I Feel So Honored…

Hey girlies! So the post title already describes my mood so no need explaining my mood.

So I just want to say something, it’s like mini little announcement but not really one and I want to get it off my chest. I had to rush to my computer before I got caught up in Math and Science Homework.

So I went to the DMIGA Awards chatzies and voted before I forgot to (Thanks Amy for the reminder post! 🙂 ). I looked at the votes and I was surprised. People voted for me even in categories I didn’t feel I belonged in.

[Cue tears coming now.]

I’m just so honored JUST to be nominated, sure winning would be great and all, but when people actually nominate you… It just makes you feel appreciated and great. 

I can’t stress enough how honored I feel to voted for, because to quote an Austin & Ally episode, “It’s not really the destination that matters but the journey.” People take the time to just watch or in this case read you and just… 

I’m sorry my happy joy tears are ripping my focus away.

That’s not the only reason I feel honored though.

I’m just glad so many people like and follow and comment on my posts.

I came here not expecting much. It was really just Me, Ariya (Auburn Cookie), Juliet and KittyCat shortly after. I thought, well,  some people from DD will come but no one else.

But look at how much this community has grown! We’ve gained some and lost some but this community is STRONGER than it ever was 2 years ago where it all started. 

All these people take the time and effort to look, like, follow, and read on OUR BLOGS. They could ignore them but they take that time.


I ESPECIALLY appreciate it when you girlies take the time to read my posts, because God knows my posts are usually longer than one sheet of paper! I honestly do.

Even when I went on little hiatuses, you were still there for me.

So Thank You EVERYONE. YES, EVEN YOU! (Points to person who goes “Who? Me?”) YEAH!


And now we have to give up for Ariya, who kept this ship ship-shape while Juliet was gone and I was on my hiatuses.


And If You Ever feel like, no one cares about your life or anything…..

We Are ALL in this together.

From Boys, to Craziness, to Driving, to TV, Grieving…..

We Are All In This Together.

[Cue the song from High School Musical]

Oh my gosh, 

I just seriously wrote a speech for the DMIGA award show without knowing it.

Reblog if you want to!

Float in the Honorable CyberSpace!


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