Random Thoughts #765840

Hey, girlies! This is to make up for not having one last week! Enjoy!

Well, my life doesn’t get more pathetic than this.

So we went from like: Classical, Folk, Blues, Country, and Rock and then came along Punk, Punk Rock, Pop Rock, Pop, Bubblegum Pop, Hip-Hop, Rap and then Dubstep and EDM (Electronic Dance Music). So how did we degrade ourselves so low as to make music from CHILDREN SHOW THEME SONGS. What’s next, “I’m The Map” Dubstep version?

The Y-chromosome is SO confusing.

Okay, so if unicorns have ONE horn and quinticorns have FIVE horns then, wait what was I doing?

Oh wow! He spelled his name on eclass like…… oh I am so telling Cale tomorrow.

How much do You-Tubers make?

I need to start packing for the field trip.

Wait, is that my old teacher’s School Orchestra here at LGPE?? Wait. OH MY FREAKING GOSH, IT IS HIM!!!! And he grew a beard….. BUT IT’S HIM!!!! I’m going to run and hug him like a crazy person. 

I’ll just sit here quietly.

If you are vowing to nice, how come you are still bullying HER?

I wonder how Tofu tastes like.

Why do violins ALWAYS have the melody? I mean there’s the melody, Harmony and something that’s still the “harmony” but it basically is bland. That “harmony” is what the majority of Violaville.

Would Shawn have proposed to Angela on BMW (Boy Meets World) if she had stayed?

Why doesn’t anyone like classical music anymore?

When’s the next Hat Day?

Look at how the world is corrupt today. I mean even 13 YEAR OLDS ARE GETTING PREGNANT!!! That should be a WAKE UP CALL, AMERICA!!!

I like being introverted. Sometimes I don’t like talking people……… make that most of the time. (Not You Guys Though, You Guys Are Awesome. 🙂 )

I think it’s odd how some romance movies have a plot for someone to meet the “perfect” guy and he’s “next-door” the whole time. I mean, sure it isn’t the number one place to look, but haven’t the movies with the plot before taught the new plots ANYTHING? And even with the dude being next-door, what is the probability of that even being true anymore? I need an accurate life movie that I REALLY relate to. But whatever.

How would life be if I was slightly more pretty?

I don’t even know why I go to parties that I’m invited to. It’s not like I do anything; I’m too introverted for that.

Does it make me a wimp if I can’t bring myself to play Oreo or Truth or Dare. I mean, I don’t like embarrassing myself more than I already do. And I don’t think I want anyone knowing my secrets.

My Little Pony, I tend to wonder what friendship should be.

Prim DIDN’T DIE???? O_O
Think about it.

If we lived in an animal world, who would the populars and the unpopulars?

If a rant is a negative rambling of words on a specific topic, what do you call a positive rambling of words on a specific topic? An ANTI-rant?

I am so glad I stuck to blogging. Now that I think about it, I haven’t touched my diary in like a month now.

Better yet, what if (SPOILER ALERT LIKE THE ABOVE)
Katniss ended up with Gale???
O_O Think about it.

Is he going to high-five, shake my hand, what? Oh, he’s going to high-five….. and he went for the shake. 

I need to write more poems.

For the field trip, since we are traveling with our team and we ALL have to be on Charter Bus with OUR homeroom in alphabetical order, I’m going to have to sit next Arco. This totally screws my plan to blog live during the field trip days/ride. Maybe I can be discreet? I mean, we are getting to school at like 8:15 which is early considering that school starts at 9:15 usually, so he’ll probably be tired. Heck, he’s usually tired at 9:15 anyways. Besides, It will take us like 2-3 hrs to get there and he’ll probably sleep more. Operation: Blogging Live During Long Field Trip Where I’ll Be From March 17- March 19 or 20 While There Is Bad Reception But I’ll Just Use Hot-Spot With My Laptop Or Data With The WordPress App On My Phone At The Cabins And On The Buses IS STILL ON, for now anyways.

That was almost too long to be a random thought. I might have to make it an Over-thought Thought.

Why does my science teachr torture me everyday making me the lone audience for the, “My Ex-Friend Is Flirting With My Best Guy-Friend That I’m Confused About With My Feelings But He’s Not Reciprocating So Yay For Me.” show?


I can never tell what phase I am with him, Is it Mockery Fight, Make Up, Not Talking, WHAT IS IT MAN?????

Like I said before, Rock Eagle (The Field Trip Destination) has awful reception so If I don’t post or respond quickly during March 17- March 19th or 2oth, It’s not me but the reception or the fact that Arco is wide awake.

Don’t even count on Chatzy.

Tris didn’t die in Allegiant AND Four did instead? Well, think of together or separately your choice.
O_O Think about it.

Does anybody listen to Carly Rae Jepsen? It’s like she faded out.

Can Hamsters ACTUALLY Dance? If so, can they dance to The Hamster Dance song? If you have NO clue what that is look BELOW \/!!

How would it be like to own a ferret?

I keep making more ways to embarrass myself.

I keep making changes to songs to fit me. 

If girls DID run the world like Beyonce says, how would life different?

Am I the only one who Caramelldansen was in like Japanese at first?


If people could read minds, the  stress and suffering most people feel would be gone. IT COULD SAVE LIVES, PEOPLE.

Is it crazy, if I say as of the moment I DON’T want to go to prom? It does cost a TON.

So many jobs these days.

I wouldn’t be surprised if most girls at my school marry someone FROM OUR SCHOOL.

Will we EVER have flying cars? I want one to exist by 3000 or at least 3001.

I’m saying it now, my husband will most likely play a stringed instrument. Hands down.

I dislike when people say, “Be nice to everyone. They may end up being SUPER rich with a SUPER hot partner/spouse and SUPER cute babies.” It makes you look like you’re only being nice to get something out of something that MAY NOT happen. Just be nice, no strings attached.

I wish I had a prince. Or close enough. I mean I want someone can will treat me like a princess and love me for my awkwardness. (cough, cough Yuki and Robin last night though. cough, cough.)But…… I do like being single. Don’t we all, though?

LET ME IN, HOLD ME CLOSE, FILL MY HEART WITH SIMPLE NOTES! Random Thought REFERENCE! Bonus Points if you know what song this is.

 I think I have a new idea for a Blog Series. It might be funny. Considering if you were at the DMIGA awards knew how my joke sucked.

Okay, I THINK that’s enough for one post. This week’s Random Thoughts should be here by Friday.
Like I said, I do have a new idea for a blog series. I have three going on right now, Blog Updates (It’s usuallt not named that though), Life Updates (aka three name posts most of the time.) and Random Thoughts (Which you girlies really like so I’m definitely keeping it). Then we just have Post Posts, so random they don’t have a section. But then I have Hypothetically Speaking as well. I will be doing that more often with the more drama of my poor 7th grade teenager soul.
The new blog series is called, “How Not To.” I will be giving advice (wanted or not wanted) from experience on how to NOT do something. So you can avoid embarrassing yourself like ME! If you want this be advice like I can do that, but it isn’t exactly meant to be an advice column (we have ENOUGH of those.). It’s supposed to be more like the Random Thoughts.
If you thought was good, like it, comment it! If you like the idea ^^^^ comment, “AWESOME-SAUCE!” Mytrail should be here on this or next week.

Float In The CyberSpace!


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