Career Day

Hey, Girlies! The snow didn’t entirely melt but the roads weren’t icy so my county let us go to school today. To be honest, I missed it a ton. We were the only Georgia county mild – severely affected by the storms. Most people were shaking their heads at that.  But it wasn’t like I was going to any classes today, it was Career Day (hence the title). Also it was Early Release. Which means exactly how it sounds but I’ll explain it anyway

For Career Day, we had to stay in Homeroom. Well, everyone but the Career Ambassors. But that’s besides the point. Homeroom was pretty rowdy though mostly about people despising my county for the ^^^. And then a bunch of other stuff. To Be Honest, I  was immensely, intensely, nervous. I’m not the best person to be speaking with strangers. I don’t deal well with new people in real life anywho.
But I adapt.

The first presenter was a  Digital Business Systems Architect. If you’ve seen the touch-screen Coca-Cola machines, know he was on the programming team to make those. Aren’t they COOL, though?

He also showed us some coding skills, some I did, some I didn’t know. Ben knew a lot of things about coding which I wasn’t really surprised by. But everyone else for some reason was.

After he was done, you know, Finch and I had to introduce ourselves, help carry his stuff, and take him to the next homeroom. The presenter in that homeroom, however, was running over Coincidentally, it was his daughter’s homeroom teacher. When he waved and mouthed, “Hi, honey!’, she sank in her seat and made that face that says, “I’m never going to live this down.”

Finch and I got back to homeroom in the middle of another presentation, which was  a flight attendant. Her presentation was pretty funny, I must admit. We even got airplane wings!  The thing was that we only had Connection B and it was right after the presentation. She had a TON of stuff and on top of that I already had to carry my bookbag and instrument. But I did everything I was told, and helped all the way to the Student Services Suite. Inside was so cool though, and we got shirts for helping out with Career Day!


I was late to Orchestra and my arms felt a tad too sore for playing but it warmed up soon enough. We learned about triplets. NOT LIKE THE BIRTH TRIPLETS, musical triplets yet the are still three notes but they’re not necessarily the same notes….

Walking to homeroom, I noticed that all the light’s were off. “

Mr. Firth never turns off the lights unless there was a movie.” I wonderd, “And the scheduled release of connections 3 minutes ago and no one has come out.”

But I went on my way assuming that maybe they were upstairs and already on their way up. 

Then I got to homeroom.

It was Mazus, Willow, Arco and Bight-less all of which were in Spanish right now. And everyone was supposed be in homeroom 10 minutes ago.

Then my mind went a bazillion places, until the door was accidentally opened harshly and the Spanish connection B people came in. They were 20 minutes late.

That could’ve put Career Day behind and out of order. And I was calming myself down. Or attempting was at the least.

“Why were you late?”, I mouthed to Willow.

“Mr. Firth’s clock is freaking broken! It was hilarious when we came out and it looked like a ghost town. People were freaking out.”


Our next presenter was an attorney! The attorney’s presentation had some good quotes on there, and she was laid-back! I find law pretty cool and I might actually do it one day if I wasn’t planning on being a doctor, marine biologist, or an author. Yep, I really can’t decide what job I want. But I guess that’s why we have Career Day.

The next place for me to go as a Career Day Ambassador was my honorary’s sister, let’s call her Artemisia, classroom and she was in there so when she saw me, she said my name a TAD too loud but I waved hi and introduced the attorney.

Lunch was a nightmare. We HAD to sit with our homeroom, something we’ve never had to do. Not being able to sit anywhere else, Thuy-Nhi and I had to sit at…. the Deep End. The Deep End varies in location and table which makes quite oxymoronical (I made that word up) that I said the Deep END. But in this place, it was the end of the table. I had to sit at that end of the table where all the guys that make those sexist, innuendo jokes. And worse. They were even singing the LITTLE EINSTEINS THEME SONG and that is being SO overused. To make matters worse, I forgot to bring a BOOK WITH ME. So I was basically miserable.

From the good end of the table, Arco mouthed at me,”What’s wrong with you?”

“I’m in misery land, that’s what.” And I made a large hand motion that nearly hit Willow.

“Don’t you have a book?”

“NO! And I was at the good part of The Witch At BlackBird Pond!” And all he did was laugh.

“Real supportive.”, I muttered while poking at my salad.

The next presenter was to be the last presenter of the day. School was ending at around 1:45 and people couldn’t WAIT to get home! I really wished school was longer but eh, What Can I Do?

This presenter actually had two different careers. She was a respiratory therapist and then she became a sales associate at Mary Kay. My mom had a part-time at Mary Kay so I knew some things.
I refused to wear the makeup Mary Kay makes though.
I just don’t like makeup. \_(o_o)_/

She had a TON of candy though and ALL the kids that usually misbehaving were on their “best behavior”. Stack literally asked after he answered a question, “So will I be getting my candy now or nah?”

Mr. Grouse face-palmed himself and shook his head in his hands. You could say people in my class are fake, which I won’t argue with you after that.

I was getting a little bored towards the end of the presentation so I stared at the wall with A+ assignments, many of which were mine. So I just shifted my eyes some to the word wall that Arco just slightly sits in front of? And then I looked at him and smiled at him. He smiled back then I may or may not have shifted a little to look at the word wall and Arco at the same time but making it look like 7/8ths of my attention was on the Word Wall?

Then as to shake me from a slumber, a guy said pretty loudly at the last minute of the presentation, “Who are you staring at?”

I began stutter, “N-no one. I was looking at the Word Wall.” This was 7/8ths true.

“Were you looking at… Arco?” he whispered. “Nope. I was looking at the Word Wall.” “And then looking at Arco.”

“I wasn’t. (for the most part).” I muttered.

“Does someone like Arco?”, Hyacinth asked.

“No, I don’t like Arco!” Then the guy, Hyacinth and Pansy all said in unison,”Uh-Huh. Riiiiiight.”

I tried to put what happened just seconds ago out of my mind as I helped the last presenter to the SSS (Student Services Suite). Walking back, all the adults we helped, showered us in candy. Like seriously.

And as if the whole staring fiasco wasn’t enough embarrassment, walking to the busses Coast took my viola told me to shh… And then he was telling some pretty funny jokes when…. these TALL, I mean gigantic, 8th graders came out of FREAKING NOWHERE.

They were like,”Hey, COAST.” Then they shoved Coast.

I didn’t know about him but I was terrified. “Who’s THIS?” I flinched thinking they would shove me as well.

“Well aren’t you SCARED?” I flinched again.

“Coast, did you finally become not a loner and get yourself a girl?”

“NO-NO-NO-NO-NO-N-N-N-N-O-O-O-!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” We both said.


“See you, Coast.” And I got on my bus.

I know what you’re thinking:


And yes, I nearly left it with Coast. I was walking on my bus when I realized: COAST HAS MY VIOLA.

So I got off the bus, caught up to Coast before he got on his bus, got my viola, and ran to my my bus again.

And then on top of that, The eight graders from before were like, “(Cue Wolf Whistle)

Ben’s girl came back for more!”

“I am not he is not my boyfriend!” “She is not my girlfriend!”


I was mortified and embarrassed.

Float in the embarrassing CyberSpace.

DISCLAIMER: My Internet has been acting wonky and I wrote this on Thursday but it didn’t post because GEORGIA WEATHER! -_-  I got 16 views over the weekend and comments but I didn’t know because GEORGIA WEATHER.


4 thoughts on “Career Day

  1. Okay, that’s werid that you’re above me and our weather is completely different.

    You end school at 1:45??? Lucky!

    I start at 9:00 to 4:15 but on Mondays we start 9:00 to 3:15.

    I really wish there was a “Best person who writes the best posts” award because your posts are always great!

    1. This is the second year I ever said I hated school because in 1st grade, I had this really mean teacher who HATED kids and told us, and this year I love all my classes expect math, and I never told anyone but, um..

      So when my civics teacher says “We have 5 min left of class,” my body starts shaking and when the bell rings, my stomach feels pain and when I walk into class I say “Here I go” and when I sit down I feel like I’m gonna ride a really scary roller coaster.

      And my body shakes the entire class when the bell rings and I walk to Ag I feel happy again and my body no longer shakes and I say “Survived again today”

    2. Thanks, Karla. I think because The Gulf Stream(if you know what that is) that’s making it warmer for you. I live in the inside northern-middle of the state of Georgia, I’m colder here. Ending school at 1:45 is just something that happens for conferences on a random Wednesday and Thursday of the new semester hence EARLY RELEASE. It isn’t ordinary. This happens for only Elementary and Middle Schools though here. School usually ends at 4:00 but I don’t usually get home until 4:45.

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