Newspaper to LGPE!

(I wrote this days ago (Thursday of last week) but It didn’t post.)

Okay, this post is for today. Why? Because I FELT LIKE IT!!! (Imagine that in a HAPPY, ENERGETIC voice not a bossy one.) I now can see why someone would take it the wrong way.

But today was good, I guess. I just got back from LGPE.

Let me tell you, this morning was meh. I put on my concert attire to school because I didn’t feel like changing out during Science. And I nearly left my phone on the bus.

So I went to school with my concert attire, pretty proud of how efficient I was…. Until I noticed almost no one else was wearing theirs. All of people decided they would dress out during Science. Cadenza and I were our own group of concert black attire…. psh. 

Yes, she is weird. I am WAY weirder than her though.

So in Mr. Grouse’s room all we did was go over the Test Study Guide, watch a small Discovery Channel Video, and then play Kahoot. Lets just say, things were more competitive than usual. That is VERY bad. It was very bad. People were attempting to take phones and put in wrong answers. The usual competitive people.

After class ended I took off to Newspaper Club. The section I got, out of the deplorable ones, was App Of The Month. This was the only one I didn’t mind. But before we got to work, She made us do another get to know each other activity. We had to say the worst thing we’ve ever eaten. I don’t know about you, but I’VE never eaten anything weird. The answers varied from Squirrel Brain to Cow Tongue to Pig Feet to Cow Eyes. I was partially disturbed.

I had a lot of girls in with me. Corda looked up and stared at Arco for the longest time. (Person B, anyone?)He was looking at the ceiling, looking at something yet nothing. You know how people put their arm on a desk and rest their head on their fist or hand and sigh? Like this?

Right then.

I just wanted to…. but growing up having to conceal feelings is really effective.

 We had to assign jobs within a group, which was the first thing first. (I’m the REALEST! Sorry.)

I chose to be editor, while others were typing and researching. Arco was saying nothing which now becoming a regular commodity to his life at school.

I suggested that we take initiative and we look at app stores and check out the top app lists. 

Corda said we should come up with  a list of  what apps would be on this list. Even though Mazus had JUST said it 3 seconds earlier.

Then she said, “Arco, isn’t that a FABULOUS idea? Arco. Arco!”

“What is it?” he sighed, clearly sounding tired with a hint of agitation. (Which I don’t blame him for.) She batted her eyes, flipped her hair,

“Isn’t my idea better than what she (referring to me) came up with? Or better yet, isn’t it the best?”

The girls’ reactions: -_- , -___- , 😑, 😠, 😐, 😒, `_` .

And then they stared at us three. I wanted to melt in my chair because I don’t like it when attention is called towards me.

“I-. I think that hers was better because we are looking at actual statistics not what we think. But making a list m-might be good ,too.” I met a glare colder than the outside in Alaska.

So we all meshed ideas, more like one girl said nothing and we all contributed some.

But we came up with a list kind of like this:
Fun Run
Fun Run 2
Crossy Road
Candy Crush
Candy Crush Soda
Trivia Crack

Then we all realized that these decisions were one sided. Well, almost. We needed more Male input, after all he was the only guy. But he was out of ideas and so were we. The only thing Corda and I agreed on was Episode and I was trying to be nice. She was warming up and then she looked at Arco and froze up quicker than you can say Butterfingers! (Get IT??! Probably Not.)

And then we realized again that Arco hadn’t picked a position.

“Arco, you’re going to have pick a position. So why not join me! We can just switch you out with Nikki right here. So you can with me even more than just lab partners!” Cue eyes batting again. Again, I would really like to…. but I didn’t.

And boy am I glad, Arco isn’t those boys who fall for girls who over-do it a bit too much, or at all. The girl was mortified and she wasn’t about correct Corda.

Mazus corrected her.

“Really isn’t that close.”, I piped up. “No one WAS ASKING.”  She snarled at us. 
Revisit the girls’ reaction earlier in this post.

Ageratum is a outloud person so she was going to say this (she told me she wanted to say this later in Spanish), “I don’t think that’s fair, Corda. Baneberry really wanted this job and you have no right to move her around just because you want to be close to Arco. And you don’t have to bully her (Myself again) over it. BTW, if you haven’t noticed Arco will always like her better than a bossy, mean plastic girl. (GET THAT REFERENCE?! I am OLD.)”

Yet, she didn’t.

So Mazus did. “I think Baneberry wanted this first so I think she should keep it.”

“Whatever, not so nice word.”

Then Ageratum was going to go off. “WHAT DID YOU JUST CALL HER…”

Then the teacher came by and said, “How’s it going everyone?” 


“Pretty Good.”


“They keep bashing my ideas.”

Wanna guess who THAT was?

“Well, you guys have to accept everyone’s opinions, okay?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“What’s AA?”

“It’s this game where…” we all began at once.

But we let Ageratum finish because knows it was better for her to put her energy into saying that instead of what she was GOING to say.

“And what’s Wattpad?”

“It’s a place where you can stories.”, I stated, “It’s commonly used by the girls at the school.”

“Okay,then. Keep working!”

“What TYPE of stories do the girls write on there?”, Cale asked.

“Uhhh..” All the girls had gone into awkward mode.

“They write, um, fan fics.”

“Fan fics?”  

“Yeah. (Especially about the boys at this school.)” I didn’t say the last part because It would be even MORE awkward.

After the teacher left, they picked up right where they started. “Why don’t I just join editing with you?”, Arco said. Everyone stopped, gaped and stared.

When you think of those words being said plainly, they aren’t a big deal.

But you know when someone says something, but its in such a tone that it seems to mean something else…. Yea….
It sounded like something a guy would say with a smirk and a bit flirtatious, if you ask me.
But eh, I know nothing about flirting.

I was GOING to say, “Yeah, I’d like that.” then wink. (Okay not the wink part, I am a very introverted person and that’s a bit extreme for me. Plus after that, I might be the victim of 1ST DEGREE MURDER.)

But then Corda gave me a look that said, “You agree with him and work with him and I will ruin your life as you know it.”

So I stuttered, “I-I,think you m-might want to join…”

At that point, I had found a loophole, “Mazus and Ageratum with typing!”

If I couldn’t agree nor work with him, there was ANOTHER SECTION!
I am a genius. Or so I thought.

“And why do you think I would be better at typing?” He smiled.

I was trapped. Like Checkmate but worse. A frienemy, a guy friend, 2 friends, and a quiet 8th grader all looking and surrounding ME.
My life doesn’t get anymore pathetic than this.

“I-I just think that when you type, I would be good to correct you because I-I always correct your grammatical errors when we text each other.”

That last one ended in a squeak because I had just dug myself a bigger hole.

“So why don’t you just… teach me while we work together?”
And then he winked.
And then my casket was ready for burial.
There was no getting out of this.

I wasn’t trying to compete with her, just that if I let my friend date her, he would be in a ton of misery I don’t him to go through.

“Well, that’s because she’s smarter and does the High School last period. And what? Yeah, she won the Geography Bee!” Ageratum said.

I was astonished that the teacher wasn’t hearing the argument.
The girl that Corda messed her name up finally said something,”Okay, can y’all stop it! Except for you two, you’re in you’re own little world.”

She paused because Corda looked like she wanted to explode. “Corda and I are doing research, Mazus and Ageratum are typing, and YOU TWO ARE EDITING. Did I make myself CRYSTAL CLEAR?”, We all nodded in intimidation.

“Good!” she sat back, waiting for something.

But God knows what it was.

“So I guess we are working together.”, I stated. “Yeah.” Awkward silence.

“I hope nothing like that NEVER happens again.”

“A lot of things happened, you’ll need to be specific.”

“Just the whole thing. I don’t know why she acts like that when you’re around.”

And I thought I was oblivious.

But one, that’s mean.
2, it makes me worse than Corda.
3, I just don’t even want to begin with it because I’m done.

In LA, we had a substitute. All we had to do was Read “The Noble Experiment” an excerpt from Jackie Robinson’s Auto Biography. Then we had to fill out this chart where we write a quote of a section of the excerpt, write what it means and then write why it matters. We had to do this 12 times and get in a group of three. So while my brain replaying what happened only 5 minutes ago in my head over and over, Willow and Aster dragged me over to them. I was snapped out of it when Willow says, “Do you think she’s traumatized?” 

You could say that but more like,” WHAT IN THE WORLDS JUST HAPPENED?”

I was fine however and we finished it by 5 minutes until class finished. At Lunch, Aster and I were talking about PLL and its first few seasons. Well, more like Aster was doing the talking and I was partially out of it and partially listening. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, sure, why?”

“Because you nearly dumped your meatball in the ranch dressing you were going to use for your Parmesan Salad.”  


“So did something happen?”

“Not exactly.”

“What do you mean not exactly?”

“I don’t want to talk about it.”

“Fine, I won’t push. And we sat in silence.

During Spanish, we had another substitute. This substitute did ABSOLUTELY nothing. Like nothing. He just let us do whatever. So I read my little heart out. After Spanish was dismissed, Arco and Cambiare asked me what they were going to do in Spanish.

Out of my peripherals, I saw Corda glaring. “We have a… substitute. Yeah and he lets you do just about anything!”

“Thanks, see you later!”

Corda had disappeared at that point so I waltzed into the Orchestra room. More people were in concert attire and the guys actually made an attempt to be gentleman like. Some of them, even ARPEGGIO, looked half decent. His cello looked pretty though, I won’t lie.

What we did in Orchestra was go over what we will do at LGPE and practiced our weak spots.

To be honest,when I got to Science I wanted to get out to go to LGPE.

I must have that out loud because Arco turned and said, “Yeah, me too.”

“What are you guys talking about?” Corda intervened.


“Yep. Nothing.” Corda glared and then turned around.  I shrugged.

While we were in the computer lab for your projects, everyone (Orchestra everyone , I mean.) began to exit to change out. The teacher then made a giant announcement over it and then said, “THIS ISN’T AN EXCUSE TO EXTEND THIS A DAY.”

Even though no one asked for an extension. At 2:35, two people came in to get us. And then I had to wait for Hyacinth. Shortly after when we hit the stairs, a school-wide announcement for 7th grade LGPE people to get to the Orchestra room. The orchestra room was a bustling crowd of black clad people.

Arco was playing the piano and everyone else was sitting/standing around in their instrument sections. Except me. In the beginning, I was being nice to everyone and saying hi.

Then I was peering over the piano while he was playing it. “That was great! Was that Fur Elise?”

“Yeah, it was! Thanks.”

You know when people stare each other when they are thinking about them and stuff….Yep.

“Come on! The violas have been looking for you!” That moment was interrupted by Cambiare.

“Oh, really? I’ll be there!” She nodded.

“Well, until soon.” And then I was dragged over to the Viola section.

“So how was you guys’ day?” Various Answers. We got into a good conversation until we had to get up to get to get on the buses. 7A had to be on one bus and 7B had to be on another bus.

Before that, someone asked me a question I didn’t expect,” What is UP with you and Arco?”

“W-What do you mean?”

“Well in the group chat, there’s always some type of argument or something. Then you guys are besties, then enemies, and then acquaintances. You two are confusing. Almost like a couple that’s been together for like 12 years.”

“Well, we are really close and when we argue, it’s only because one we are just messing with each other or it’s something important to us. We’re just friends.”


Now you know how I said lived close to the High School and my bus drops kids off there. Well, I’ve never actually BEEN IN IT. So I was like a surprised lost puppy. We went to the cafeteria where it was the unloading area for us to get out our instruments, get something to eat, tune and practice. I was talking to my friends for the most part. And then I began to practice until it was tuning time.

Carnation was in the line too with someone else. “Look his shoe is going to speak to us!”, she laughed as he was flapping the bottom part of his loafer up and down like it was speaking.

“Food Court?”, I wondered as my eyes landed on the signs: International, Pizza, Garden, Regular, and Dessert.

When we got to the practice room, it was the High School Chorus Room and it was HUGE! And the seats were REALLY comfortable. The seating chart was almost exactly like the concert. Aria’s viola was out of tune when she sat down and she and Arpeggio got into a GIANT argument over if he untuned or not. A verdict has not been determined. But just practicing in that room was awesome because the acoustics in there were WONDERFUL.

There was one time when someone was complaining that it was hot in the room and then Impatiens said, “Oh, it must be because I’m in here.” Mostly everyone laughed but Cambiare wasn’t at all enthusiastic towards the remark.

Soon enough it was showtime. Ms. Anima said we would be graded before we play on our demeanor when we walk on the stage…. Our orchestra couldn’t even get themselves together in the HALLWAY WAITING. I mean here’s our line. The 1st violins are well… first. Then the 2nd violins, violas, cellos, and then basses. Let’s go from the 1st violins to half of the violas. We were quiet by whispering. Then take the other half of the violas, the first half of the cellos, and all the basses were SO LOUD. It was as if they were screaming. Cambiare was whispering to me how “Impatiens takes everything as a joke.” “It wasn’t that necessary.” But somehow I feel that’s not why she wasn’t happy.

When we got on the stage, it was like a switch went on and EVERYONE SHUT UP. There was these bright lights on the front sides of the stage which were REALLY bright. Unfortunately for me, I had to sit in the path of that light making it hard for me to see my music. Luckily, I memorized my music so it was pretty easy. We had mini breaks to tune, or fix anything like broken strings.

Yes, these things can just happen in the middle of nowhere.

In fact, after Moonlight Tango,( the concert order was Dramatic Essay, Moonlight Tango, then Little Symphony) multiple violas including I, had to tune our G string.

Overall, I feel like we did great. Marvelous even.

Then we watched the elite high school orchestra and they were beautiful like they deserve all superior!

Then we had to depart. I went home with my aunt because I live a few walks from there. Mostly everyone else went on the bus which I wanted to go on but Oh well.

 I heard we got…..

OVERALL SUPERIORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DANCE PARTAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





So, before I knew that….Cadenza was talking Arpeggio’s eyes and how she loves how Hazel they are. She was sending pictures and everything and it was……WOW. And it was in a group chat with Bight so things got awkward quick after. 

SO after that, and after the SUPERIORS! I told Arco and we were texting like CRAZIES! LIKE ALL CAPS AND EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!

We are so ridiculous. I also told him about the Arpeggio thing. He said they might as well go out. I neer gave much thought but THAT COULD TOTALLY WORK.

I mean, I can actually picture it.


THIS DAY WENT FOR BETTER AND NOTHING DUANA CAN DO TO BRING DOWN, but God knows I need to get my feelings sorted out and soon.

Float in the WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL CyberSpace!


15 thoughts on “Newspaper to LGPE!

  1. Meanwhile I have a lot of drama in my life.
    -Logan found out
    -School Fun (not really drama, but just funny moments)
    -Dorian and Bella are mad at Sarai
    And a lot of other drama :/

    Middle school=drama

    Oh and it’s gonna get even crazier with the Strawberry Festival starting this Thursday.

      I mean, Duana is giving me a ton of crap over Cale, I shouldn’t have a problem with it if she does want him. Why did I say shouldn’t?
      Are they mad because Sarai told Logan? Is that even the case?
      Did he find out for himself or did someone say?
      Gosh, 7th grade middle school is not going so hot.
      Anyways, #thingscantgorightforgirlsanymoreimnotevenkiddingweneedsomepeaceinourmindsforonce

      1. No Sarai and her friend Karley..

        So we were playing four square, and I was talking to this guy Eriberto. My friend Lupe asked me if I liked Eriberto, and I said “No, remember I like Logan?” Well, this girl from last year, Diana, said “Oh Logan already knows.” Then Dorian asked how, and she said
        “Logan came up to me in spanish and asked me if I knew a Karla D. I said yes and he asked me if she like me and I said I don’t know. Maybe” and Dorian and all of us were shocked. Logan asked her because in the rest of his classes, one of us 5 are in his classes, expect spanish. And when we gave Logan a crush on Feb.14, he knew it must have been one of us 5 so the only person who could like him is me…and also, everyone is starting to find out I like Logan..and I barely talk to him this year. But we don’t know if Diana was telling the truth, and Diana barely even knows me! But she might have said the truth because lately, Logan has been watching me, Dorian, Bella, Sarai and Alicia more and more…

      2. I don’t really know, but Dorian is mad because that was her job to tell Logan.. XD
        But Dorian says she’ll give the final proof to Logan on the last week of school. Then next year…yikes.

      3. Besides Logan, the only people I TOLD that I like Logan is-
        And Diana found out.

        And other people like Logan’s friend also found out, a few months ago he asked me if I liked him and I said no but he said “yeah you do!”
        And I think one of the girls that like Logan also suspects.

        But enough about Logan, now I gotta worry about how I’m gonna need a therapist or someone to take all the stress away.

  2. Ugh I know what you mean. People alway ship themselves and their friends with people.

    I was in Maine for vacation and I was siting with my dad outside because to was GORGEOUS and he was asking about how old this neighbor was compared to me (slightly older, same grade) and then he’s like ‘future boyfriend’ and I’m Legit sitting there willing my dad to shut up. Yes, I go biking with him durring the summer, but that’s only because he’s the only kid my age in the neighborhood and I can’t go by myself! Parents are so clueless!!!! Like anyone could tell I’m crushing on Kevin, but they have no clue about that.

    1. I’m really sorry about that. I like to write a lot so the details are vivid but I’m working on shortening some posts as well. Thanks, for your recommendation and I’ll put it under consideration! 🙂

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