everyone else hates them. It was actually pretty easy. Then Ms. Crow had groups present their shape and how they proved it was that shape We did it on the LadiBug to see what they did. We had to write down the thing they did on the problem.

Eventually, it was time for Lily and I to present. We hadn’t gotten halfway done with our presentation when someone fell out of his chair. Everyone was laughing except Lily who stood there and I said,”Oh my gosh,are you okay?”

Ms. Crow said,” I think she gets candy for her reaction,” She actually gave THREE pieces of candy to me. It’s not Halloween, but YESSS!

First thing I said in Homeroom, “Arco, I told you being nice was it’s own reward!!!”

“Okay, have fun with that.”

And because I  kept up the niceness, I gave Coast a Hershey’s!

And when I went outside, It was raining.(My life has become a whole movie reference) As soon as I got home, I got ready for Pre-LGPE. I was early compared to last time. (Read Birthdays, Struggles, & Soaked Hoodies?! If you don’t know what happened last time.)  I looked at the seating chart and was sitting next to Cambiare and Aria! then I saw Arco was going to be in our same row. Part of me was happy, the other was feeling awkward. :/ We were 2 minutes from heading out when Arco comes in and says, “Are we leaving yet?”

“Nope and you’re lucky too. Look how the universe flip-flopped the situation.”

“Okay, you have that one.”

“That’s all you needed to do.” I smiled.

The concert went pretty well, I believe. The judges were watching us intently so everyone felt some pressure. Although, The Cellos needed work on Dynamics, The Violas needed to work on Bow direction, The Basses needed to keep up with the tempo a bit more, and The Violins needed more intonation with note G on the E string. After that, it was really good. 

Heading back to the Orchestra room, I began to randomly feel pins and needles in my feet. So I began hopping the rest of the way. After I was relived, I went to Arpeggio and said, “I know you’re using my paranoia against me and guess what, it’s not working.” “While that was certainly not my intention, have fun with that.” I was still doubtful though.

Friday was…. interesting.  For one thing, for the quiz, Pansy was the only one who got a 100 in our group instead of it being EVERYONE. I got a 90,  so did Hyacinth and the problem guy got a 70. After recieving our grades, Hyacinth said,”See, Mr. Grouse! Our grade percentile has dropped!”

She wasn’t lying. So I said nothing. “Hey, what did you get?” Arco asked. 

“You first.”

“I asked.”

“I’m being polite.”

“I got a 100. Brio got a 90. I’m shocked, I was paying the least attention possible on this.”

*Cue nervous laugh* “Really? Congrats.”

“There were so many voice cracks in that one sentence.”

“I know.”

“So what did you get?”

“I don’t think it’s important anymore.”

“Sure, it is. I DID ask. I could’ve just not.”

“I got a 90.”

“What? Wow……”

“I know!”

“Well, this is just like communism.”

“No matter how someone works, they get all the same.”

“So what was the point?”

“To learn and expand knowledge.”

“But what does that say when I don’t listen and got a higher grade than the person who paid the MOST attention.”

“The odds were just in your favor.”

“Happy Hunger Games!”

“Said Effie Trinket.”

“Says Me.”

“Have fun with that.”

After 1st period, we had advisement. But this no ordinary advisement. Juniper had to teach us about the almost the EXACT THING we learned last advisement. But this time, we had to close our eyes in the beginning. Then Juniper put stickers on our heads. Then we all headed into the hallway and got into groups. Pansy, I, and Calore decided to be outcasts. Just for the fun of it. So we were separate. Everyone else, however, had found their people.

Juniper sighed and started,”You guys were supposed to generally join up with people of your sticker color.”

But no one knew their color. -_-  ,”Why are you three all a group in yourselves?”

“No one said we couldn’t.”, Calore said. Anyways, I was the only person to notice that one girl’s was a rectangle.

Juniper pulled that person from their group and started talking about isolation and friendliness and everything from the last advisement. The irony in it all is that Juniper is definitely not the person to be talking about this because he tend to be prejudice, A LOT.

After the activity, I asked what color my sticker was. I got four responses:

“It’s Yellow.”, said someone.

“It’s Purple.”, said Hyacinth,

“It’s Orange”., said Cadenza.

“It’s Green.”, said Arco. 

How the heck was I supposed to know who was lying?

I slowly peeled it off my face and it was:                                                                                                                                       Green.

“It’s Green?”, I questioned.

“Well, you didn’t think I was going to lie. Especially over something trivial like that.”, He retorted.

“But it’s green?”

“Yeah, like mine.” He pointed to his. I sat there in Awe. Then Juniper showed us a ‘Kid President’ video and it was so inspirational I ACTUALLY teared up.

Arco said,” I have no idea what to do right now. Are you…. okay?”

“Yeah, fine.”

“You don’t look it.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Why are you apologizing?”

“I don’t know.”

“Me neither, but it’s certainly getting you nowhere.”

He was right, it was getting me nowhere. But it wasn’t like it was going to take me anywhere.

In LA, we had to look up more facts for our argumentative essay. It was hard to focus though. Why? BECAUSE ASTER WOULD NOT BE QUIET. And she was being pretty funny. But it got annoying. Plus it was hard not to laugh at what she was saying. But because of her, I got only half done. She yelled, “BE QUIET, GINGER!” when he was telling her to stop talking.

In Spanish, Amaryllis’s group was first to go and it did not go well. Mr. Firth began to ask random questions that he never told us he was going to ask. It made her group look REALLY bad. I felt sorry for her. He was shouting in her face, and that wasn’t fair. Then He got mad at ALL OF US, over something that was his mistake. He made us write down 325 questions and answers in English and Spanish.



In Orchestra, we went over the judge’s sheet for the pieces we played. (If you want to know what songs we played and how they sound, see: LGPE & Violapalooza.) Most of what I thought was on there. We got to debate over some points and improve our pieces.

In Science, we got a list of Genetic Disorders and a preferences paper for the field trip with our quiz. The quiz was pretty easy. The preferences paper were about who we wanted to Bunk with. I put down Lily, Daffodil, and Cambiare. Of course, I was only half listening…. I was reading A REALLY GOOD BOOK! She said they all had to be on your team. Cambiare was not. Oops! The list of genetic disorders was for a project we are going to begin soon. We have to choose our top 5 by Monday. I knew a lot about Duchenne’s so I chose that and I wasn’t so sure on the rest. There were 32 options and I can be indecisive.

Math was going over the same packet that got me points with the universe. But there was one problem missing and Mrs. Crow were about to collect them.

“Mrs. Crow, here’s a group that hasn’t gone.” Aria started hiding in her hoodie and Willow looked away.

“Oh, its just Aria and Willow!”

“I would have questioned my grading if they didn’t go.”

“You’ll be FINE.” 🙂 The rest of the period flew by.

Later that day, I got a picture message of Arco outside the animal shelter 3 miles from my place with a VERY adorable German Shepard.

“Why are you at the animal shelter?”

“I volunteer there.”

“Ohh. Okay.”

“Isn’t she beautiful?”


“I’m thinking of naming her Moonlight…. What do you think?”

“I like it! But I also like Shadow.”

“So let’s name her Moonlight Shadow.”

“That is brilliant.”

“I try. BTW, I’ll have be on the road soon.”


“I’m going to Savannah to clean some beaches with a volunteer group.”


“I’ll be there until Sunday morning.”

“I’m going to Violapalooza on Saturday!”

“Cool! Even though Cellos are the best.”

“You wish.”

“My wish has come true a long while ago.”



“Do me a favor and BRING MEH BACK A SEASHELL!”

“I will.”

“Thanks, Mr. Volunteer!”

“It’s time to get on the road.”

“Have fun!!”

“Oh, I will.”


Forgive my soul, please.

Float in the CyberSpace!


19 thoughts on “Volunteers, Violapalooza, & Pre-LGPE?!

      1. Meanwhile, in band, I’m going to be in the Strawberry Festival parade! In front of the whole City!! :0

        I’m mexican and I can speak and read spanish, but I lost my skills in writing Spanish when I was little.

  1. So much is going on the 2nd semester!

    Oh and I got my report card yesterday. I got
    Straight A’s but one B in math…


    Now I’m calm… i had an 86% in math…I WAS SOOO CLOSE TO GETTING ALL A’S… and so did Dorian…lol!

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