Why My Presidents’ Day Has Been Dull

Hey girlies. So here in America, it’s President’s Day to commemorate two of our most famous presidents: Abraham  Lincoln and George Washington. That means we got a break off of school. Tbh, breaks aren’t the best days at my house. There’s screaming, pranking, , chaos, neediness, and not the peace and quiet I get during RAM time. My mom doesn’t like breaks either because my siblings NEVER LEAVE HER ALONE. Once she tells them to go away, they come back 2 minutes later. Same thing with me.

All I’ve doing all day is working on homework. Sure, there was the occasional break but the rest : Just Homework.

And I guess I’ll have an extra day to finish. Why?

Because they cancelled school for potentially icy roads. It’s a good reason considering I saw many flurries this afternoon. But my county rarely cancels school. Remember that freeze over last year with the awful snow and ice? (If you don’t live in America, you probably won’t catch my drift[Not saying snow is awful but I mean it was WAY TOO MUCH].) We had to go to school for about 3/4ths of that. That was awful because the heating was weak and needed repair in the school, and the buses weren’t warmed up. Most of us froze like popsicles in Antarctica. Some of us were okay. Then the least of us were feeling so warm, the Most of us called them Alaskans.

Well, this was short.

Float in The Freezing CyberSpace.


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