Hey girlies! (If y’all don’t know what Violapalooza is, look at: LGPE & Violapalooza!)  So Violapalooza was Last Saturday and it was pretty fun. I met new people who LOVE THE SAME INSTRUMENT AS ME!!!! DOESN’T THAT SOUND GREAT?!

Sorry, had some chocolate sorrows earlier.

But Aria and I got to the school early at 8. Actual Violapalooza began at 9:15. So we got to fool around at school. We basically walked in all the connection classes and skipped and ran in the halls. But after we helped Ms. Anima with some set up, of course.

The grades were sanctioned to different rooms. 7th grade was in the Band room, 6th grade was in the gym, and 8-12 were in the Orchestra room. We had a few people in the Band room when it was 9. But no one wanted to do anything but sit.

So being the outcasts, Aria and I began talking and playing our pieces. Soon after, people began playing their other pieces and soon it was a boisterous mess of violas! IT WAS HORRENDOUS!!! 😀 😀 😀 (I’M SAYING THIS WITH PURE JOY!!!!!) Soon our mentor came in and she was really nice and funny. We had three 45 minute blocks for Violapalooza for it was until 1:30pm. 

The first block was used to teach  one version out of the two of the same song: Bouree by George Fredrich Handel. The first version was from Water Music and it was Allegro.

That’s what it sound like except it’s the A line. I couldn’t find the B-Line which is what Aria and I’s half of the room played.

The second version was the actual one by Handel. We had to play the A-line which sounds VERY close the video above just that there are 3 different notes not being played.

After that block, we left to the cafeteria where Torie and I had to lead them to because we were the only ones from our middle school at Violapalooza. Only ones. In the cafeteria, there was a recital and we all got raffle tickets. The songs sounded AMAZEBALLS!!! Aria was recording it with her Canon camera but this girl’s hair was getting the way and she was in the front seat in front of the violists and it got Torie frustrated. The songs and the players, respectively at Violapalooza: Canzonetta by Thomas Morley, played by Lauren Burns Hodges, Julian Morales, and Darrel Jones,

Prelude and Fugue by William Boyce, played by Lauren Burns Hodges, Julian Morales, and Darrel Jones, 

Three Salon Pieces for Viola & Piano: Nocturne, Op. 11 no. 3 by Anton Rubinstein, played by Lauren Burns Hodges and Lyle Indergaard.

Sonata for Viola and Piano in E-flat, Op. 120, No. 2:Allegro Amabile, Allergro Appassionato, & Andante con moto – Allegro by Johannes Brahms, played by Lauren Burns Hodges and Lyle Indergaard.

Yeah, so after the MARVELOUS recital, we got to ask the lead violist, Lauren Burns Hodges, some questions about how its like to be a PROFESSIONAL violist. Then the raffles began! It was so loud in there, but we violas be cray. LOLZ. That’s what Aria literally said. There were raffling for pitch pipes, Music socks (They were the main attraction and they LOOKED FABULOUS!!),Vibrato books,magic rosin, viola pins, viola mutes, bowing books, viola earrings…… YOU NAME IT! Torie and I didn’t win anything but it was fun looking at them.

I got a text message after the raffle “Are you having fun @ Violapalooza? Even though Cellos are better.”

It was from Arco.

“Yeah, I am. And Violas are better because WE VIOLAS BE CRAY!”


“You have to have been here. How’s Savannah?”

“It’s great, we actually have a good view of the beaches.”

“That’s luckiness right there. finished watching a recital.”

Aria took my phone and typed, “WE VIOLAS ARE CRAY!” and got a lot of violas into a selfie!

“Wow, so many people!”

“That was Aria! BUT IT’S TRUE!”

“You are really enjoying yourself aren’t you.”

“Yep, and now I have to go so see you later.”

After that block, we went back to the Band Room to practice some more before lunch time. We were making really progress too. It came to lunch time and we all walked back to the cafeteria. We had A Chick-Fil-A sandwich, a GIANT cookie, some Waffle Fries, and Bottled water. During the Lunch, the teachers were giving out the Violapalooza shirts. I also noticed someone else was here, which I was shocked because I  thought he was a Violin. The teachers also allowed us to use our phones because, well, WE VIOLAS BE CRAY.

Aria and I sat at our usual Lunch Table,usual seats. Then the table slowly filled up. Then our table became pretty full. I began label the races of who usually sat there, which was REALLY odd. The people sitting where Willow, Aster, and Carnation sat, reminded me of other people. One reminded me of Channel, one reminded of Coast, and the other reminded be of Brio. They were all boys.

Aria began to start calling Willow and sat in a corner while the rest of us were being weird. Soon enough we got our Violapalooza shirts. It was red and they looked pretty cool! Aria took another selfie with violas wearing their red shirts. I sent it and said, “This is the dream.” 

After lunch we had 15 more minutes to practice the other version before the 8th-12th orchestra would perform the song Violapalooza (Yes, there’s an actual song for it.) We ended up playing the first version though. They played Violapalooza for us and then we played for them. After 5 minutes, we found out we couldn’t keep the music but were able to take photos of it so that’s what we did. Then it was time to go. Aria and I stayed behind to help clean up, but honestly that had to be the best day ever.

Float in The CyberSpace!


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